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Oscar Breakdown by Category: Best Original Screenplay & Best Adapted Screenplay

The trick with screenplay categories is to not think literally. Obviously, with Best Original and Best Adapted, you get that one is for a script not based on any preexisting material and the other is. It’s pretty clear in the description. Like, “Do not keep within reach of children. This will fucking kill them.”

However, you have to understand that the Academy are a lazy bunch when it comes to voting. You’d think that, in order to properly judge what the best screenplay is, they’d actually sit and read all the scripts. What are you, out of your fucking mind? Do you really think they’re gonna read all those scripts? They don’t even read the scripts of the pictures they’re shooting! Hell, half the pictures go into production without a finished script. Iron Man was written between takes. Transformers 2 was written by the director during a writer’s strike and began shooting as soon as said strike was finished. Sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn’t. (more…)