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The 2010 Golden Globes

Where to begin with these things… I’m not particularly sure how the Golden Globes became this huge awards show, because they really are terribly rigged. (Note: Since I wrote this, people have come out saying so. People that worked there — I like the use of the word payola.)

Let’s just get this out of the way now, so everyone can all be on the same page, if they don’t know how these awards work.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is an organization of journalists who cover the US film industry in countries that aren’t the US. Pretty simple. What the Globes are, are a compilation of these 90 or so people getting together to pick their favorite movies each year. That’s all it is. So saying the awards are rigged isn’t the most accurate, nor the most inaccurate, designation. It’s merely these people picking their favorite movies. How they do so is really up to them. Like last year, when Leo decided to campaign for his buddy Tobey Maguire, and invited the HFPA to a party where they all mysteriously were given free iPhones and shit, and lo-and-behold, Tobey just happened to get nominated come awards time (They had to give the iPhones back, since it’s blatantly against regulations, but the nomination was still there).

Okay, so now we’re both on page two. But it’s the same one. Too bad this is a Choose-Your-Own Adventure. You might die when you turn to page 47.

Of course, somewhere along the way, the show became a big party. Stars attending, a three hour ceremony on TV, kind of like the dress rehearsal for the Oscars. And because of that, there is a certain amount of ringer work that goes into nominations each year. Typically, the HFPA nominates those people they want to see attend their ceremony, for added press, prestige, or whatever. That’s why The Tourist got all those nominations.

We know they’re going to nominate films like The Tourist because that’s how it works. And it’s fine. I’m not going to rail against the nomination because it’s almost a certainty to not win. So it really doesn’t matter if it’s there. Sure, enough nominations and the category becomes extremely weak, but whatever. Say all you want against the Globes, but they’re essentially these people picking their favorite films. They just happen to get to have their picks broadcasted on prime time. We should all be so lucky. (more…)