The Box Office Report – July 8-10

Last week, in Box Office…

Transformers: Dark of the Moon makes a fuck ton of money. Which, wasn’t at all unexpected. Here are the figures, because it’s so fucking complicated to even try to explain. It made, over the four-day weekend (that’s Friday through Monday), $115.9 million. Adding that to what it made between Tuesday night showings and Friday, it made it through six days (though, really, five days and like, two showings) with $180.7 million. That’s domestically only. Now, after ten days in theaters, it’s made $204 million. Worldwide, it’s about to hit $500 million this weekend. That’s after two weekends. I know. But it wasn’t all that unexpected, was it? The film was actually really entertaining in 3D. Bay shot the shit out of it.

Cars 2 finished second, with $31.6 million over the four days. That’s a 50% drop, and seems pretty standard for a lesser Pixar film. Then again, with that much money the first weekend, it’s probably standard. It’s made $122.6 million after two weekends, and it’s crossed its $200 million production budget worldwide. So that’s good. It should finish with a tidy profit when all is said and done. Not huge, but, they can’t all be huge winners. This movie’s gonna make its most money in merchandising anyway. Plus, it’s Pixar — you know they’re not hurting for money.

Finishing third was Bad Teacher, which made $17.3 million over the four days. I expected that for the weekend, so it’s nice to see the film fail a little bit, balance out the too much money it made in its opening weekend. It’s made $62.7 million off a $20 million budget. So even though I’m sure it’s not that great overall (I’ll let you know by next weekend), it’s a win for the original concept. Sort of. I’m sure it’s watered down and studio-ized.

Finishing fourth — and failing miserably — was Larry Crowne, with $16.1 million over the four days. That, is atrocious. And having seen the film — completely justified. It was awful. Tom Hanks seemingly stopped trying after 2002. The film’s made back half its production budget, but I can’t imagine it’s gonna be a hit. Unless worldwide grosses really take a jump up in the coming weeks.

Finishing fifth was Super 8, with $9.5 million for the four days. That’s in line with expectations. The film has made $110 million domestically off a $50 million budget, which means it’s a nice little hit for the studio. Good for them. It was pretty good. Not a masterpiece, but decent summer entertainment. Great going.

Finishing sixth was Monte Carlo, with $8.6 million. Does anyone really care what this movie makes?

Finishing seventh — below Monte Carlo — was Green Lantern. That, is really awful. In it’s third weekend, having four days to make money, the film only pulled in $7.9 million, bringing its domestic total to $103.6 million, just over half it’s production budget! That’s not even counting how much they spent to market it. Oh, boy, that — is not good. The film’s only pulled in $138 million worldwide thus far.  They’re really gonna take a bath on this one.

Finishing eighth, in its third weekend, was Mr. Popper’s Penguins. It made $6.7 million over the four days, bringing its domestic total to $51.7 million. Worldwide it’s at $64 million, and its budget was only $55 million, so I’m sure they’ll eventually turn a profit on this. But I have to figure they spent way more on marketing than they needed to, so it probably won’t be soon.

Finishing ninth was — oh, wait, under $5 million. I don’t talk about those. Well, you’ll just have to figure the rest out for yourself if you really want to know, because we’re onto…

The new releases…

The big film opening this week (that counts as a pun for this one) is Zookeeper. It’s basically Hitch with a gorilla playing Will Smith’s part. Why people don’t have more to say about that is beyond me. It’s basically an unofficial sequel to Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and it figures to be just as bad. I’ve been calling the film, “Paul Blart: Maul Cop”, because that’s what I hope happens to Kevin James in this film.

For some reason, tracking on this is way lower than I’d expect it to be, purely because Blart opened to $31 million. But maybe that had something to do with it being a January movie — the abortion month. All estimates I’m seeing have this opening between $23-25 million. And honestly, I’m okay with that. I don’t even want to guess higher because I want it to do as badly as possible. All I’m gonna say is — I’d have expected it to do higher, simply because people are stupid and they’ll go see stupid shit. Plus it kind of counts as a sequel. Then again, films going from easy January to the tough summer tend to not do as well. So, I can see it. I’m expecting higher, praying for lower, and we’ll just go with their estimate of $23 million. If it does higher than they say, I’ll be like, “Yeah, I figured it would,” and then bitch about it to no end. So, that’ll be fun. For you.

The other big film opening this week, which they’re saying should actually take the weekend, is Horrible Bosses. This is a film that features both Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, and since last year’s abortion known as The Switch, I still haven’t forgiven either of them. Not that they rated very highly for me anyway, but, now, they have an even bigger hole to climb out of. The film also casts Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis, who seem to be the two go-to guys for male friends in comedy movies. Honestly, the only points of interest here for me are Kevin Spacey and Colin Farrell. After that — I don’t want to see this film succeed, and in fact, I’m kind of hoping it’s bad enough to where I can put it on my Unforgivables list. I’m really hoping it pisses me off to where that happens. Let’s all hope, because good things will come out of it if it does.

Anyway, all estimates seem to have this film between $25-30 million this weekend. A lot have it in a dead heat with Zookeeper, and a few have it going higher and closer to $30 million, purely because of how well R-rated “comedies” are doing this year. I, personally, don’t give a shit and hope it does as little as possible. So let’s just call it $25 million and move on.

That’s it for the new films (what a shitty week this is), so, let’s get to the holdovers…

Transformers should easily win the weekend twice over. The film did $97 million for the Friday-Sunday weekend last week, so, you have to figure, even with a 60% drop (unlikely, but possible), the film will make $40 million. That’s at worst. I’m figuring — $45 million. I doubt it’ll do 50. I don’t think reviews are good enough to get it to hold to 50. I think everyone went out to see it last week. At worst — and that’s complete worst case scenario — we’re looking at $37 million. No lower than that. Call it 40 and move on.

Cars 2 should do another 50% drop. That seems pretty easy. So, we’ll call it like, $15 million. 13-15. We’ll just say 15. There’s a lot of shit opening this weekend. You have like a $3 million window on almost everything.

Larry Crowne should do a 50% drop, and make like $6 million. Maybe it holds better, maybe it doesn’t. Do I care? Not even the slightest.

Same for Bad Teacher. Let’s call that $7 million and leave it at that.

That’s really it. I don’t care about this weekend at all. I’m waiting for next weekend. Next weekend and the weekend after — those are gonna be the good weekends.

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