The Box Office Report – November 4-6

Last week, in Box Office…

Puss in Boots wins the weekend as expected, except it made about $10 million less than expected. Rather than the $40 million estimates for the weekend, the film made $34.1 million. Count me a happy camper, since you know the film’s gonna pull in hundreds of millions more overseas. And if it doesn’t, count me even happier.

Paranormal Activity dropped 65% (fuck yeah, it did!), finishing second with $18.1 million. The film’s made $80 million total after two weekends, so fuck it very much. The budget was $5 million. This is literally like dipping your hand in the money jar. I’m happy for them and all, but — seriously, fuck you, America.

In Time opened to third with $12 million. The reviews were shitty, but I quite enjoyed the film. I’m willing to overlook a few plotholes and a partial lack of execution for an interesting concept. It wasn’t perfect (The Adjustment Bureau was much better), but I really enjoyed this film quite a bit. $12 million makes me a bit sad for it. Then again, estimates were only at $13 million, so I guess it’s not that far off.

Footloose finished fourth with $5.5 million. This is much lower than was anticipated. It seems people stayed away from the Box Office over the weekend (good for them). Don’t feel too bad, though, it’s made $38 million off a $24 million budget. They’re happy.

The Rum Diary opened a weak fifth with $5.1 million. I told you. I told you that was gonna happen. I was not sold that this was gonna make $8 million. All the pieces were in place. The material was not mainstream, and Depp just does not open movies like this. Never did.

Real Steel also just missed $5 million with $4.8 million. It’s made $74 million domestically, which is a bit on the weak side, but I think the extra $100 million overseas makes up for it a bit.

Oh, and because I said I’d mention it — The Three Musketeers made $3.5 million, giving it just shy of $15 million after two weekends. For reference purposes, the film was supposed to hit that as of the Monday after it opened.

Let’s recap a few things, just for the hell of it. The Ides of March has made $33 million domestically. I think that’s over its budget, so, good for it. That Oscar push is gonna be costly, though. Moneyball has made $67 million off a $50 million budget. Good for it. Courageous, that Christian piece of shit, has made $27 million off a $2 million budget. Religious people are crazy. Johnny English Reborn‘s pulled off $6 million after two weeks stateside. Americans just don’t do British comedy, do they? The Thing’s only done $16 million after three weeks. Oh, that fucking hurts. They still apparently haven’t published a production budget on this one, which means it’s really high. Oh, wow, I think I just got a bit aroused there. Nothing against the film, it’s just the idea of seeing unnecessary remakes fail on a big level excites me.

Oh, right. Anonymous only did $1 million this weekend. Okay, that’s it. I’m bored.

Onto the new releases…

The big film opening this weekend is Tower Heist. Bret Ratner, the moneymaker with bland films, directs Ben Stiller — the man Middle America loves — Eddie Murphy — doing his best Eddie Murphy impression (though from the trailer, it looks like his best Charlie Murphy impression) — Matthew Broderick (talk about bland), Casey Affleck (why?), Alan Alda — and fuck it, a lot of other people, in a movie designed to have stupid people go and give it money. Sure, it could be entertaining, and I’m sure it will be. Bret Ratner movies are nothing if not entertaining. None are particularly good, but they are entertaining on that sugar rush kind of level. Just, no substance.

So, my gut tells me this will make a fuck ton of money this weekend. $30 million as a base figure. A bunch of estimates seem to say $29 million for some reason. Many are around $30 million. I’m gonna hope for less than 30. I don’t like to enable Ben Stiller.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas is also opening. Money squeeze. The second one sucked, and tarnished whatever reputation the first one had. I’m sure this will be just as worse. Estimates have it around $15-16 million. I’m sure that’s possible. If I had to guess, I’d say less. $13-14 million, maybe even lower. But I really don’t care. I’d rather just forget about this and move on to the better, Oscar stuff.

That’s it for the new releases…a real shitty week (don’t worry, I know what’s coming next week, I’m prepared)…onto the holdovers.

Puss in Boots will possibly contend for first place, but I doubt it. Most estimates put this around $20-22 million, some going higher, to $24-25 million. Either way, it won’t go higher than $24 million, and Tower Heist would have to really tank (by its standards) to not win first place. So Puss will finish second, and honestly, I don’t give a fuck. I’m purely guessing order this week. I really don’t give a shit about numbers. Any money is too much.

Paranormal Activity should drop to about $7-8 million, giving it still too much money.

In Time will drop to somewhere between $6-7 million, give or take. Whatever, really.

And that’s it, really. Take a look at the shit you’re gonna see in the top ten this weekend:

1. Tower Heist

2. Puss in Boots

3. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas

4. Paranormal Activity 3

5. In Time

…and just to put it into perspective, there’s a chance that only four films will hit $5 million. In Time should hit $5 million, but there’s a chance it won’t hit $6 million! I really wish everyone just stayed home from the movies this weekend. There’s nothing of value at all there.

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