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In Honor of John Barry


Apparently you only live once — or so it seems.


Oscar Breakdown by Category: Best Original Song & Best Original Score

These are the categories that are most open to subjectiveness. Maybe this is my film bias, but I feel it’s easier for people to agree on music than it is for people to agree on the nuances of editing and performance. (Also, people are stupid, and when it comes to music, I’m just another one of the idiots.)

Best Song is one of my favorite categories. It’s one I can just pull up with people and we can just listen to the music and be like, “Oh, That won? That’s awesome!” It’s nice, because you don’t really ever know what wins Best Original Song, and then you go look and are like, “Oh shit, Shaft won!” And you can understand why.

So, instead of going through everything, I’ll just put the winners this time. But be warned, there’s a long discourse to come in this category. There’s too much good shit on here to not talk about.

I’m including on these lists, in specific cases, what the winner beat, so that way maybe sometime we can have the discussion of “How the fuck did “Gonna Fly Now” lose?”

I’m also going to highlight the ones I think are perfect decisions. Sometimes things are hit so squarely on the head you have to give respect where respect is due. (Some of them are just for the songs themselves, since nobody remembers the movies they were from. Also, I even highlighted the ones where they beat a song I like better, even though the won that won is also great. Like 1986.) (more…)