Oscars 2011 Update: Visual Effects Society Awards

Last night, the Visual Effects Society handed out their awards. There were a lot of awards, so let’s just quickly run down them:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes won Outstanding Effects in an Effects-Driven Film. Hugo won Outstanding Supporting Effects in a Film. Rango won Outstanding effects in an Animated Film. Apes won Outstanding Animated Character in a Live-Action Film. Rango won Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Film. Hugo won Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Live-Action  Rango won Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in an Animated Film. Transformers: Dark of the moon won Outstanding Created Environment in a Live-Action film. Rango won Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Film. Dark of the Moon won Outstanding Models in a Film. Captain America won Outstanding Composting in a Film.

So those are all the awards. Basically, what we take from this is that Rango will almost certainly be winning Best Animated Feature and Hugo and Rise of the Planet of the Apes are the favorites to win Best Visual Effects. Which is not really that surprising at all.

I love how easy the Oscar race is. By the time of the ceremony, almost all the categories are basically locked between one or two nominees (outside the shorts and stuff), and surprises happen anyway. It’s great. And people wonder how it’s possible to guess so accurately every year…

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