Quick Blog Update

Oh, it feels great to post this.

Today was the final day of the finished Oscar Quest articles. That is to say, after today, the last eight Oscar Quest articles (that aren’t Best Picture) are all unfinished categories. Those are the eight films I haven’t seen yet. Then, in nine days (next Monday, for those who can’t count), I’ll start with the final set of articles — the Best Pictures. It only makes sense that I’d save those for last. So, from next Monday until July 4th, I’ll go back, starting with 1999 (since I did the 2000-2009 Best Pictures last year to get them out of the way), through every year of Best Picture and do exactly what I’ve done for the rest of the articles. That will take us to July 4th, and as I’ve already said, July 5th will be the first day since this blog started (1/1/11) that there won’t be a post containing new content (there will be a Pic of the Day, though). I could post something, but it feels like I shouldn’t. It feels important to do it this way. Don’t worry, though, since I’ve already got stuff queued up starting July 6th. All this means is that the Quest is done. After that, I get to do whatever I want with this space. That’s exciting.

Let’s also not pretend like I haven’t already written up all the Best Picture articles and haven’t actually been done with all this for weeks. But still — this is big. I think I might be the only person on the internet who has seen all these movies and written them all up. That’s an accomplishment, right?

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