Why the 30s and 40s Were Better

I just watched the movie Boom Town, with Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Claudette Colbert.

Near the end of the film, as Gable and Colbert’s marriage is breaking up, Tracy, seeing that Colbert loves Gable and that Gable has lost sight of the fact that he loves Colbert, goes over to Gable’s office and tells him to divorce Colbert because he (Tracy) is going to take her away on a trip and marry her. And this causes the two men to have a big brawl, and causes Gable to realize that he loves his wife.

And Gable goes home all steamed. He goes right up to Colbert (who knows nothing about what Tracy did and never had any intentions of running away with him) and says he won’t let her run away with Tracy. And Colbert at first wonders what’s going on, but soon realizes what happened and doesn’t say anything. She doesn’t say anything, because all she wants is for Gable to love her. So she listens as Gable tells her how he refuses to let her leave because he’s her husband, and — I swear to you — this exact exchange occurs:

Gable: “You’re my girl, see, and you always will be. Even if I have to lick you to prove it.”

Colbert: (nods enthusiastically) “I’m your girl. You can lick me if it’ll help.”

Gable: “I’ll save it for when you need it.”

Then they kiss and we fade to the next scene. They put this scene in the movie! This, my friends, is why the 30s and 40s were better.

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