In Appreciation of Character Actors (G-L)

(NOTE: The Full List is the only list being continually updated.)

Part II, of the character actors. Starting with a goodie:

James Gammon

Where you know him from:

Major League and Major League II, as Lou Brown

Natural Born Killers as the Redneck’s Buddy in the Diner (at the very beginning)

Cold Mountain, as Esco Swanger

Also look for him in: Cool Hand Luke, as Sleepy, Urban Cowboy, as Steve Strange, Any Which Way You Can, as Palomino Bartender, Silverado, as Dawson, Ironweed, as Reverend Chester, The Milagro Beanfield War, as Horsethief Shorty, I Love You to Death (1990), as Lt. Larry Schooner, Wyatt Earp, as Mr. Sutherland, The Man in the Iron Mask, as The Commandant, The Iron Giant as the voice of Foreman Marv Loach and Floyd Turbeaux, The Cell, as Teddy Lee, Life or Something Like It, as Pat Kerrigan, Silver City, as Sheriff Joe Skaggs, Don’t Come Knocking, as Old Ranch Hand, Appaloosa, as Earl May, In the Electric Mist, as Ben Hebert.

Chief Dan George

He didn’t make many films, but god-damn if he wasn’t one of the most memorable character actors of all time because of it.

Where you know him from:

Little Big Man, as Old Lodge Skins

The Outlaw Josey Wales as Lone Watie

Harry and Tonto, as Sam Two Feathers

He did a couple of lesser known things, but I’ve yet to see if they’re as good as this other stuff. I’d imagine so, but those three are the real three. Man, he’s so awesome.

Giancarlo Giannini

Where you know him from:

Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace, as Mathis

Hannibal, as Inspector Pazzi

Also look for him in: The Secret of Saint Vittoria, as Fabio, Swept Away, as Gennarino Carunchio (this is the movie that Guy Ritchie remade with Madonna. Yeah…), Seven Beauties, as Pasqualino Frafuso (seriously, he was Oscar-nominated for it. He’s really great in it), New York Stories, as Claudio (in Coppola’s Segment), Mimic, as Manny, Man on Fire, as Manzano.

Burton Gilliam

Where you know him from:

Blazing Saddles, as Lyle

Gator, as Smiley (Who could resist putting Gator on the top part of the list?)

Back to the Future III as Colt Gun Salesman

Also look for him in: Paper Moon, as Floyd the Desk Clerk, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, as Welder, Farewell, My Lovely, as Cowboy, Fletch, as Bud, Honeymoon in Vegas, as Roy Bacon, Elvis Impersonator.

Paul Gleason

Where you know him from:

The Breakfast Club, as Richard Vernon (who must have been named after John Vernon in Animal House)

Die Hard, as Deputy Police Chief Dwayne T. Robinson

Trading Places, as Clarence Beeks

Also look for him in: Arthur, as Executive (the guy who complains bout Arthur in the waiting room and Hobson is like, “On the other hand, go screw yourself.”), Tender Mercies, as Reporter, She’s Having a Baby, as Howard, Loaded Weapon 1, as FBI Agent (basically reprising the Die Hard role), Not Another Teen Movie, as Richard Vernon (actually reprising the Breakfast Club role), Van Wilder, as Professor McDoogle.

Scott Glenn

Love this man. His presence in a movie instantly elicits a smile from my face.

Where you know him from:

The Silence of the Lambs, as Jack Crawford

The Right Stuff, as Alan Shepard

Silverado, as Emmett

Training Day, as Roger (that snail joke…)

Vertical Limit, as Montgomery Wick (I love this movie)

The Bourne Ultimatum, as Ezra Kramer

Also look for him in: Apocalypse Now, as Richard Colby, Urban Cowboy, as Wes, The River, as Joe Wade, Man on Fire (1987), as Creasy, The Hunt for Red October, as Bart Mancuso, Backdraft, as John ‘Axe’ Adcox, Courage Under Fire, as Gartner, Absolute Power, as Bill Burton, The Virgin Suicides, as Father Moody, Buffalo Soldiers, as Sergeant Lee, The Shipping News, as Jack Buggit, W., as Donald Rumsfield, Secretariat, as Chris Chenery, Sucker Punch, as Wise Man.

Crispin Glover

Where you know him from:

Back to the Future, as George McFly

Charlie’s Angels, as Thin Man

Beowulf, as Gendel

Also look for him in: At Close Range, as Lucas, River’s Edge, as Layne, Wild at Heart, as Dell, The Doors, as Andy Warhol, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, as Boby McBurney, Dead Man, as Train Fireman, The People vs. Larry Flynt, as Arlo, Nurse Betty, as Roy Ostery, Like Mike, as Stan Bitterman, Epic Movie, as Willy Wonka, 9, as 6, Alice in Wonderland, as Stayne, Knave of Hearts, Hot Tub Time Machine, as Phil.

Walton Goggins

Where you know him from:

The Shield, as Detective Shane Vendrell

Justified, as Boyd Crowder

Major League: Back to the Minors, as Billy “Downtown” Anderson (this is where I first noticed him)

The Bourne Identity, as Research Tech (and this is where I was like, “Oh shit, I know him!”)

Also look for him in: Forever Young, as Gate MP, The Next Karate Kid, as Charlie, The Apostle, as Sam, Shanghai Noon, as Wallace, The World’s Fastest Indian, as Marty, The Architect, as Joe, Miracle at St. Anna ,as Captain Nokes, Predators, as Stan, Damage, as Reno Paulsaint, Cowboys & Aliens, as Hunt, Straw Dogs, as Daniel.

Adam Goldberg

Where you know him from:

Saving Private Ryan,as Pvt. Stanley Mellish

The Hebrew Hammer, as Mordechai Jefferson Carver

Also look for him in:  Mr. Saturday Night, as Eguene Gimbel, Dazed and Confused, as MikE Newhouse, Friends, as Crazy Eddie, Chandler’s roommate, Edtv, as John, A Beautiful Mind, as Sol, The Salton Sea, as Kujo, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, as Tony, Deja Vu, as Dr. Alexander Denny, 2 Days in Paris, as Jack, Zodiac, as Duffy Jennings, Entourage, as Nick Rubenstein.

Jeff Goldblum

I feel like Goldblum is one of those guys that’s on the cusp of everyone knowing who he is, but is still obscure enough to merit status on this list.

Where you know him from:

Independence Day, as David Levinson

Jurassic Park & The Lost World: Jurassic Park, as Dr. Ian Malcolm

The Fly, as Seth Brundle

Also look for him in: Death Wish, as Freak #1, California Split, as Lloyd Harris, Nashville, as Tricycle Man, Annie Hall, as Lacey Party Guest, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978), as Jack Bellicec, The Big Chill, as Michael Gold, The Right Stuff, as Recruiter, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, as New Jersey, Silverado, as Slick, Transylvania-6500, as Jack Harrison, Earth Girls are Easy, as Mac, Deep Cover, as David Jason, The Great White Hype, as Mitchell Kane, The Prince of Egypt, as Aaron, Cats & Dogs, as Professor Brady, Igby Goes Down, as D.H., The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, as Alistair Hennessey, Fay Grim, as Agent Fulbright, Man of the Year, as Stewart, The Switch, as Leonard, Morning Glory, as Jerry Barnes.

Stephen Graham

Where you know him from:

Snatch., as Tommy

Boardwalk Empire, as Al Capone

Also look for him in: Gangs of New York, as Shang, This is Englan, as Combo, Public Enemies, as Baby Face Nelson, London Boulevard, as Danny, Season of the Witch, as Hagamar, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, as Scrum, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, as Jerry Westerby.

Charles Gray

Where you know him from:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as The Criminologist

You Only Live Twice, as Dikko Henderson

Diamonds are Forever, as Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Also look for him in: The Beast Must Die, as Arthur Bennington (This movie is fucking incredible. I watch this at least once every few months, it’s that awesome.), The Seven Per-Cent Solution, as Mycroft Holmes, Shock Treatment, as Judge Oliver Wright.

Graham Greene

This dude is in a lose-lose situation. Native American actors get typecast like a motherfucker (see: Adam Beach), yet, the alternative is to put white people in brown face. We really fucked them over, didn’t we? Fucking white people…

Where you know him from:

Dances with Wolves, as Kicking Bird

Die Hard With a Vengeance, as Joe Lambert

The Green Mile, as Arlen Bitterbuck

Also look for him in: Maverick, as Joseph, Transamerica, as Calvin, New Moon, as Harry Clearwater (I should put this up there, but fuck that noise. This is not the blog for that to happen. Chances are, more people will recognize him from that other stuff), Casino Jack, as Bernie Sprague.

Peter Greene

One of the quintessential villains of the 90s.

Where you know him from:

Pulp Fiction, as Zed

The Usual Suspects, as Redfoot (that guy out in California)

The Mask, as Dorian Tyrell

Blue Streak, as Deacon

Also look for him in: Permanent Midnight, as Gus, Training Day, as Jeff.

Sydney Greenstreet

Sometimes one role is all it takes.

Where you know him from:

The Maltese Falcon, as Kasper Gutman

Casablanca, as Signor Ferrari

Also look for him in: They Died with Their Boots On, as Lt. Gen, Winfield Scott, Across the Pacific, as Dr. Lorenz.

He did a lot of character work in the 40s, but a lot of them are films most people wouldn’t know or have heard of.

Bruce Greenwood

Where you know him from:

Star Trek, as Pike

I, Robot, as Lawrence Robertson

Thirteen Days, as John F. Kennedy

Also look for him in: Passenger 57, as Stuart Ramsey, Fathers’ Day, as Bob Andrews, The Sweet Hereafter, as Billy, Double Jeopardy, as Nick, Rule of Engagement, as National Security Advisor Bill Sokal, Swept Away, as Tony, Below, as Brice, The Core, as Cmdr. Robert Iverson, Hollywood Homicide, as Lt. Bennie Macko, Being Julia, as Lord Charles, Capote, as Jack Dunphy, The World’s Fastest Indian, as Jerry, Eight Below, as Davis McClaren, Deja Vu, as Agent Jack MacCready, I’m Not There, as Keenan Jones/Pat Garrett, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, as The President, Dinner for Schmucks, as Lance Fender, Meek’s Cutoff, as Stephen Meek, Barney’s Version, as Blair, Super 8, as Cooper.

Judy Greer

Where you know her from:

Arrested Development, as Kitty Sanchez

Archer, as Cheryl/Carol/Carine/Cristal

Adaptation., as Alice the Waitress

13 Going on 30, as Lucy Wyman

Also look for her in: Three Kings, as Cathy Daitch (the reporter who sleeps with people for stories), What Planet Are You From?, as Rebecca, What Women Want, as Erin, The Wedding Planner, as Penny, The Hebrew Hammer (How often does this film come up? Not enough, is the answer there), as Ester Bloomenbergensteinenthal, The Village, as Kitty Walker, The Amateurs, as Ellie, Elizabethtown, as Heather Baylor, The TV Set, as Alice, 27 Dresses, as Casey, Barry Munday, as Ginger Farley.

Richard Griffiths

Where you know him from: 

Harry Potter, as Uncle Vernon (He told us how the post office operates.)

The History Boys, as Hector

Also look for him in: Chariots of Fire, as Head Porter at Caius College, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, as Sir Tom, Gandhi, as Collins, Gorky Park, as Anton, Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, as Captain Billings, Withnail and I, as Monty, King Ralph, as Duncan Phipps, The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear, as Dr. Albert S. Meinheimer/Earl Hacker, Guarding Tess, as Frederick, Sleepy Hollow, as Magistrate Philipse, Venus, as Donald, Bedtime Stories, as Barry Nottingham, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, as King George.

Carla Gugino

Man, she’s awesome.

Where you know her from:

Sin City, as Lucille

Snake Eyes, as Julia Costello (this is where I first noticed her. I had to mention it)

Watchmen, as Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre 1

Spy Kids, Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams & Spy Kids 3D: Game Over, as as Ingrid Cortez

Also look for her in: The Singing Detective, as Betty Dark/Hooker, Even Money, as Veronica, Night at the Museum, as Rebecca, The Lookout, as Janet, Rise: Blood Hunter (ha ha. This movie…), as Eve, American Gangster, as Laurie Roberts, Righteous Kill, as Karen Corelli, Race to Witch Mountain, as Dr. Alex Friemdan, Women in Trouble & Elektra Luxx, as Elektra Luxx, Entourage, as Amanda Daniels, Faster, as Cicero, Sucker Punch, as Dr. Vera Gorski, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as Amanda.

Noel Gugliemi

This motherfucker seems to pop up everywhere.

Where you know him from:

The Fast and the Furious, as Hector

Training Day, as Moreno

Bruce Almighty, as Hood (the dude with the monkey)

Also look for him in: The Animal, as Gang Leader, National Security, as Latino Convict, Masked and Anonymous, as Inmate #1, Old School, as Student #1, Malibu’s Most Wanted, as Snuffy, S.W.A.T., as Latino Thug, Employee of the Month, as Chicken, Harsh Times, as Flaco, Crank, as Warehouse Rooftop Hood, School for Scoundrels, as Subway Guy, The Bucket List, as Mechanic, Street Kings, as Quicks, The Soloist, as Winston Street Cop, Our Family Wedding, as Raymond Mata.

Bob Gunton

Where you know him from: 

The Shawshank Redemption, as Warden Norton

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, as Burton Quinn

Also look for him in: Matewan, as C.E. Lively, Glory, as Gen. Charles Garrison Harker, Born on the Fourth of July, as Doctor #1 at the VA Hospital, JFK, as TV Newsman #3, Patriot Games, as Interviewer, Demolition Man, as Chief George Earl, Broken Arrow, as Pritchett, Patch Adams, as Dean Walcott, The Perfect Storm, as Alexander McAnally III, I Heart Huckabees, as Mr. Silver, Rendition, as Lars Whitman, Kill the Irishman, as Jerry Merke, The Lincoln Lawyer, as Cecil Dobbs.

Luis Guzman

Where you know him from: 

Carlito’s Way, as Pachanga

Boogie Nights, as Maurice TT Rodriguez

Out of Sight, as Chino

Also look for him in: The Limey, as Eduardo Roel, The Bone Collector, as Eddie Ortiz, Magnolia, as Luis, Traffic, as Ray Castro, The Count of Monte Cristo, as Jacopo, The Salton Sea, as Quincy, Punch Drunk Love, as Lance, Welcome to Collinwood, as Cosmo, The Adventures of Pluto Nash, as Felix Laranga, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as Ricardo Diaz, Anger Management, as Lou, Runaway Jury, as Jerry Hernandez, Waiting…, as Raddimus, The Taking of Pelham 123 as Phil Ramos, Arthur, as Bitterman.

Fred Gwynne

Where you know him from:

The Munsters, as Herman Munster

My Cousin Vinny, as Judge Chamberlain Haller

Also look for him in: The Cotton Club, as Frenchy Demange, Fatal Attraction, as Arthur, Ironweed, as Oscar Reo, Pet Cemetary, as Jud Crandall.

Kathryn Hahn

Where you know her from:

Step Brothers, as Alice

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, as Babs Merrick

Also look for her in: How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, as Michelle Rueben, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton, as Angelica, Anchorman, as Helen, Around the Bend, as Sarah, The Holiday, as Bristol, Revolutionary Road, as Milly Campbell, How Do You Know, as Annie.

Jackie Earl Haley

Where you know him from:

Watchmen, as Rorshach

The Bad News Bears, as Kelly Leak

Little Children, as Ronnie J. McGorvey

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), as Freddy Krueger

Also look for him in: The Day of the Locust, as Adore, Breaking Away, as Moocher, All the King’s Men, as Sugar Boy, Semi-Pro, as Dukes, Shutter Island, as George Noyce.

Philip Baker Hall

Where you know him from:

Boogie Nights, as Floyd Gondolli

Magnolia, as Jimmy Gator

Seinfeld, as Joe Bookman, Library Cop

Rush Hour, as Captain Diel

Also look for him in: Midnight Run, as Sidney, Say Anything, as IRA Boss, Ghostbusters II, as Police Commissioner, Kiss of Death, as Big Junior Brown, Hard Eight (AKA “Sydney”), as Sydney, The Rock, as Chief Justice, Air Force One, as U.S. Atty. General Andrew Ward, Sour Grapes, as Mr. Bell, The Truman Show, as Network Executive, Enemy of the State, as Attorney Mark Silverberg, Psycho, as Sheriff Al Chambers, Cradle Will Rock, as Gray Mathers, The Insider, as Don Hewitt, The Talented Mr. Ripley, as Alan MacCarron, Rules of Engagement, as Gen. H. Lawrence Hodges, The Contender, as Oscar Billings, The Sum of all Fears, as Defense Secretary Becker, Dogville, as Tom Edison Sr., Bruce Almighty, as Jack Baylor, In Good Company, as Eugene Kalb, The Matador, as Mr. Randy, Duck, as Arthur Pratt, The Amityville Horror, as Father Calloway, The Shaggy Dog, as Lance Strictland, The TV Set, as Vernon Maxwell, You Kill Me, as Roman Krzeminski, Zodiac, as Sherwood Morrill, Curb Your Enthusiasm, as Doctor Morrison, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, as Franklin.

Porter Hall

Where you know him from:

The Thin Man, as MacCaulay.

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, as Senator Monroe. (Look for him. You’ll recognize him.)

His Girl Friday, as Murphy. (One of the men in the reporter’s room. Again, you’ll notice him.)

The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, as Justice of the Peace. (When they try to get married. Gets one of the biggest laughs in the film.)

Miracle on 34th Street, as Granville Sawyer. (The man who gives Kringle the psych evaluation.)

Also look for him in: 

Petrified Forest, as Jason Maple (owner of the diner), Make Way for Tomorrow, as Harvey Chase (one of the daughters’ husbands), Sullivan’s Travels, as Mr. Hadrian, Double Indemnity, as Mr. Jackson, Going My Way, as Mr. Belknap, Ace in the Hole, as Boot (the editor Kirk Douglas works for).

Margaret Hamilton

Where you know her from:

The Wizard of Oz, as Miss Gulch/The Wicked Witch of the West

Also look for her in: Broadway Bill, as Edna, These Three, as Agatha the Maid, Babes in Arms, as Martha Steele, The Ox-Bow Incident, as Mrs. Larch, The Sin of Harold Diddlebock, as Flora, 13 Ghosts, as Elaine Zacharides, The Anderson Tapes, as Miss Kaler.

This one is more, “Oh hey, she actually did do more than that one role we know her for.” She pops up quite a bit, actually.

Murray Hamilton

Where you know him from:

Jaws (and Jaws 2), as Mayor Larry Vaughn

The Graduate, as Mr. Robinson

Also look for him in: Bright Victory, as Pete Hamilton, The Spirit of St. Louis, as Bud Gurney, Houseboat, as Capt. Alan Wilson, Anatomy of a Murder, as Alphonse Paquette, The Hustler, as Findley, The Cardinal, as Lafe, The Boston Strangler, as Det. Frank McAfee, The Way We Were, as Brooks Carpenter, The Amityville Horror, as Father Ryan, 1941, as Claude Crumn.

John Hannah

Where you know him from:

The Mummy & The Mummy Returns & The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, as Jonathan

Also look for him in: Four Weddings and a Funeral, as Matthew, The Hurricane, as Terry Swinton, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, as Batiatus.

Anne Haney

Where you know her from:

Liar, Liar, as Greta

Mrs. Doubtfire, as Mrs. Sellner, the Social Worker

Also look for her in: The American President, as Mrs. Chapil, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, as Margaret Williams, Psycho (1998), as Mrs. Ezra Chambers, Forces of Nature, as Emma.

Marcia Gay Harden

Where you know her from:

Miller’s Crossing, as Verna

Mystic River, as Celeste Boyle

Meet Joe Black, as Allison

Also look for her in: Used People, as Norma, Spy Hard, as Miss Cheevus, Space Cowboys, as Sara Holland, Pollock, as Lee Krasner, Mona Lisa Smile, as Nancy Abbey, Welcome to Mooseport, as Grace Sutherland, The Hoax, as Edith Irving, Bad News Bears, as Liz Whitehead, The Invisible, as Diane Powell, Into the Wild, as Billie McCandless, The Mist, as Mrs. Carmody, Whip It, as Brooke Cavendar.

Rachael Harris

Where you know her from:

The Hangover, as Melissa

Archer, as Rona Thorne (the movie star. Whose vocal performance is “Ah-may-zing!”)

Also look for her in: Best in Show, as Winky’s Party Guest, A Mighty Wind, as Steinbloom’s Assistant, The Haunted Mansion, as Mrs. Coleman, Starsky & Hutch, as Mrs. Feldman’s Other Friend, After the Sunset, as June, Kicking and Screaming, as Ann Hogan, For Your Consideration, as Mary Pat Hooligan, Evan Almighty, as Ark Reporter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, as Susan Heffley.

Dennis Haysbert

Where you know him from:

Take your pick.

Major League, Major League II & Major League: Back to the Minors, as Pedro Cerrano

24, as David Palmer

Those Allstate commercials

Also look for him in: Love Field, as Paul Cater, Heat, as Donald Breedan, Waiting to Exhale, as Kenneth Dawkins, Absolute Power, as Tim Collin, The Thirteenth Floor (this was a really awesome movie when I was 11), as Detective Larry McBain, Random Hearts, as Detective George Beaufort, Far From Heaven, as Raymond Deagan, Jarhead, as Major Lincoln, Breach, as Dean Plesac, Kung Fu Panda 2, as Master Ox.

Glenne Headly

Where you know her from: 

Mr. Holland’s Opus, as Iris Holland

Dick Tracy, as Tess Trueheart

Also look for her in: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, as Janet Colgate, Mortal Thoughts, as Joyce Urbanski, Sgt. Bilko, as Rita Robbins, What’s the Worst That Could Happen?, as Gloria Sidell, Around the Bend, as Katrina, The Amateurs, as Helen Tatelbaum, The Joneses, as Summer Symonds.

Anthony Heald

Where you know him from:

The Silence of the Lambs & Red Dragon, as Dr. Chilton

Also look for him in: Silkwood, as 2nd Doctor at Union Meeting, Postcards from the Edge, as George Lazan, Searching for Bobby Fisher, as Fighting Parent, The Ballad of Little Jo, as Henry Grey, The Pelican Brief, as Larry Trumann, Kiss of Death (1995), as Dr. Wilbert Rodeheaver, Deep Rising, as Simon Canton, 8MM, as Daniel Longdale, Boston Public, as Scott Guber, X-Men: The Last Stand, as FBI Mystique Investigator, Accepted, as Dean Richard Van Horne.

John Heard

Where you know him from: 

Home Alone & Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, as Peter McCallister

Big, as Paul

Also look for him in: Cat People (1982), as Oliver Yates, After Hours, as Tom the bartender, The Trip to Bountiful, as Ludie Watts, The Milagro Beanfield War, as Charlie Bloom, Beaches, as John Pierce, Awakenings, as Dr. Kaufman, In the Line of Fire, as Professor Riger, The Pelican Brief, as Gavin Verekk, Snake Eyes, as Gilbert Powell, Pollock, as Tony Smith, O, as Dean Bob Brable, White Chicks, as Warren Vandergeld, The Guardian, as Catp. Frank Larson.

Anne Heche

Where you know her from:

Donnie Brasco, as Maggie Pistone

Psycho, as Marion Crane

John Q, as Rebecca Payne

Also look for her in: Volcano, as Dr. Amy Barnes, I Know What You Did Last Summer, as Missy Egan, Wag the Dog, as Winifred Ames, Six Days Seven Nights, as Robin Monroe, Birth, as Clara, Spread, as Samantha, The Other Guys, as Pamela Boardman, Hung, as Jessica Haxon, Cedar Rapids, as Joan Ostrowski-Fox.

Dan Hedaya

Where you know him from:

The Usual Suspects, as Sgt. Jeff Rabin

A Night at the Roxbury, as Kamehi Butabi

Clueless, as Mel Horowitz

Dick, as Richard Nixon

Also look for him in: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, as John Gomez, Blood Simple, as Julian Marty, Commando, as Arius, Wise Guys, as Anthony Castelo, Jow vs. the Volcano, as Mr. Waturi, The Addams Family, as Tully Alford, Benny & Joon, as Thomas, Rookie of the Year, as Larry “Fish” Fisher, Searching for Bobby Fisher, as Tournament Director, Maverick, as Twitchy, Riverboat Poker Player, Nixon, as Trini Cardoza, Ransom, as Jackie Brown, Marvin’s Room, as Bob, In & Out, as Military Attorney, Alien: Resurrection, as Gen. Martin Perez, A Civil Action as John Riley, The Hurricane, as Det. Sgt. Della Pesca, Shaft, as Jack Roselli, Mulholland Dr., as Vincenzo Castigliane.

Shirley Henderson

Where you know her from:

Harry Potter, as Moaning Myrtle

Bridget Jones’s Diary, as Jude

Also look for her in: Rob Roy, as Morag, Trainspotting, as Gail, Topsy-Turvy, as Lenora Braham (Yum-Yum), Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story, as Susannah, Marie Antoinette, as Aunt Sophie, I Really Hate My Job, as Alice, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day ,as Edythe, Life During Wartime, as Joy, Meek’s Cutoff, as Glory White.

Gregg Henry

Where you know him from:

Payback, as Val Resnick

Slither, as Jack MacReady

Hung, as Mike

Also look for him in: Body Double, as Sam Bouchard, Femme Fatale, as Shiff, Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, as Robert Gant/Clark, United 93, as Col. Robert Marr, The Black Dahlia, as Pete Lukins, The Riches, as Hugh Panetta, Super, as Detective Felkner.

Barbara Hershey

Where you know her from:

Black Swan, as Nina’s Mother

Boxcar Bertha, as Boxcar Bertha

The Last Temptation of Christ, as Mary Magdalene

Beaches, as Hillary Whitney Essex

The Falling Down, as Beth Travino (Michael Douglas’s wife)

Also look for her in: With Six You Get Eggroll, as Stacey Iverson, Last Summer, as Sandy (man, she’s beautiful here), The Liberation of L.B. Jones, as Nella Mundine, The Stunt Man, as Nina Franklin, The Right Stuff, as Glennis Yeager, The Natural, as Harriet Bird, Hannah and Her Sisters, as Lee, Hoosiers, as Myra Fleener, Tin Men, as Nora Tilley, The Portrait of a Lady, as Madame Merle, 11:14, as Norma.

Ciarán Hinds

Where you know him from:

There Will Be Blood, as Fletcher Hamilton

Munich, as Carl

Road to Perdition, as Finn McGovern

Also look for him in: Excalibur, as Lot, The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, as Cory, Rules of Engagement, as Cambell Ferguson, The Sum of All Fears, as President Nemerov, Veronica Guerin, as John Traynor, Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life ,as Jonathan Reiss, The Phantom of the Opera, as Firmin, Miami Vice, as FBI Agent Fujima, Rome, as Julius Caesar, Margot at the Wedding, as Dick Koosman, In Bruges, as Priest, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, as Joe, Stop-Loss, as Roy King, Race to Witch Mountain, as Henry Burke, Life During Wartime,a s Bill, The Debt, as David Peretz, The Rite, as Father Xavier, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II, as Aberforth Dumbledore, Timker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, as Roy Bland.

Cheryl Hines

Where you know her from:

Curb Your Enthusiasm, as Cheryl

Also look for her in: Along Came Polly, as Catering Manager, Herbie Fully Loaded, as Sally, RV, as Jamie Munro, Keeping Up with the Steins, as Casey Nudelman, Waitress, as Becky, The Grand, as Lainie Schwartzman.

Judd Hirsch

Where you know him from:

Independence Day, as Julius Levinson

Taxi, as Alex Reiger

Ordinary People, as Dr. Tyrone Berger

Also look for him in: Running on Empty, as Arthur Pope/Paul Manfield, A Beautiful Mind, as Helinger, and a great cameo in the first episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, as the show runner who has a great rant about the downfall of television.

Hal Holbrook

Where you know him from:

All the President’s Men, as Deep Throat

Wall Street, as Lou Mannheim

Into the Wild, as Ron Franz

Also look for him in: The Great White Hope, as Al Cameron, Julia, as Alan, The Fog, as Father Malone, Creepshow, as Henry Northrup (in “The Crate” segment), Fletch Lives, as Hamilton “Ham” Johnson, The Firm, as Oliver Lambert, Hercules, as the voice of Amphitryon, Hercules’s Foster Father, Men of Honor, as Mr. Pappy, Water for Elephants, as old Jacob.

Ian Holm

Where you know him from:

The Lord of the Rings, as Bilbo Baggins

Alien, as Ash

The Fifth Element, as Father Vito Cornelius

Also look for him in: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1968), as Puck, The Fixer, as Grubeshov, Nicholas and Alexandra, as Yakovlev, Mary, Queen of Scots, as David Riccio, Robin and Marian, as King John, Chariots of Fire, as Sam Mussabini, Time Bandits, as Napoleon, Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, as Capitane Phillippe D’Arnot, Brazil, as Mr. Kurtzmann, Henry V (1989), as Captain Fluellen, Hamlet (1990), as Polonius, Frankenstein, as Baron Frankenstein, The Madness of King George, as Dr. Willis, Big Night, as Pascal, The Sweet Hereafter, as Mitchell Stevens, Joe Gould’s Secret, as Joe Gould, From Hell, as Sir William Gull, Garden State, as Gideon Largeman, The Day After Tomorrowi, as Terry Rapson, The Aviator, as Professor Fitz, Lord of War, as Simeon Weisz, Ratatouille, as Skinner.

James Hong

Where you know him from:

Big Trouble in Little China, as Lo Pan

Blade Runner, as Hannibal Chew

Mulan, as Chi Fu

Balls of Fury, as Wong (and his lucky cricket)

Kung Fu Panda, as Mr. Ping

Also look for him in: The Sand Pebbles, as Victor Shu, Chinatown, as Evelyn’s butler, Bound for Glory, as Chili Joint Owner, The In-Laws, as Bing Wong, owner of Wong Airlines, Airplane!, as Japanese general, The Two Jakes, as Kahn, Wayne’s World 2, as Jeff Wong, Operation Dumbo Drop, as Y B’ham, McHale’s Navy, as Asian Leader, The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), as Mr. Wu.

Edward Everett Horton

Where you know him from:

He played Fred Astaire’s buddy in:

The Gay Divorcee, Top Hat, and Shall We Dance.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan, as Messenger 7013 (The role that Buck Henry and Eugene Levy played in Heaven Can Wait and Down to Earth, respectively.)

Arsenic and Old Lace, as Mr. Witherspoon

Also look for him in: The Front Page (1931), as Roy V. Bensinger, Alice in Wonderland (1933), as Mad Hatter, The Merry Widow, as Ambassador Popoff, Lost Horizon, as Lovett, Holiday (1938), as Professor Nick Potter, The Gang’s All Here, as Peyton Potter, Pocketful of Miracles, as Hudgins, It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, as Mr. Dinckler, Sex and the Single Girl, as The Chief.

Clint Howard

Where you know him from:

Well, his brother Ron Howard’s films, firstly. Most probably:

Apollo 13, as Sy Liebergot, ENCOM White

Austin Powers (all three), as Johnson Ritter

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977), as Roo

Also look for him in: Grand Theft Auto (the Ron Howard movie, not the game), as Ace, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, as Eaglebauer, Night Shift, as Jeffrey, Cocoon, as John Dexter, Parenthood, as Lou, Backdraft, as Rico, Pathologist, The Rocketeer, as Mark, Far and Away, as Flynn, The Paper as Ray Blaisch, That Thing You Do!, as KJZZ Disk Jockey, Santa with Muscles, as Hinkley, The Waterboy, as Paco, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as Whobris, Cinderella Man, as Referee, Halloween (2007), as Doctor Koplenson, Frost/Nixon, as Lloyd Davis, Night at the Museum, as Air and Space Mission Control Tech #1.

David Huddleston

Where you know him from:

The Big Lebowski, as Jeffrey Lebowski (the titular character)

Blazing Saddles, as Olson Johnson (who has the memorable line: “All right… we’ll give some land to the niggers and the chinks. But we don’t want the Irish!”)

Also look for him in: Rio Lobo, as Dr. Ivor Jones, Brian’s Song, as Ed McCaskey, Smokey and the Bandit 2, as John Coen, Santa Claus: The Movie, as Santa Claus, The Producers (the shitty musical film version), as Judge.

Tom Hulce

Where you know him from:

Amadeus, as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Animal House, as Larry Kroger

I’d be shocked if you knew him from anywhere else. He’s actually done a nice amount of stuff.

Also look for him in: Parenthood, as Larry Buckman, Fearless, as Brillstein, Frankenstein, as Henry Clerval, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as the voice of Quasimodo (uh uh), Stranger Than Fiction,as Dr. Cayly, Jumper, as Mr. Bowker.

Linda Hunt

Where you know her from:

The Year of Living Dangerously, where she won an Oscar for playing a man! (as Billy Kwan)

Kindergarten Cop, as Miss Schlowski

Dune, as Shadout Mapes

Also look for her in: Popeye, as Mrs. Oxheart (Popeye’s Mudder), Silverado, as Stella, She-Devil, as Hooper, Prêt-à-Porter, as Regina Krumm, Pocahontas, as the voice of Grandmother Willow, Stranger Than Fiction, as Dr. Mittag-Leffler.

She is also the walking embodiment of the Edna Mode character from The Incredibles. Seriously, look at her IMDB photo. I know they based her on Edith Head, but look at Linda Hunt. She’s also 4’9”. Just sayin’.

Kim Hunter

Where you know her from:

A Streetcar Named Desire, as Stella Kowalski

Planet of the Apes, as Zira

A Matter of Life and Death, as June

Also look for her in: The Seventh Victim, as Mary Gibson. And she also reprised Zira in Beneath the Planet of the Apes and Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

John Hurt

Where you know him from:

The Elephant Man, as John Merrick

Alien, as Kane (his poor chest…)

Harry Potter, as Ollivander

Midnight Express, as Max

V for Vendetta, as Adam Sutler

Also look for him in: A Man for All Seasons, as Rich, Watership Down, as Hazel, The Lord of the Rings (animated), as Aragorn, Heaven’s Gate, as Billy Irvine, The Hit, as Braddock, Nineteen Eighty-Four, as Winston Smith, The Black Cauldron, as The Horned King, King Ralph, as Lord Percival Graces, Rob Roy, as Montrose, Dead Man, as John Scholfield, Contact, as S.R. Hadden, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, as Dr. Iannis, Hellboy, as Trevor “Broom” Bruttenholm, The Proposition, as Jellon Lamb, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as Professor Oxley, Melancholia, as Dexter.

Rhys Ifans

Where you know him from:

The Replacements, as Nigel “The Leg” Gruff

Little Nicky, as Adrian

Notting Hill, as Spike

Also look for him in: Human Nature, as Puff, Formula 51, as Iki, The Shipping News, as Beaufield Nutbeem, Danny Deckchair, as Danny Morgan, Vanity Fair, as William Dobbin, Enduring Love, as Jed, Hannibal Rising, as Vladis Grutas, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, as Robert Reston, The Informers, as Roger, Pirate Radio, as Gavin, Greenberg, as Ivan Schrank, Nanny McPhee Returns, as Phil Green, Passion Play, as Sam Adamo, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, as Xenophilius Lovegood, The Amazing Spider-Man, as Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard.

Michael Ironside

Where you know him from:

Total Recall, as Richter

Top Gun, as Jester

The Machinist, as Miller

Also look for him in: Scanners, as Darryl Revok, Highlander 2, as Gen. Katana, Free Willy (YES!), as Dial, The Next Karate Kid, as Col. Dugan, Starship Troopers, as Jean Rasczak, The Perfect Storm, as Bob Brown, Splinter Cell games as Sam Fisher, Terminator Salvation, as General Ashdown, X-Men: First Class, as Captain (great cameo. That entire sequence just has cameos from recognizable character actors, designed to get people like me to shout because they showed up).

Jason Isaacs

Where you know him from:

The Patriot, as Colonel Tavington

Harry Potter, as Lucius Malfoy

I’m pretty sure that’s where every person who knows him knows him from. In that order, as well.

Also look for him in: DragonHeart, as Lord Felton, Event Horizon, as D.J., Armageddon, as Ronald Quincy, The End of the Afair, as Father Smythe, Black Hawk Down, as Steele, Resident Evil, as Dr. William Birkin, Windtalkers, as Major Mellitz, Peter Pan, as Capain Hook, Elektra, as DeMarco, Friends with Money, as David, Grindhouse, in the trailer for “Don’t”, Green Zone, as Briggs, Cars 2, as Siddeley/Leland Turbo.

Burl Ives

Where you know him from:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, as Sam the Snowman

Honestly, do you need any more than that? This dude has narrated all of our Christmases for 50 years!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, as Big Daddy Pollitt

East of Eden, as Sam the Sheriff

Also look for him in: The Big Country, as Rufus Hannassey, Our Man in Havana, as Dr. Hasselbacher.

Brion James

Where you know him from:

The Fifth Element, as General Munro

Blade Runner, as Leon Kowalski

48 Hrs. & Another 48 Hrs., as Ben Kehoe

Also look for him in: Silverado, as Hobart, The Player, as Joel Levinson, Striking Distance, as Det. Eddie Eiler, Radioland Murders, as Bernie King.

Clifton James

Where you know him from:

Live and Let Die & The Man with the Golden Gun, as Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Cool Hand Luke, as Carr

Superman II, as Sheriff

Also look for him in: Experiment in Terror, as Capt. Moreno, David and Lisa, as John, The Reivers, as Butch Lovemaiden, …tick…tick…tick…, as D.J. Rankin, The Iceman Cometh, as Pat McGloin, The Last Detail, as M.A.A., Bank Shot, as Streiger, Silver Streak, as Sheriff Chauncey, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training, as Sy Orlansky, The Untouchables, as District Attorney, Eight Men Out, as Charles “Commie” Comiskey, The Bonfire of the Vanities, as Albert Fox, Lone Star, as Hollis.

Lennie James

Where you know him from:

Snatch., as Sol

Also look for him in: Lost in Space, as Jeb Walker, Sahara (2005), as General Zateb Kazim, The Next Three Days, as Lieutenant Nabulsi, Hung, as Charlie, the pimp (this is the one that shocked the shit out of me, because his accent is fucking perfect), Colombiana, as Ross.

Allison Janney

Where you know her from:

American Beauty, as Barbara Fitts

The West Wing, as C.J. Cregg

Juno, as Bren MacGuff

Also look for her in: Big Night, as Ann, Private Parts, as Dee Dee, The Ice Storm, as Dot Halford, Primary Colors, as Miss Walsh, Six Days, Seven Nights, as Marjorie, Robin’s Boss, 10 Things I Hate About You, as Ms. Perky, Drop Dead Gorgeous, as Loretta, Nurse Betty, as Lyla Branch, The Hours, as Sally Lester, Finding Nemo, as Peach, Hairspray, as Prudy Pingleton, Away We Go, as Lily, Life During Wartime, as Trish, The Help, as Charlotte Phelan.

Eddie Jemison

Where you know him from:

Ocean’s Eleven, Ocean’s Twelve & Ocean’s Thirteen, as Livingston Dell

Waitress, as Ogie

Hung, as Ronnie Haxon

Also look for him in: Bruce Almighty, as Bobby, The Punisher, as Mickey Duka, The Informant!, as Kirk Schmidt.

Richard Jenkins

Where you know him from:

Everywhere, hopefully.

Intolerable Cruelty, as Freddy Bender

Step Brothers, as Dr. Robert Doback

Burn After Reading, as Ted

Also look for him in: Silverado, as Kelly, Hannah and Her Sisters, as Dr. Wilkes, The Witches of Eastwick, as Clyde Alden, Sea of Love, as Gruber, The Indian in the Cupboard, as Victor, There’s Something About Mary, as Psychiatrist, Random Hearts, as Truman Trainor, What Planet Are You From?, as Don Fisk, Me, Myself & Irene, as Agent Boshane, The Man Who Wasn’t There, as Walter Abundas, Changing Lanes, as Walter Arnell, Stealing Harvard, as Honorable Emmett Cook, I Heart Huckabees, as Mr. Hooten, North Country, as Hank Aimes, The Kingdom, as Earl Huttinger, The Visitor, as Walter, Eat Pray Love, as Richard from Texas, Let Me In, as The Father, Friends with Benefits, as Mr. Harper.

Michael Jeter

Where you know him from:

The Green Mile, as Eduard Delacroix (the dude with the mouse)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas as L. Ron Bumquist (the dude giving the speech at the convention)

Jurassic Park III, as Mr. Udesky (neck snap!)

Also look for him in: Hair, as Sheldon, The Money Pit, as Arnie, Miller’s Crossing, as Adolph, The Fisher King, as Homeless Cabaret Singer, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, as Father Ignatius, Waterworld, as Old Gregor, Air Bud, as Norm Snively, Mousehunt, as Quincy Thorpe, Patch Adams, as Rudy, Welcome to Collinwood, as Toto, Open Range, as Percy.

Jeffrey Jones

Where you know him from:

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, as Ed Rooney.

Nowhere else. That’s where you know him from. Everything else is, “Oh, hey, Mr. Rooney’s in this.”

Also look for him in: Easy Money, as Clive Barlow, Amadeus, as Emperor Joseph II, Howard the Duck, as Dr. Walter Jenning, Beetle Juice, as Charles Deetz, The Hunt for Red October, as Skip Tyler, Ed Wood, as Criswell, The Devil’s Advocate, as Eddie Barzoon, Sleepy Hollow, as Reverend Steenwyck, Stuart Little, as Uncle Crenshaw Little, Dr. Dolittle 2, as Joe Potter, How High, as Vice President.

Vinnie Jones

Where you know him from:

Snatch., as Bullet Tooth Tony

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, as Big Chris

EuroTrip, as Mad Maynard (Soccer Hooligan)

X-Men: The Last Stand, as The Juggernaut (bitch)

Also look for him in: Gone in 60 Seconds, as The Sphinx, Road Trip, as Mad Maynard, Swordfish, as Marco, The Big Bounce, as Lou Harris, The Condemned, as McStarley, Year One, as Stargon, Kill the Irishman, as Keith Ritson.

Madeline Kahn

Where you know her from:

Blazing Saddles, as Lili Von Shtupp

Young Frankenstein, as Elizabeth

Clue, as Mrs. White

Also look for her in: What’s Up, Doc?, as Eunice Burns, Paper Moon, as Trixie Delight, At Long Last Love, as Kitty O’Kelly, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, as Jenny Hill, High Anxiety, as Victoria Brisbane, The Cheap Detective, as Mrs. Montenegro, The Muppet Movie, as El Sleezo Patron, History of the World: Part 1, as Empress Nympho, An American Tail, as Gussie Mausenheimer, Nixon, as Martha Mitchell, A Bug’s Life, as Gypsy Moth.

Boris Karloff

Where you know him from:

Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, Son of Frankenstein as The Monster,

How the Grinch Stole Christmas, as Narrator/The Grinch

The Mummy, as Imhotep

Also look for him in: Two Arabian Knights, as The Purser, Five Star Final, as T. Vernon Isopod, Scarface, as Gaffney, The Mask of Fu Manchu, as Dr. Fu Manchu, The Lost Patrol, as Sanders, The House of Rothschild, as Count Ledrantz, The Black Cat, as Hjalmar Poelzig, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, as Dr. Hugo Hollingshead, Mr. Wong, Detective, The Mystery of Mr. Wong & Mr. Wong in Chinatown, as Mr. Wong.

Catherine Keener

Where you know her from: 

Being John Malkovich, as Maxine Lund

Capote, as Nell Harper Lee

Where the Wild Things Are, as Mom

Also look for her in: Seinfeld, “The Letter,” as Nina (the woman who plagiarizes a love letter from a movie), Living in Oblivion, as Nicole Springer, Out of Sight, as Adele, 8MM, as Amy Welles, Death to Smoochy, as Nora Wells, Full Frontal, as Lee, S1m0ne, as Elaine Christian, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, as Kathleen, The Interperter, as Dot Woods, The 40 Year old Virgin, as Trish, Friends with Money, as Christine, Into the Wild, as Jan Burres, What Just Happened, as Lou Tarnow, Synecdoche, New York, as Adele Lack, The Soloist, as Mary Weston, Please Give, as Kate, Cyrus, as Jamie, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

Sally Kellerman

Where you know her from:

Back to School, as Dr. Diane Turner

MASH, as “Hot Lips” O’Houlihan

Also look for her in: The Boston Strangler, as Dianne Cluny, Brewster McCloud, as Louise, A Little Romance, as Kay King Prêt-à-Porter, as Sissy Wanamaker, I Could Never Be Your Woman, as Sally Kellerman (imagine that).

Arthur Kennedy

Where you know him from:

Lawrence of Arabia, as Jackson Bentley

Elmer Gantry, as Jim Lefferts

Peyton Place, as Lucas Cross

Also look for him in: High Sierra, as Red, Champion, as Connie Kelly, The Glass Menagerie, as Tom Wingfield, Bright Victory, as Larry Nevins, The Desperate Hours, as Deputy Sheriff Bard, Some Came Running, as Frank Hirsch, Cheyenne Autumn, as Doc Holliday, Fantastic Voyage, as Dr. Duval.

David Keith

Where you know him from:

Major League 2, as Jack Parkman

An Officer and a Gentleman, as Sid Worley

Daredevil, as Jack Murdock

The Indian in the Cupboard, as Boone

Also look for him in: The Great Santini, as Red Petus, The Rose, as Pfc. Mal, The Two Jakes, as Det. Lt. Loach, Ernest Goes to School, as Squint Westwood, U-571, as Maj. Matthew Coonan, Men of Honor, as Captain Hartigan, Behind Enemy Lines, as Master Chief Tom O’Malley.

This man needs more work.

Richard Kiel

Where you know him from:

The Spy Who Loved Me Moonraker, as Jaws.

Happy Gilmore, as Mr. Larson.

That’s it. You know him from one or the other. Or both. There are no other possibilities.

Also look for him in: The Longest Yard, as Samson, Silver Streak, as Reace, Cannonball Run II, as Arnold, Mitsubishi Driver, Pale Rider, as Club, Inspector Gadget, as Famous Big Guy with Silver Teeth (subtle, no?), Tangled, as Vlad.

Udo Kier

Watch a lot of German B-movies, don’t you?

Where you know him from:

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, as Ron Camp

Blade, as Dragonetti

In Rob Zombie’s “Werewolf Women of the SS” Grindhouse trailer. (He “heils” Hitler in it.)

Now for the hardcore film geeks:

Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein & Andy Warhol’s Dracula, as Baron Frankenstein and Count Dracula, respectively (obviously)

Suspiria (YES!) as Dr. Frank Mandel (aka Mr. Exposition in the scene with the random overhead shot for no reason. See? Me and like, six people are really happy we just shared that moment.)

Okay, let’s save some for down here…

Also look for him in: Moscow on the Hudson, as Gay Man on Street (only because I actually recognized him while watching it), My Own Private Idaho, as Hans, Johnny Mnemonic, as Ralfi, Barb Wire (never thought you’d see this on here, did you?), as Curly, Breaking the Waves, as Sadistic Sailor, Armageddon, as Psychologist, Shadow of the Vampire, as Albin Grau, Dancer in the Dark, as Dr. Porkorny, Dogville, as the Man in the Coat, Surviving Christmas (oh this man has been in some gems), as Heinrich, BloodRayne, as Regal Monk (if this is where you know him from, I apologize for your life), Halloween, as Morgan Walker (he’s not in the sequel. I guess he doesn’t surivive), Melancholia, as Wedding planner.

Greg Kinnear

Where you know him from:

Little Miss Sunshine, as Richard Hoover

As Good As It Gets, as Simon Bishop

Also look for him in: You’ve Got Mail, as Frank Navasky, Mystery Men, as Captain Amazing, What Planet Are You From?, as Perry Gordon, Nurse Betty, as Dr. David Ravell, Loser, as Prof. Edward Alcott, The Gift, as Wayne Collins, Someone Like You…, as Ray Brown, We Were Soldiers, as Maj. Bruce “Snake” Crandall, Auto Focus, as Bob Crane, Stuck on You, as Walt Tenor, Godsend, as Paul Duncan, The Matador, as Danny Wright, Bad News Bears (2005), as Roy Bullock, Fast Food Nation, as Don Anderson, Invincible, as Dick Vermeil, Feast of Love, as Bradley Smith, Baby Mama, as Rob, Ghost Town, as Frank, Flash of Genius, as Bob Kearns, Green Zone, as Clark Poundstone, The Last Song, as Steve Miller, Salvation Boulevard, as Carl Vanderveer.

Roy Kinnear

Where you know him from: 

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, as Mr. Salt

Also look for him in: The Hill, as Monty Bartlett, Help!, as Algernon, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, as Gladiator Instructor, How I Won the War, as Clapper, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever, as Prince Regent, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, as Moriarty’s Assistant, Watership Down, as Pipkin.

Bruno Kirby

Where you know him from:

The Godfather Part II, as Young Clemenza

City Slickers, as Ed Furillo

When Harry Met Sally, as Jess

Also look for him in: Cinderella Liberty, as Alcott, Where the Buffalo Roam, as Marty Lewis, This is Spinal Tap, as Tommy Pischedda, Tin Men, as Mouse, Good Morning, Vietnam, as Lt. Steven Hauk, Sleepers, as Shakes’ Father, Donnie Brasco, as Nicky, Stuart Little, as the voice of Reggie Stout, and also on Entourage, on that episode where he has his Shrek doll stolen.

Richard Kind

Where you know him from:

Spin City, as Paul Lassiter

Curb Your Enthusiasm, as Cousin Andy

A Serious Man, as Uncle Arthur

Also look for him in: Stargate, as Gary Meyers, A Bug’s Life, as Molt, Mad About You, as Mark, The Station Agent, as Louis Tiboni, The Producers (shitty movie musical version), as Jury Foreman, Cars, as Van, For Your Consideration, as Marketing Person, The Grand, as Andy Andrews, The Visitor, as Jacob, Toy Story 3, as Bookworm, Hereafter, as Christos.

Hmm — that’s weird. I felt like he did more. I guess he’s just one of those people you know, but you never know from where.

Robert Klein

Where you know him from:

Uhh — his stand up? “I can’t stop my leg”? I don’t know, actually. Just pick something from down there.

Also look for him in: The Landlord, as Peter Coots, The Owl and the Pussycat, as Melvin Lasher, Radioland Murders, as Father Writer, One Fine Day, as Dr. Martin, Primary Colors, as Norman Asher, Two Weeks Notice, as Larry Kelson, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, as Phillip Warren, Reign Over Me, as Jonathan Timpleman, The Back-Up Plan, as Dr. Harris.

Wayne Knight

Where you know him from:

Seinfeld, as Newman

Jurassic Park, as Dennis Nedry

JFK, as Numa Bertel (he’s the guy they use for the “back, and to the left” demonstration, making the Seinfeld use of that scene even better)

Space Jam, as Stan Podolak (Oh yeah, I went there)

Also look for him in: Dirty Dancing, as Stan, Born on the Fourth of July, as Official #2, Democratic Convention, Dead Again, as Piccolo Pete Dugan, Basic Instinct, as John Correll, To Die For, as Ed Grant, Tarzan, as Tantor, Toy Story 2, as Al the Toy Collector, 3rd Rock from the Sun, as Officer Don, Rat Race, as Zack Mallozzi.

Harvey Korman

Where you know him from:

Blazing Saddles, as Hedy Lamarr (“That’s Hedley!”)

The Flintstones, as The Great Gazoo

The Carol Burnett Show

Also look for him in: High Anxiety, as Dr. Charles Montague, History of the World: Part I, as Count de Monet, Trail of the Pink Panther & Curse of the Pink Panther, as Prof. Auguste Balls (let nobody say that low humor isn’t worthwhile), The Flintstones, as the voice of Dictabird, Radioland Murders, as Jules Cogley, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, as Dr. Jack Seward, Jingle All the Way (I love when this movie comes up in conversation), as President, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, as Colonel Slagoople (dude made it through two Flintstones movies. No one else in the cast can say that).

Yaphet Kotto

Where you know him from:

Live and Let Die, as Kananga

Alien, as Parker

Midnight Run, as Alonzo Mosely

Also look for him in: The Thomas Crown Affair (1968), as Carl, Across 110th Street, as Lt. Pope, Truck Turner, as Harvard Blue, The Running Man, as William Laughlin, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, as Doc.

Olek Krupa

Oh man, I have such vivid memories of this dude in so many movies. Other people recognizing this dude is like, instant connection for me. We can be friends if you know who he is automatically (don’t pretend if you don’t. Don’t be that person).

Where you know him from:

Blue Streak, as Jean LaFleur

Home Alone 3, as Petr Beaupre (Not gonna lie, this is a big marker for me, memory-wise)

Behind Enemy Lines, as Miroslav Lokar

Burn After Reading, as Krapotkin (When they “go to the Russians,” he’s the Russian.)

Also look for him in: Nine 1/2 Weeks, as Bruce, Miller’s Crossing, as Tad, Eraser, as Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky, Thirteen Days, as Andrei Gromyko, The Italian Job (2003), as Mashkov, Whatever Works, as Morgenstern, Salt, as President Boris Matveyev, X-Men: First Class (I legit stood up and applauded in the theater during this scene, when all the cameos came up.)

Art LaFleur

Where you know him from:

The Sandlot, as Babe Ruth. (If you just went, “YES!”, we can totally be friends.)

Field of Dreams, as Chick Gandil, 1B (“At least I got muscles.” “No, at most you got muscles.”

The Replacements, as Barnes

Also look for him in: WarGames, as Guard, Cobra, as Captain Sears, The Blob (1988), as Pharmacist/Mr. Penny, Air America, as Jack Neely, Oscar, as Officer Quinn, Mr. Baseball, as Skip, Forever Young, as Alice’s Father, Maverick, as Poker Player, The Santa Clause 2 & The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause, as Tooth Fairy, Hostage, as Bill Jorgenson,

Martin Landau

Where you know him from:

Ed Wood, as Bela Lugosi

Entourage, as Bob Ryan (“Is that something you might be interested in?”)

Rounders, as Abe Petrovsky

Also look for him in: North by Northwest, as Leonard (James Mason’s right hand man. Yes, that’s him.), Cleopatra, as Rufio (Ru-fi-o! Ru-fi-o! … not that Rufio, but who can resist?), The Greatest Story Ever Told, as Caiaphas, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, as Abe, Crimes and Misdemeanors, as Judah Rosenthal, City Hall, as Judge Walter Stern, The X Files, as Alvin Kurtzweil, Edtv, as Al, Sleepy Hollow, as Peter Van Garrett, Ready to Rumble (it’s sad how well I remember this movie), as Sal Bandini, The Majestic, as Harry Trimble, City of Ember, as Sul.

Charles Lane

By sheer volume, holy shit, this guy’s got even Christopher Lee beat. 358 titles on IMDB. Bit parts in such huge films, too. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I don’t even think most people would even know him if I told you what he was in. So I’ll just list a bunch of titles.

Dude didn’t get credited until 1938, as Henderson in You Can’t Take It With You. He was Nosey in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, a reporter in Arsenic and Old Lace, a Real Estate Salesman in It’s a Wonderful Life, a campaign reporter in The Farmer’s Daughter, Constable Locke in The Music Man, the Airport Manager in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World — jesus, fuck Kevin Bacon, use this guy, you’ll get less than three degrees for anyone. The voice of Lawyer in The Aristocats. He was in over 250 films and lied to 102. This dude just won at life. Good for him. More like this, please.

Stephen Lang

Where you know him from: 

Avatar, as Colonel Quaritch

Tombstone, as Ike Clanton

Public Enemies, as Charles Winstead

Also look for him in: Twice in a Lifetime, as Keith, Manhunter, as Freddy Lounds, Last Exit to Brooklyn, as Harry Black, Gettysburg & Gods and Generals, as Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett, The Men Who Stare at Goats, as Brigadier General Dean Hopgood, Conan the Barbarian, as Khaler Zym.

Cloris Leachman

Oh, Cloris. That little minx.

Where you know her from:

Young Frankenstein, Frau Blücher (cue neighing of the horses)

Kiss Me Deadly, as Christina Bailey

The Last Picture Show, as Ruth Popper

Bad Santa, as Grandma (“I’ll make you some sandwiches.”)

Also look for her in: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, as Agnes, Lovers and Other Strangers, as Bernice Henderson, Dillinger, as Anna Sage, High Anxiety, as Nurse Diesel, History of the World: Part I, as Madame Defarge, Music of the Heart, as Assunta Guaspari, Spanglish, as Evenlyn Wright, Sky High, as Nurse Spex, The Longest Yard, as Lynette, Scary Movie 4, as Mrs. Norris, Beerfest, as Great Gam Gam, New York, I Love You, as Mitzie (she has a wonderful short with Eli Wallach at the end of the film. It’s so amazing). She’s also currently on Raising Hope.

Christopher Lee

Where you know him from:

Take your pick.

The Lord of the Rings, as Saruman

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (and the beginning of Revenge of the Sith, until he gets his head cut off), as Count Dooku

The Man with the Golden Gun, as Francisco Scaramanga

The Wicker Man, as Lord Summerisle

All the Hammer horror films of the 50s, 60s and 70s, as Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Mummy, Fu Manchu, all of the monsters. He’s just the fucking man. He also played Sherlock Holmes. What a fucking boss. Thirty years ago, this dude would have been the perfect Red Skull.

Also look for him in: The Three Musketeers: The Queen’s Diamonds & The Four Musketeers: Milady’s Revenge, as Rochefort, Airport ’77, as Martin Wallace, 1941, as Capt. Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt, Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, as Cmndt. Alexandrei Nikolaivich Rakov, Sleepy Hollow, as Burgomaster, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, as Dr. Wonka, The Golden Compass, as First High Councilor, Alice in Wonderland (2010), as Jabberwocky, Season of the Witch, as Cardinal D’Ambroise, Hugo, as Monsieur Labisse.

Reggie Lee

Where you know him from:

Tropic Thunder, as Byong (“We are Flaming Dragon!”)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, as Headless (the dude with the shell head that keeps coming off)

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, as Tai Huang (Sao Feng’s guy)

Also look for him in: The Fast and the Furious, as Lance Nguyen, Masked and Anonymous, as Armed Man, Drag Me to Hell, as Stu Rubin, Star Trek, as Test Administrator, Life as We Know It, as Alan Burke, Crazy, Stupid Love, as Officer Huang.

John Leguizamo

Where you know him from:

My person introduction to John Leguizamo was from:

His HBO special “Freak.” Which is just an amazing one man show and one of the first stand-up comedy specials I ever saw.

Super Mario Bros., as Luigi

For other people, their introduction to “Johnny Legs,” as I like to call him, might also include:

Carlito’s Way, as Benny Blanco

Romeo + Juliet, as Tybalt

Moulin Rouge, as Toulousse-Lautrec

And an honorable mention to: Spawn, as Clown/Violator (Remember that big fat clown with the blue face? That was Leguizamo. I know.)

Also look for him in: Casualties of War, as PFC Antonio Diaz, Die Hard 2, as Burke, To Wong Foo Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, as Chi-Chi, Executive Decision, as Captain Rat, The Fan, as Manny, The Pest, as Pestario “Pest” Vargas, Doctor Dolittle, as Rat #2, Summer of Sam, as Vinny, What’s the Worst That Could Happen?, as Berger, Empire, as Victor Rosa, Collateral Damage, as Felix Ramirez, Ice Age (all of them) as Sid the Sloth, Spun, as Spider Mike, Assault on Precinct 13, as Beck, Land of the Dead, as Cholo DeMora, The Happening, as Julian, Miracle at St. Anna, as Enrique, Righteous Kill, as Det. Perez, Gamer, as Freek, The Lincoln Lawyer, as Val Valenzuela.

Melissa Leo

Where you know her from:

The Fighter, as Alice Ward

Frozen River, as Ray Eddy

Also look for her in: The Ballad of Little Jo, as Beatrice Grey, 21 Grams, as Marianne Jordan, Hide and Seek, as Laura, The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, as Rachel, Mr. Woodcock, as Sally Jansen, Righteous Kill, as Cheryl Brooks, Everybody’s Fine, as Colleen, Welcome to the Rileys, as Lois Riley, Conviction, as Nancy Taylor, Red State, as Sara, Mildred Pierce, as Lucy Gessler, Treme, as Toni Bernette.

Al Leong

Where you know him from:

Die Hard, as Uli

Lethal Weapon, as Endo

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, as Genghis Khan

Also look for him in: Twilight Zone: The Movie, as Vietnamese in Segment #1. (I should say I’m surprised. But I’m not. Not even a little bit.), Big Trouble in Little China, as Wing Kong Hatchet Man (my stripper name), Action Jackson, as Dellaplane’s Chauffeur, They Live, as Asian revolutionary (these are all great things for me to name my child), Beverly Hills Cop III, as Car Mechanic, Double Dragon, as Lewis, Shulo Henchman, Godzilla, as Japanese fishing boat crewman, The Scorpion King (somehow I knew this was coming), as Asian training master (he wins on character names).

Michael Lerner

Where you know him from:

Barton Fink, as Jack Lipnick

Blank Check, as Biderman

Do you need anything else?

Okay, fine…

Elf, as Fulton (“Even if the two pages were in there, the book still would have sucked.”)

Also look for him in: The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981), as Mr. Katz, Eight Men Out, as Arnold Rothstein, Newsies, as Weasel, Amos & Andrew, as Phil Gillman, Radioland Murders, as Lieutenant Cross, Godzilla, as Mayor Ebert (subtle, Roland Emmerich. Real subtle), A Serious Man, as Solomon Schultz.

Ted Levine

Goodbye horses…

Where you know him from:

Buffalo Bill. Come on, now. The Silence of the Lambs. Does it want to get the hose again?

Monk, as Captain Leland Stottlemeyer.

But really, though. You know him as Buffalo Bill. Don’t even play like that.

Also look for him in: Ironweed, as Pocono Pete, Georgia, as Jake, Heat, as Bosko, Mad City, as Lemke, Flubber, as Wesson, Wild Wild West, as General “Bloodbath” McGrath (I’ll hand it to the film. This is one great character name), Evolution, as General Russell Woodman, The Fast and the Furious, as Sgt. Tanner, Joy Ride, as the voice of Rusty Nail, Ali, as Joe Smiley, The Manchurian Candidate, as Colonel Howard, Memoirs of a Geisha, as Colonel Derricks, The Hills Have Eyes, as Billy Bob Carter, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, as Sheriff Timberlake, American Gangster, as Lou Toback, Shutter Island, as Warden.

Juliette Lewis

Where you know her from: 

Natural Born Killers, as Mallory Knox

Cape Fear, as Danielle Bowden

Old School, as Heidi

Also look for her in: Christmas Vacation, as Audrey Griswold, Husbands and Wives, as Rain, Kalifornia, as Adele Corners, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, as Becky, The Basketball Diaries, as Diane Moody, From Dusk Till Dawn, as Kate Fuller, The Way of the Gun, as Robin, Starsky and Hutch, as Kitty, Catch and Release, as Maureen, Whip It, as Iron Maven, The Switch, as Debbie, Due Date, as Heidi.

 Delroy Lindo

Where you know him from:

Get Shorty, as Bo Catlett

Gone in 60 Seconds, as Det. Rolan Castlebeck

The Cider House Rules, as Arthur Rose

Up, as Beta

Also look for him in: Malcolm X, as West Indian Archie, Crooklyn, as Woody Carmichael, Clockers, as Rodney Little, Broken Arrow, as Colonel Max Wilkins, Ransom, as Agent Lonnie Hawkins, The Devil’s Advocate, as Phillipe Moyez, Romeo Must Die, as Isaak O’Day, Heist, as Bob Blane, The Core, as Braz, Sahara, as Carl, Domino, as Calremont Williams.

Tiny Lister Jr.

Where you know him from:

Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next, as Deebo (Of course I’m gonna start with Deebo.)

The Fifth Element, as President Lindberg

No Holds Barred, as Zeus

The Dark Knight, as the Prisoner on the ferry. You remember him.

Also look for him in: Runaway Train, as Black Guard, Beverly Hills Cop II, as Orvis, The Meteor Man, as Digit, Don Juan Demarco, as Rocco Compton, Jackie Brown, as Winston, Little Nicky, as Cassius, Austin Powers in Goldmember, as Prisoner #2.

Christopher Lloyd

Where you know him from:

Back to the Future I, II & III, as Doc Brown.

Great scott, that should be all you need.

Taxi, as Reverend Jim Ignatowski

Clue, as Professor Plum

Angels in the Outfield, as Al

Dennis the Menace, as Switchblade Sam (fondly remember this scene from my childhood)

The Pagemaster, as Mr. Dewey/The Pagemaster

Also look for him in: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, as Taber, Goin’ South, as Deputy Towfield, To Be Or Not to Be, as Capt. Schultz, Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, as Cmdr. Kruge, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, as John Bigboote, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, as Judge Doom, Eight Men Out, as “Sleepy” Bill Burns, The Dream Team, as Henry Sikorsky, The Addams Family, as Uncle Fester, Radioland Murders, as Zoltan, Anastasia as the voice of Rasputin, Interstate 60, as Ray, Piranha 3D and Piranha 3DD, as Mr. Goodman (though he’s basically just doing Doc Brown. Which doesn’t make it any less awesome).

Meat Loaf

Oh, we had to include Meat on here. We just did. Plus, he does technically count as a character actor. He’s done a bunch of different roles in his career.

Where you know him from:

Fight Club, as Bob, with the bitch tits. (Oh, I’m sorry, Robert Paulson. Happy now, hipsters?)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, as Eddie

Formula 51 (aka The 51st State), as The Lizard (best character name ever)

Also look for him in: Wayne’s World, as Tiny, Spice World, as Dennis, Black Dog, as Red, The Salton Sea, as Bo, BloodRayne, as Leonid, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, as Jack Black’s father, and House, in the episode where Kutner kills himself. Him and his “wife” are the patients.

Tone Loc

There are two reasons Tone is on here. Well, three. First, he’s awesome. Second, he somehow ended up right after Meat Loaf. And that had to stay. It’s like how, no matter what I do, after 15,000 songs, on my iTunes, “Baby Got Back” and “The Thong Song” are right next to each other. You can’t ignore the universe when things exist in perfect harmony. And the third thing is — dude was actually in a lot of films from my childhood. I saw him a lot when I was young and remembered him.

Plus he had to act opposite Jim Carrey as he talked out of his ass cheeks. That deserves some sort of consideration, doesn’t it?

Where you know him from:

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, as Emilio

Blank Check, as Juice

Also look for him in: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, as Slam the Rapper, FernGully: The Last Rainforest, as Goanna, Surf Ninjas, as Lieutenant Spence, Heat, as Richard Torena, Spy Hard, as Gangster #1, Titan A.E., as Tek.

Robert Loggia

Where you know him from:

Scarface, as Frank Lopez

Big, as MacMillan (of course you remember the “Heart and Soul” on the piano scene)

Independence Day, as General William Grey

Necessary Roughness, as Coach Wally Rig (this one’s more for me, but he’s fucking awesome here)

Also look for him in: Somebody Up There Likes Me, as Frankie Peppo, The Greatest Story Ever Told, as Joseph, Revenge of the Pink Panther, as Al Marchione, S.O.B., as Herb Maskowitz, An Officer and a Gentleman, as Byron Mayo, Trail of the Pink Panther & Curse of the Pink Panther, as Bruno Langois, Psycho II, as Dr. Bill Raymond, Prizzi’s Honor, as Eduardo Prizzi, Jagged Edge, as Sam Ransom, Armed and Dangerous, as Jason Cutler, Gaby: A True Story, as Michel, Oliver & Company, as Sykes, Lost Highway, as Mr. Eddy/Dick Laurent, Grand Theft Auto III, as Ray Machowski, The Sopranos, as Feech La Manna.

Peter Lorre

Where you know him from:

M, as Hans Beckert

The Maltese Falcon, as Joel Cairo

Casablanca, as Ugarte

Also look for him in: The Man Who Knew Too Much (the original, 1934), as Abbott, Mad Love, as Doctor Gogol, in all the Mr. Moto films as Mr. Moto, Arsenic and Old Lace, as Dr. Einstein, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, as Conseil, Around the World in 80 Days, as Steward, Silk Stockings, as Brankov.

Faizon Love

Where you know him from:

Elf, as Gimbel’s Manager

The Replacements, as Jamal Jackson

Made, as Horrace

Also look for him in: Friday, as Big Worm, Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, as Rufus, B*A*P*S, as Tiger J, Money Talks, as Cellmate, The Players Club, as Peters, Blue Crush, as Leslie, The Fighting Temptations, as Prison Warden, Torque, as Sonny, Grand theft Auto: San Andreas, as Sweet, Idlewils, as Ace, Who’s Your Caddy?, as Big Large, Couples Retreat, as Shane, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son, as Kurtis Kool, Zookeeper, as Bruce the Bear.

Jane Lynch

Where you know her from:

Role Models, as Sweeny

Glee, as Sue Sylvester

The 40 Year Old Virgin, as Paula

Also look for her in: The Fugitive, as Dr. Kathy Wahlund, What Planet Are You From?, as Doreen, Best in Show, as Christy Cummings, Collateral Damage, as Agent Russo, A Mighty Wind, as Laurie Bohner, Arrested Development, as Cindi Lightballoon, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, as Lucy Bobby, For Your Consideration, as Cindy, Alvin and the Chipmunk, as Gail, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, as Gail the Television Reporter, Julie & Julia, as Dorothy McWililams, Paul, as Pat Sevens.

John Carroll Lynch

You want the definition of reliable — here it is. Love this man.

Where you know him from:

The Drew Carey Show, as Steve Carey

Gran Torino, as Barber Martin

Zodiac, as Arthur Leigh Allen

Also look for him in: Grumpy Old Men, as Moving Man, The Fan, as Shopkeeper, Volcano, as Stan Olber, Face/Off, as Walton, Prison Guard, Mercury Rising, as Martin Lynch, Gone in Sixty Seconds, as Impound Manager, Bubble Boy, as Mr. Livingston, The Good Girl, as Jack Field, Store Manager, Confidence, as Grant Ashby, Gothika, as Sheriff Ryan, Things We Lost in the Fire, as Howard Glassman, Love Happens, as Walter, Shutter Island, as Deputy Warden McPherson, Paul, as Moses Buggs, Crazy, Stupid, Love., as Bernie.

Part I: In Appreciation of Character Actors (A-F)

Part III: In Appreciation of Character Actors (M-R)

Part IV: In Appreciation of Character Actors (S-Z)

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    Richard Griffiths is also in the ballet shoes with Emma Watson

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