Pic of the Day — Oscar Season

Not rabbit season. Or duck season.

Back in August, I had the idea to have the January and February Pics of the day be Oscar-themed. It goes along with all the theme months I’ve been having since September. For the next 60 days (it’s Leap Year, motherfucker), all the Pics of the Day will be Oscar-themed, such that, while they’ll all be winners of major Oscar categories (aka, the Quest), they’ll also be (for the most part) really classic shots from the films as well. Such that, when you see them, they should give off that classy, Oscar vibe. Like when you pay that extra couple hundred bucks so your prostitute for the evening gives off that “professional” vibe and not the “I’ll suck yo dick for rocks” vibe. That’s normally how it is around here.

Plus, since I love symmetry and even numbers — sixty days, six categories (Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Director), it all works out. I’ll just go through the categories. So that’s the way this is gonna work. Tomorrow will start with Best Picture (one of the most famous shots in all of cinema to boot), and then go through the categories (in the order stated up there) until the end of February. We’ll end up with ten Pics from each category (there’s no system here past the fact that it won in the category I’m putting it in).

The goal here is for every Pic of the Day from now until the Oscars to be one that you can look at and think, “Oscar film.” We’re looking to class up the place, the way a bride waxes her bush before the wedding. (I’m getting it all out now.) Now… let it begin.

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