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The 2011 Release Calendar (May & June)

Don’t let the fact that there are only 16 films on this list fool you. This is prime dumping ground release territory for all those highly regarded festival films from early January and last year. It’s Cannes season. While Hollywood is over in France, they release all those minor films that were in the festivals late last year (or were held over) and in Sundance this year. No one’s going to see them over the summer, and by September, it’s time for Toronto, Venice and all those festivals and the start of the Oscar season. These are the films from the festivals over the six months before those festivals. You know how there always seems to be an Emmy Award telecast every six months? It’s like that.

May and June typically are set up for one major studio film a week, aimed to win that week’s box office (starting after May Day). You’ll know exactly which films those are just by looking at them. And while that’s going on, all those little indies will pop up soon enough. This time last year, we got Solitary Man and Winter’s Bone. But we’re not gonna know about those until April. Sadly. Here are the big(ger) dicks though. (more…)