Guessing the 2011 Oscar Clips

This is always a fun thing to do. Guessing what clips they’re gonna show for each of the acting nominees. Seems pretty obvious. I’m very familiar with most of the performances, so I should be able to guess specifically for all but like, two of them:

Best Actor

Demián Bichir — almost definitely that speech he has at the end to his kid. Or one of the scenes with the kid in the truck, telling him how he works hard so he can have (insert title here).

George Clooney — him talking to his wife at the end and crying, right? Or do they want to mix it up and not have all tears?

Jean Dujardin — you’d think the clip of him on the stage, goofing around, but I’m really hoping one of their clips is the dance-off behind the screen. Or maybe it’ll be him quitting the studio. But honestly probably his first scene.

Gary Oldman — The Karla monologue? I’d say the clip of him and the uhh — the traitor — at the end, but that’s spoiler-heavy. The Karla monologue is his big scene, clip-wise.

Brad Pitt — Maybe the speech in the locker room? “Is losing fun?” Though it’ll probably need to be thematically relevant. So maybe his speech asking Jonah Hill if they believe in Moneyball and saying they’ll change the game forever.

Best Actress

Glenn Close — Gotta be that moment where she sees the store and is like, “I could buy this place.”

Viola Davis — “You’re a godless woman, Miss Hilly.” Has to be. That’s her powerful moment. Unless they’re gonna go with the child moment, the “You is kind…” thing.

Rooney Mara — Well we know what scene it’s not going to be. (It’ll probably be her first scene. Them going over the report of Blomkvist. Really hoping they put the cunnilingus joke in there.)

Streep — Oh fuck… pick one. Probably the “I have done battle” speech. I’m personally hoping they put her in the old age makeup and rambling. That’s probably the best one to choose.

Williams — Hopefully not one of her singing scenes. That’s too easy. It’s almost definitely gonna be one of those private moments where she confides to the kid her inner feelings. One of those, “It’s so hard being two people, and nobody likes me when I’m not Marilyn” speeches.

 Best Supporting Actor

Branagh — I can’t even think of a specific scene. Maybe him watching the dailies and saying how when she wants to, Marilyn can captivate an audience. Or one of him pissed off and freaking out. Those were pretty great.

Hill — The scene with him telling Beane he “hit the ball sixty feet over the fence.” That’s his best one. Though knowing them, probably the early one in the parking garage.

Nolte — Gotta be that scene everyone’s been using with him at the diner. He doesn’t really have that many scenes.

Plummer — I don’t even remember half this performance. I’m sure there’s an obvious one. It’s either one of him being gay or him dying. Or him monologuing about living his life the way he wants. I don’t know the performance closely enough to guess a specific moment.

von Sydow — Oh, I hope it’s the scene with the messages. If not that then probably the scene where he tells the kid his story.

Best Supporting Actress

Bejo — Please let it be her dancing behind the screen. Or the arm in the coat. Though probably it would be something like her first scene or her auditioning. There are a lot of great little moments like that for her.

Chastain — Oh man. That’s a good question. Her telling Minny about the babies and how she’s worried she’ll lose her husband. Or if they want to go with something light (which I can’t see why, she’s sandwiched between two lighter clips, most likely), her drunk at the benefit or her hiring Minny.

McCarthy — The air marshall scene? Female fight club? I don’t know. They’re all the same.

McTeer — Her first scenes in the hotel room with Albert. The reveal of her as a woman. Or after her wife has died. Probably. These performances that probably shouldn’t be here always go with clips you wouldn’t expect.

Spencer — Gotta be the pie scene, right? The boring one would be her at the kitchen table with Skeeter and Aibileen.

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