My Favorite Moments in the 2011 Best Picture nominees: The Tree of Life

Our next Best Picture nominee is The Tree of Life. More visual poetry from the mind of Terrence Malick.

I don’t really have five moments for this film in the way the other films had moments. So I’m more going to post my favorite images from the film. Because this is a film you need to experience as a whole. It’s just beautiful from beginning to end. And there’s not really a set story, so I won’t structure this the way I structured the others. I’ll just link to my five favorite images from the film. Which is a hard enough task in itself.

Here are my five favorite images from The Tree of Life:


Life. Malick is such a visual genius.


Nature. Two things that get me every time are lightning and volcanos.


That dot is the earth. Just — gorgeous.


Her beauty is just ethereal in this film.



I’ve always been a fan of colors. This shot of the stained glass is breathtaking to me. My favorite of the film. I’m sure most wouldn’t label it as such, but just splash color on the screen like that — I’ll be hard pressed not to make it a favorite.

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