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Why Did 2010 Suck So Much? (Part 1 … err, 2)

2010 was a bad year for American movies. A very bad year. On the other hand (the left), 2009 was a very good year, which only makes the amount of garbage that’s been put out this year even more pointed. Why is that, I ask? Why was 2010 so fucking bad?

Just to take care of this now — every year there are going to be outliers. There are films that are clearly against whatever trend you’re trying to argue. And this year, thank god, the outliers are more pointed (and firmly placed within a specific category, mostly). Which does three things. One, it goes against my point. Which is my point. Right. Also, it serves as a relief. Because without those awesome films (and believe me, they were awesome), the rest of the year would have been unbearable. And the third thing it does, is prove my point. What is my point? Well, I’ll figure it out by the end of the entry. I really haven’t thought past the title.

Hey, look at me, I’m just like Hollywood. (more…)