Oscars 2011 Update: WGA Nominations

Before everyone gets all bent out of shape about what wasn’t nominated, let me say right now — the WGA has stricter rules about what is and what isn’t eligible than the music categories. They routinely deem films that you know will get Oscar nominations ineligible, and that leads to a complete imbalance in terms of what’s nominated for the WGA Awards and what’s nominated for the Oscars. So just know that up front — some things are on here because films like The Artist, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Drive, My Week with Marilyn, Shame, and The Iron Lady are ineligible. That said, here are your nominations for the WGA Awards:

Best Original Screenplay

50/50, by Will Reiser

Bridesmaids, by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig

Midnight in Paris, by Woody Allen

Win Win, by Tom McCarthy; Story by Tom McCarthy & Joe Tiboni

Young Adult, by Diablo Cody


Best Adapted Screenplay

The Descendants, by Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Steven Zaillian

The Help, by Tate Taylor

Hugo, by John Logan

Moneyball, by Steven Zaillian & Aaron Sorkin; Story by Stan Chervin

Okay, now. A couple of things…

The big thing for me is how fucking laughable it is that Bridesmaids got on. Kind of like when Borat got on. So the lowering of the bar precedent has already been set. My problem with it being nominated is twofold: first, it’s not a screenplay! What story is there?! Comedies don’t have stories nowadays! You know the last comedy to really have a story? Juno. Comedies now are just a series of gags. And it’s an Apatow movie! A guy who openly says how his creative process includes heavy improvisation. What script is there when half the film is comprised of the actors making stuff up on the spot? This is Best SCREENPLAY! And the second reason I don’t like this being nominated is — are we really gonna nominate for an Academy Award a film that includes a scene of women shitting into a sink? Really?

(Note: They nominated Borat, and considering almost all the Best Picture probables are adapted from stuff, probably this too. And I’m just gonna laugh — especially when people get all excited for it.)

But, in terms of what got nominated — all right. Really, as long as we put The Artist on there, with 50/50, Young Adult and Midnight in Paris — I don’t care what the fifth nominee is. Because it’ll just be a footnote. It’s never going to win in a million years.

As for Adapted…

This is where the money is.

To be honest, though, did anyone expect any other five nominees? (I also think those might have been the five I put on my list.) The only other ones in contention, really, are War Horse and Tinker Tailor. (And possibly Ides of March, but that’s another one — only if they really love it will they find a way to get it on. I don’t think they love it that much, the writers.) And Tinker Tailor probably will get snubbed all the way through, and War Horse isn’t exactly a screenplay film. Though, since it is the technical favorite for Best Picture (has to be. You always go with the traditional choice as the de facto favorite until it becomes clear it’s not going to win), when that happens, they just nominate it anyway. Always happens. You love the film, you nominate the screenplay. Doesn’t need to win, but if they love the film, they’ll find a way to nominate it for as much as they can. So don’t rule it out.

For the Writer’s Guild, though — good job on these. I think you did it right for Adapted.

Overall — not bad. Considering the ineligibles, I think these are good choices.

Personally, I’d have went with The Artist and either Tree of Life (which doesn’t really have a screenplay per se, but over Bridesmaids — absolutely) or Another Earth for the Bridesmaids and Win Win spots. And, personally, I’d have put Tinker Tailor over The Help, even though The Help is guaranteed to end up there come Oscar time. (If not — well, let’s not hope too much. Let’s assume it gets on. It won’t win anyway.)

Nothing particularly enlightening here —

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