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So much for that Social Network…

Well, that was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Remember when we all thought Oscar was gonna get cool and give The Social Network Best Picture? Yeah, turns out they don’t like it so much. How do I know this?

Because The Social Network didn’t really win anything. Just critics awards and the Golden Globes. And if there’s anything the Academy can care less about, it’s the critics.

In case you didn’t know, Tom Hooper won the DGA award on Saturday. What that means is, he’s all but assured to win the Oscar in that category. And if that’s not all but assurance that The King’s Speech will take Best Picture, I don’t know what is. Even the biggest expert would have said that even if King’s Speech won, David Fincher would certainly win Best Director. But now, with King’s Speech winning that too, a Best Picture win is all but in the bag. (more…)

Oscar Breakdown by Category: Best Editing & Best Cinmatography

There are two definitions to Best Editing. The Academy usually fluctuates between one or the other.

The official definition is the editing of scenes into a motion picture. This can be interpreted several ways. the two most pertinent to the Academy are — unique or original editing, or specifically editing to make for a thrilling set of scenes or iconic moments that people remember — a starfighter race that leads to a big ass space station blowing up — a dude being chased by a giant fucking boulder — the systematic murder of a dude’s enemies during a baptism — Nicolas Cage staring at iguanas angrily — these are all examples of iconic moments. Editing makes them happen.

However, the more simple definition (that phrasing is appropriate when we’re discussing Hollywood) to this is — the editing is what makes a picture, so the Best Editing is what produces the Best Picture. It can go either way. You can pretty much tell by what wins which way they went. EIther way, a Best Editing nomination is essential to a film having any sort of chance to even think about winning Best Picture. (more…)