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I felt my blog could start with no better word than motherfucker. Now that that’s out of the way, we already have shit to take care of. Jesus, the work piles up fast.

I guess we need to do this all legitimate-like and explain who I am and what I’m doing. Which usually begins with an explanation of the title of the blog…

Well you know what, I’m not gonna do that. See? Switching this shit up on you already. We’ll get to the paperwork later. For now, let’s jump right into the Nitty Gritty (which is both an idiom for “the basics” and a fake title of an autobiography of a 20th century gangster that I made up just now. Right there. I just did that).

Let’s begin with what will essentially be the topic of all of the posts on this blog: movies. What better way to ring in the New Year (1/1/11. How awesome is that? In binary it means…well, I have no fucking clue what it means, but it means something, and that’s what counts) than to provide a personal list of my top ten favorite movies of last year. And here we go (After a short break): (more…)