B+ Movie Blog: Year One

It is December 31st, at 11:59 pm, as this goes up.

One year ago today, this blog was started.

I had no idea what would happen when I started it.

My only plan was to document the Oscar Quest, and talk about film.

It gave me an excuse to keep writing. Keep creating. Keep talking about my favorite topic.

I told myself I would try to write one post every day. The goal was 365.

This post will be my 800th.

In the span of one year, this blog was updated 800 times.

Of the 800 posts, 335 were Pics of the Day.

That means 470 involved some sort of writing.

I wrote one article, every day, plus over 100 more.

50 were Box Office articles. The other 65 were updates. Quest pages. Movie reviews. Oscar previews. Character actors. Personal stories.

All of this while watching over 1,000 movies and moving across the country.

I’ve received over 33,000 views over the past year. Amassed 38 followers. (Some of whom may actually be real!)

I’ve averaged 150 views per day this month, and my views have steadily increased every month since the start of the blog.

Each month I told myself there was no way it would happen again. Each month I was proven wrong.

Thinking back to a year ago today, I’m not sure if I expected myself to get this far. Blog-wise or personally.

800 posts and 3,000 miles later — I’m still not done.

I have categories to write up. Lists to write. Movies to watch.

I’m in the middle of a second Quest that will eventually amount to something.

January starts a whole new crop of films.

And we haven’t even gotten into this year’s Oscar season yet.

There’s so much to do.

And so much time.

There’s no need to hit the brakes just yet.

I’m still ready to go.

I’m excited.

I haven’t lost interest.

I’m as into this now as I was when I started it.

I’m also not drunk, in case you were wondering.

Okay, I’m totally lying about that last one. It’s New Year’s Eve. I’m probably shitfaced right now. I’m probably at a party, talking to some drunk girl I shouldn’t be anywhere near. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow afternoon, questioning my decisions and tell myself not to do that again even though I know I will.

But an article will still go up tomorrow. And that’s what counts.

Today we start a new year, but business will continue as usual.

And business will continue to be as usual, until July 4th. That is when the final Oscar Quest article will be posted.

On July 4th, the Oscar Quest will be finished. Every article for every category will have been posted.

On July 4th, the entire purpose of this blog as it was originally intended will be complete.

On July 5th, I’ll take a day off.

I’ll relax and reflect upon all that was actually accomplished in the span of two years.

I’ll read over old articles, and be embarrassed by how poorly they were written.

I’ll read other articles, ones I remember as being poorly written, and I’ll go, “Those were actually pretty good.”

I’ll look over the blog and realize — 18 months ago, this was just an idea.

I’ll take the day off knowing I can take more off.

I’ll know that I won’t need to write another post for weeks or even months, because I’ve already written enough to cover several years.

I’ll know that I could take a month off from the blog and be totally justified.

I’ll know that I won’t ever have to write on it again and it’ll have accomplished everything it was meant to accomplish and more.

And then I’ll get started on writing all these other things I want to share with you.

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