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The 2011 Release Calendar (January & February)

Well, here we are. 2011 is upon us. Since 2010 was the year we made contact and 2012 is the end of all things, this is really the only year we have to get shit done. So, let’s look forward and see what he have to look forward to. We’re looking forward to looking forward.

As a note, I’m only using the release calendar of films that are currently scheduled to be released. This is for several reasons. One, because they’re scheduled already. Obviously. Keep in mind though, that a lot of Oscar films (except for this year. 2010 seemed to be an anomaly in that regard. But I discussed this already) generally don’t have release dates at the beginning of the year. They play festivals and stuff first. Examples: The King’s Speech did not have any release date back in January. Neither did Blue Valentine, Somewhere, Winter’s Bone, and Black Swan. However, to those paying attention, Blue Valentine and Black Swan were known to be coming out in 2011. But without a set release date, we can’t well look forward to them, can we? Shit can happen. Which leads me to another asterisk on this list. Films can be postponed. Red Dawn was scheduled for November last year, but was pushed because MGM is broke. Was broke. It’s still murky. But, the film got bumped to 2011, and then we forgot about it. Now? Still no release date. So, some of these may not come out for a long time. Case in point, there’s a film here that was shot back in 2007. Yeah, I know. Seems like so many years ago, doesn’t it?

Three. It was three years ago. Try harder. (more…)