The Box Office Report – October 21-23

Last week, in Box Office…

Real Steel wins the weekend again. Boy did that make me happy. It made another $16.3 million, bringing its domestic total to $51.7 million. I wasn’t expecting it to win, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Footloose, the film that looked like it was gonna win the weekend instead after a strong Friday showing, finished second with $15.6 million. Not as strong as they were hoping, but considering its budget, I bet all involved are pleased with the result, especially since it’s reported to actually be a good movie. So that’s good.

The Thing opened to a weak, but pretty much expected $8.5 million in third place. Not that good, considering I have a sneaking suspicion they spent about $70-80 million on this thing, in all. But, I saw it, and it was pretty generic, and the CGI was just utterly pointless, so I can’t say it was that bad that this failed.

The Ides of March finished fourth with $7.1 million. That was much stronger than was expected, and it has now made $21.8 million after two weeks. I feel that’s pretty strong for this type of film. Good for them.

Dolphin Tale finished fifth with another $6.2 million. It has made $58.6 million off a $37 million budget. They’ll take it. They’ll make lots more on DVD. I’m glad this has finally faded, so I don’t have to talk about it anymore. (I finally saw it — it sucked. Big time.)

Moneyball finished sixth with $5.5 million. That’s also stronger than expected. It seems the higher quality films are holding better than the shitty films. Imagine that. It’s made $57.7 million (off a $50 million budget) after a month in theaters. I bet the studio will take that.

Everything else finished under $5 million. I need to finish the top ten, though, since all four of the other films are incredible for different reasons.

First is 50/50. It only hit $4 million. But it has made $24.3 million off an $8 million budget. Terrific. Good job.

Second is Courageous, that fucking movie, which has made $21.3 million off a $2 million budget. Fucking Christians.

Third is The Big Year. That’s a film most people thought would open to $6 million. I was leery, since it’s about bird watching. Obviously the country agreed with me, and the film only made $3.3 million. Considering a reported budget of about $40 million — ouch.

And The Lion King will probably be almost out of theaters after this week, but it’s nice to report that it has pulled in another $90 million, and has caused Disney to go, “Well, shit, we can make this kind of money by just putting old stuff back out?”, and will now be re-releasing all of their old films (basically), back into theaters. Personally, I say, call me when you schedule Song of the South.

Okay, that’s it for last week, let’s get to the new releases…

Paranormal Activity 3 is the big film opening this week. I wish it weren’t, but it is. Considering the second film opened to a ridiculous $41 million and finished with about $85 million domestically — this should do less than that but still ridiculous business, considering the budget on this film is under $10 million.

Most estimates have this at somewhere between $36 million and $40 million. Personally, given that, I’m hoping for $32 million or less. You know this shit is gonna get played out. They ran all of these so-called “franchises” into the ground. Final Destination, Saw — people just keep going because they’re retarded. I really hope they stop going. But they won’t, so expect this to make lots of money. Fucking people…

The Three Musketeers is the other film opening. I saw this. It’s pretty good. It’s competent, fun, and the period piece aspect of it makes whatever downsides it has work. Paul W.S. Anderson knows how to make competent films. They don’t necessarily suck, but they’re not particularly great either. The first Resident Evil movie — good, for what it wanted to do. Death Race — decent. This — decent, and relatively fun.

Still — no one’s expecting this to make any money. Estimates are around $10-13 million at best. Maybe it does $15 million if Paranormal really fails, but does anyone expect that to happen? Let’s just take $13 million and call it a weekend.

Johnny English Reborn is also opening this weekend. This is a clear case of a film that will do much better in Britain than it will do here. It’s not an American thing. Most people assume this will be $6-8 million. I’ll call it $7 million, and we can all just remember, “Man, remember when he was Mr. Bean? That was funny, right?”

So that’s it for the new releases, really. There’s some other film opening to 1,000 theaters called The Mighty Macs, but if the film makes more than $2 million, I’d be shocked. Don’t worry, I won’t be mentioning it at all next week, no matter what it makes.

Onto the holdovers…

Real Steel is clearly the main film to talk about here. Most people assume this will drop to about $10-11 million, mostly $10 million and change. I’m just hoping for as much as humanly possible, as always. It’s probably looking at a 3rd place finish, either way.

Footloose will probably drop to about $7-8 million, almost definitely. $8 million and change is the highest I’d go here. $9 million if you’re feeling saucy. But not high 9 at all.

The Thing would be lucky to hit $5 million, and considering Paranormal, it probably won’t, and we’ll all just forget about it pretty quickly.

The Ides of March will probably fall just below $5 million. I hope it hits it, but it probably won’t.

Dolphin Tale and Moneyball will certainly fall under $5 million, with Dolphin, based on its track record, having a chance to come close, but I say nay. I say it goes to like $4.6 million and I don’t mention it.

So that’s it, really. Pretty simple week. No list. Just, Paranormal, then Musketeers (unless it really fails), then Real Steel, then Footloose, then probably Johnny English. The rest — pretty irrelevant.

See you next week when we have another example of what’s wrong with American culture.

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