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The 2011 Release Calendar (November & December)

Well, here we are. Normally this is where all the Oscar movies come in. But, unlike this year (or maybe like this year, I don’t know what it looked like back in January. Probably the same.), almost none of them are scheduled yet. They usually pop up after hitting festivals and stuff. So, now we’re left with what is essentially a list of some big budget Oscar potentials (most of which don’t work out) and the big budget movies designed to make money while the Oscar films take prestige.

Also, stay tuned, because tomorrow — or Monday. Actually probably Monday. Tomorrow is Golden Globes day — I’m going to throw up a post right quick about the movies that don’t have release dates that were either pushed from 2010 or are known to be coming out this year. These are the ones that we may or may not see by year’s end, and are the ones I am excited or intrigued enough about (or can’t wait to berate) that I want to tell you about. For now, let’s round out the 2011: (more…)