The Box Office Report – February 10-12

Last week, in Box Office…

Chronicle wins the weekend with $22 million. Coulda sworn I said that it would beat The Woman in Black. I don’t remember the numbers, but I could have sworn I said this would happen.

The Woman in Black finishes second with $20.8 million. Just looking at these numbers, I can tell that both films overperformed. I’m sure I won’t like either of them.

The Grey finishes third, dropping 52%, with $9.3 million. This was a pretty badass movie. I really enjoyed this one. I’m glad they made their budget back. This was definitely better than most January fare you’d normally see.

Big Miracle opened to fourth place, and what I imagine is a very disappointing $7.8 million, considering the $40 million price tag on this one. Quel dommage.

Underworld Awakening finished fifth with $5.5 million. That sounds about right. It has made $54.3 million so far, and looks like it’ll top out around $60-62 million. Sounds about right.

One for the Money dropped 55% in its second weekend and made $5.2 million, putting it in sixth place. It has pulled in about $20 million after two weeks, and that about covers what they paid Katherine Heigl to make this. I hope it was worth it, Lionsgate.

Red Tails just missed $5 million, hitting $4.7 million in seventh place. It has passed $40 million so far, which is decent, but not great. Too bad. It was an enjoyable film. Should have gotten better.

That’s about it. Everything else is less. The Descendants hit $4.6 million in eighth place. Pretty boring week, though.

New releases…

Can you tell I don’t care?

Yeah, I’m not hiding it.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is the big film opening this weekend (I guess). It has showed up online already, so chances are I’ll see this one by tomorrow afternoon. I only listed it first because it’s the most expensive film being released, and therefore is the one that needs to do best. That said, I don’t think it’ll finish higher than third. I’m sure that $100 million was well-spent.

Most people are figuring this in the high teens. Around $17-19 million. $20 million seems to be the cap on this, based on the tracking. All right.

Safe House is also opening this week, and this is really the only film I have any hopes for. Most people expect this around $25 million, give or take a few million (probably take). That’s a nice number for this. Apparently they spent $85 million on it. It’s gonna need a strong opening then. Shit. But, I figure it’ll be entertaining enough. Denzel rarely (if ever) makes out and out bad movies. Let’s hope it succeeds. Things like this should succeed. I’d like more stuff like this, even though the budget is a bit high.

Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace also rereleases this week in 3D. Great. Have fun, people who go see this. Enjoy spending that $15-20. Estimates on this are around $20 million. Okay. More money for George.

And just to settle the argument — A New Hope shot first.

The Vow is also opening. Apparently this film is gonna win the weekend. People are busting a nut saying this is gonna do $30 million. I’m not surprised. I know this country. It can very easily do $30 million. But does it have to?

Honestly, I don’t really care. I’m sure this will be harmless. These Valentine’s Day movies have been coming out for years. I think we’d all prefer that this makes $30 million opening weekend than something like Valentine’s Day. So whatever. Let it make what it’s gonna make. Worst thing this could be is terrible. And then who loses? The people who paid for it. So I feel it’ll all work out.


Chronicle will probably drop to around $10-11 million. 50% seems normal for this.

The Woman in Black, I can’t imagine will hold at all. This film should be lucky to hit $10 million. $11 million max for this one. Still, $10 million sounds right.

The Grey will hover around $5 million.

That’s it, really.

It’s gonna be like this until the Oscars. I just don’t care about the movies this early in the year.

The Vow, apparently is gonna win. Then Safe House will be second (unless The Vow doesn’t do $30 million, in which case it could win the weekend). Probably Phantom Menace third. Or Journey 2. They’ll be a close 3 + 4. Chronicle 5th, Woman in Black 6th and The Grey 7th.

And 8, 9 and 10 — uhh… Father’s DayMona Lisa Smile and  Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.

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