The Box Office Report – July 15-17

Last week, in Box Office…

Pretty ho-hum weekend, as it was a down weekend between two big things. Transformers: Dark of the Moon wins the weekend for its second and final time, as expected, with $47.1 million. $45 million was the number, and it held to a standard 50% drop instead of the closer to 60% that everyone was expecting. But, when you’re dealing with the other crap that came out, this just seemed obvious. Anyway, the film is up to $261 million domestically after two weeks, which is already $60 million over its production budget, which, is probably what they spent on marketing, so they seem to be about even on this film already. And that’s not even counting the worldwide grosses. Expect a fourth installment with a new director and cast within three years.

Finishing second was Horrible Bosses, which made $28.3 million. Most people had this between $25 and 30 million, so this made sense, especially since its competition sucked. In the quality sense, not necessarily the moneymaking sense. We’ll get to that in a second. But, this is a pretty decent number for a film that surprisingly wasn’t terrible. Even Aniston was watchable. That surprised the shit out of me. Really, what saved this film were Spacey and Farrell. But still, decent number, and it’s almost made its budget back after one weekend. That bodes well. It shouldn’t hold well, but, still, I think Hollywood is starting to figure it out. Smaller budget movies. Or maybe they’ll only do that with R-Rated comedies, and put all their eggs in that basket. They’ll never learn, will they?

Finishing third was Zookeeper, which made $20.1 million. Which — good. Fuck that movie. $80 million budget. Are they serious? Did they really expect this to pop like Blart? Good. It deserved to fail.

Finishing fourth was Cars 2, which held to $15.2 million. I said “call it 15.” Right on, right there. Go me.

I take more pleasure in guessing the #4 and 5 movies than I do the #1 and #2. I think it’s because 4 and 5 are no longer trying to buy the weekend.

Anyway, Cars is at just under $150 million domestically, which is a bit soft for a Pixar film, but, as I’ve been saying, this film is all about the merchandising and not about the box office. Plus it’s made $276 million worldwide, which, while kind of light, is still fine. They’re still gonna made assloads of money off of this. So don’t be too hung up on the numbers on this one. Or most ones for that matter.

Finishing fifth was Bad Teacher, with another $8.9 million. It was a fairly innocuous movie, if not up to the quality it probably could have been if the title character actually lived up to her title. But, the film has made almost $80 million off a $20 million budget. They have to be happy with that. So, good for them. Original concept. I can’t complain.

Sixth was Larry Crowne, with $5.9 million. I called 6, so, damn, that was good. It’s made $26 million so far, and since it had a $30 million budget, I’m sure it won’t be that big of a bomb. It’s at $36 million total worldwide, so, I’m sure there’s some marketing money to make back, but it’ll probably break even in a few years. I really don’t care. It wasn’t that good.

That’s it for the over $5 millions. Well, Super 8 just barely missed $5 million. But, really — who cares? I’ve talked about that film a lot already.

Next week, I’m gonna go over total grosses on stuff. Wipe the slate clean, since that would be the theoretical midpoint of the summer.

Now, for the new releases…

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II is the big film this weekend (Note: Since this got posted late, we know it made $43 million off midnight showings alone, and is set to (thank god) break Twilight’s opening day gross of $72 million. They’re also thinking it could possibly break Dark Knight’s record for opening weekend gross. So this is very exciting). I don’t really see how it’s possible to guess the grosses for this film. The first part made $125 million over its opening weekend. This being the last one, you know it’ll make more. So why bother guessing? Let’s just see how close it comes to Dark Knight’s $158 million weekend. Pre-sale has estimated around $50 million in advance tickets. Which means I’m gonna stay the fuck away from theaters this weekend, because I just don’t like those kind of crowds.

But, really, we know it’s gonna make money. Why guess exact amounts? A lot. There’s your answer.

The other film opening this weekend is Winnie the Pooh, which, I’m insanely excited about. One, it’s classic Disney 2D hand drawn animation. That thought almost makes me ejaculate. Plus, it’s short as hell. 69 minutes. This has the feeling of old school Disney, and my insides are all tingly. But, it’s short, and I’m sure they’re not expecting too much out of this, plus, it’s against Potter, so I wouldn’t go too high on this. Most people are estimating like $10 million. I, personally, would like to see $15 million (and that’s just relative to what they’re guessing), but, who cares, I’m sure this will be a lovely movie. So let’s just enjoy that and not the numbers. Mmkay?

That’s it for the new releases. Now for the holdovers…

Transformers should hold to about a 50% drop, give or take. You have to figure around $25 million, maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less. This is very dependent on Potter, so, go anywhere between $22-27 million here. It’s one of those, if Potter really makes money, this will end up on the lower end, and if not, the higher end, or it’ll just hold somewhere in between. It doesn’t really matter. Like I said, it’s the summer. This is the least of our worries, whether it makes 22 or 25.

Horrible Bosses though, should actually be fun to guess. Since it’s been doing well throughout the week, and might actually hold to close to $20 million. I’m guessing like $18 million. But, knowing Potter, it might be like $15 million. So, actually, no, I don’t really care about it at all.

Zookeeper, I don’t care about, and I hope falls to $11 million. That way I’ll only have to mention it one more and we can forget this unholy piece of shit even exists.

And then, finally, Cars, should be cut in half again, and probably do like $7 million and change. That seems pretty standard. Everything else will definitely go under $5 million.

That’s it, really. Let’s all see how big Harry Potter does. Then we can get all excited about all these broken records, and feel good for Warner Bros. for being able to pull this franchise off (despite the complete overreliance on CGI for these last three entries.)

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