The Box Office Report – February 3-5

Last week, in Box Office…

Liam Neeson beats the shit out of more things. The Grey wins the weekend, overperforming (though I don’t see how this wasn’t the expected number in the first place), to the tune of $19.7 million. It makes sense, considering Unknown (a vastly inferior film, if the reviews are to be believed. I’ll be seeing it this weekend, probably. I’m in that three week zone where I don’t watch anything, then gear up for the new year. AKA, Oscar month) also made around $20 million its first weekend. I hear good things, so, good for them.

Underworld: Awakening drops to second place, falling a standard 50%, making $12.4 million. That’s a standard drop, and the film has made $44 million after two weeks. That’s right on track with all the other entries in this franchise.

One for the Money, that fucking movie (I’m hearing Unforgivable things about this. I’m excited to see it), made $11.5 million, good for third place. I honestly don’t care that it made that much, since it’s looking like the film will barely cross $30-35 million, against a budget of $40 million, plus marketing. They’re not gonna make their money back here, and that’s all I care about.

Red Tails finished fourth, with a strong hold, only a 45% drop, making $10.4 million. That’s pretty terrific, and I’m happy to see this film succeed. It has made about $34 million after two weeks and may actually make its budget back. Which is nice to see. I’m glad it’s doing well.

Man on a Ledge opened to fifth place, and a soft $8 million. That had to be expected. I mean, it’s still a bit soft, but I don’t think that number surprises anyone. Apparently they spend $40 million on this, which, if that’s true — ouch. Is it that bad? I guess I’ll find out eventually, but — ouch.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close finished sixth with $7 million. That’s only a 30% drop. Okay.

Contraband finished seventh with $6.7 million, which is a 45% drop and standard for a film in its third week.

The Descendants, apparently going wide again, finished eighth with $6.4 million. Good for them. They’re on a nice profit margin by now.

Beauty and the Beast finished ninth with $5.3 million. Disney has made a quick $40 million off of this. Not quite Lion King numbers, but not bad either.

And, to round things out and because I loved the film, Haywire finished tenth with $4 million. It has made $15 million after two weeks, and with a $23 million budget, I think it’s doing okay. People will discover this one on DVD. Damn shame people are stupid and didn’t go see it.

So that’s last week. Pretty ho-hum. The first two months of the year generally are.

Onto the new releases…

Three films open this week. None of them seem particularly appealing. Let’s just go in alphabetical order.

Big Miracle opens this week. Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski, and whales trapped below ice. Anyone else expecting terrible things? Neither of these actors make good movies, and the film seems two steps below Dolphin Tale, which is a movie I disliked anyway. So I’m really expecting to hate this one. Estimates have it at around $8 million. That’s good. I was hoping this would make more money than it should have. So maybe I shouldn’t immediately think bad things about this one. (Note: This is how I end up hating movies. When they look bad, are bad, and they end up making money regardless.) So, as long as this stays under $10 million for the weekend, we’re cool, America.

Chronicle also opens this week, and I’m dreading this one something awful. A found footage superhero movie. So basically the two types of movies I don’t want to see nowadays: Cloverfield knock-offs and superhero movies. Oh, fucking, boy. I’m terrified that this will end up making lots of money. It’s getting the biggest release, and most people have this at around $15 million. I just know this is gonna overperform. I know it is. So I won’t even say anything and just wait to see what it does. I know this country. I know what happens when I think something’s gonna happen.

The Woman in Black also opens. Daniel Radcliffe apparently listening to his agent that he needs to do something that’s not Harry Potter and apparently not caring what that project was. This clearly seems like a business decision. I’m not interested in seeing this film at all. It also looks like a film that won’t open at all. Estimates, naturally, have it winning the weekend based on sheer saturation. They’re saying it’s between $15-16 million. I can’t see that happening at all. I’d say $13-14 million at most. Chronicle clearly seems like it’s winning the weekend from my point of view. I really don’t give a fuck what wins, as long as the total is $16 million or less. I’ll be watching the Super Bowl anyway.

So that’s the new stuff. Now for the holdovers…

The Grey is looking like a quick 50% drop and $10 million. No need to make it complicated. That’s standard stuff. Quality factor gives this a shot at closer to $11 million.

Underworld is probably also looking at around a 50% drop and around $6 million. It’s not rocket science, it’s February. These things are simple. Things don’t hold when they’re not of quality and don’t have word of mouth.

One for the Money will hopefully fall off the face of the earth and never be heard from again until the Worst Movies of 2012 lists come out. But a standard 50% drop puts it at $5 million and change, so odds are we’ll be hearing from this for another week. Oh boy.

Red Tails has a shot at $5 million this week, and should do it pretty easily. Shouldn’t hit 6, but $5 million and change seems about right, which is great for it. So good job there.

Everything else shouldn’t hit $5 million.

Clearly I don’t care yet again this week, and that’s compounded by the Super Bowl. It’s not interesting and really easy to guess, plus the Oscars are happening. Seriously, why do you care about the Box Office at this point in time? It’s perfectly normal for me to not give a shit.

Tune in next week as shit starts to get interesting and about six new films open at the same time. (That’s when I’ll start caring again.)

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