Oscars 2011 Update: American Cinema Editors Awards & Cinema Audio Society Awards

Today, the American Cinema Editors Awards were handed out, as were the Cinema Audio Society Awards.

First , the Cinema Audio Society Awards, which recognized Hugo in their feature film category and Rango in its Animation category. The latter again virtually assures Rango taking home Best Animated Feature at the Oscars, and the former was kind of a no-brainer decision in a way, but also still kind of a big deal. Hugo and Moneyball were the only two Oscar-nominated sound jobs up for the award, and Hugo isn’t exactly the flashiest of sound designs. Still, it just seemed like the obvious choice. More words on this when we get to the Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards (and the category breakdown in a few days).

The other major announcement was the American Cinema Editors Awards. The first, and least surprising of the two, was The Artist winning in the Musical/Comedy category. This was totally expected and cemented its status as a major contender for the Oscar. The surprise, however, was seeing The Descendants win for Best Dramatic film, beating out Hugo, Moneyball, War Horse and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. So basically, swap out The Artist for War Horse, and The Descendants just won Best Editing over the Best Editing category at the Oscars. Which is strange, considering it’s really the consensus lesser editing job of all (except War Horse, probably). Not that it isn’t solid, it’s just — I think we can all agree that the other films did a better job at cutting things together. Plus Thelma Schoonmaker’s won this award like five times or something, so it’s just strange. I’m not too concerned with its chances at the Oscar, since the Editors Branch only totals about 220. Either way, really, all this really tells me is that The Artist might actually win another award (one it probably shouldn’t win, if we’re talking my opinion). Maybe Hugo still takes it (after all, it is still Thelma), but then again, she did win for the Best Picture winner the last time. Maybe The Artist still takes it. More on this in a few days…

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