The Box Office Report – March 30-April 1

Last week, in Box Office…

The Hunger Games wins everything. $152.5 million. There isn’t much more to say, is there?

21 Jump Street finished second with a 43% drop and $20.5 million. They’re doing real well here.

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax finished third with a 42% drop and $13.2 million. This all seems exactly as expected.

John Carter finished fourth with $5.1 million. 62% drop. It speaks for itself.

Nothing else made more than $2 million. No joke. I feel like I said this was gonna happen.

That was fun. This was the quickest recap I’ve ever had.

New releases…

Two films this week. First, Mirror Mirror, that Snow White movie that looks so bad. I won’t prejudge that much, but it looks bad. I hope it’s watchable. Estimates here are low 20s. $20-25 million. (Really?) I don’t see it. My instinct is that this makes like, $18 million. But whatever. I just don’t see why people would go to this over Hunger Games. But stranger things have happened. I guess they figure Julia still opens? Either way, estimates are low 20s. I’d skew closer to $20 million myself.

Second film, Wrath of the Titans. I probably should have led with that, but I’d rather lead with the potential train wreck then the sure thing. I mean, this might not be so much of a sure thing, but knowing this country, I expect this to make some money. $30+ million seems easy. Mid-to-high 30s. So lets call it $35 million and see what happens. It’s not gonna win the weekend anyway.

That’s it for the new stuff. Holdovers…

Does anyone not think The Hunger Games is going to win the weekend? A 50% drop puts this at $75 million. I’m expecting like, $70 million, $72 million. That just feels like what it’s gonna do. But seriously, when we know what’s gonna finish where, the numbers almost don’t even matter.

Then, 21 Jump Street should fall to about $11-12 million. That seems easy enough.

And then The Lorax will be somewhere between $6-7 million, maybe 7 and change. Also pretty simple.

That’s it. That’s the top five. Everything else will be way below $5 million.

This was fun. I like easy weeks like this.

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