The Box Office Report – April 20-22

Last week, in Box Office…

Four weeks in a row for The Hunger Games. $21.1 million. Only a 36% drop. They’ve made about $350 million so far, domestically. Or at least, they will, by the end of this weekend.

The Three Stooges, which I will see by the end of the weekend, finished second, with $17 million. Slightly high, but also, it was put out in 3,500 theaters. It makes sense. This will end up being a decent hit for them. The budget was only $30 million. Remember that, people.

The Cabin in the Woods made $14.7 million, good for third place. Meh. I really don’t give a shit about this movie at all. I’m sure I’ll have to see it, but I can guarantee that I will not care, even a little bit, about this movie.

Titanic 3D made $11.9 million in its second weekend. I guess it’s like the ship. Took forever to go down.

American Reunion dropped 50% to $10.5 million. Standard drop. It’s doing okay. It was okay. All by the book.

Wrath of the Titans made $6.9 million in week 3. 53% drop. Sixth place. It has made about half its budget back domestically, but this franchise makes all its money overseas, so that’s to be expected.

Mirror Mirror made $6.8 million. Decent hold. Still not gonna make money, but decent enough.

21 Jump Street made $6.6 million. They’ve made $120 million so far off a less than $50 million budget. Great for them. They deserve it.

Lockout opened to $6.2 million. Decent. Unspectacular. But this always seemed like this film’s destiny.

That’s it.

P.S. Still don’t give a fuck. Just wait til you see this new bullshit.

New releases…

The Lucky One is the big film opening this weekend. Nicholas Sparks, Zach Efron — yeah, looks like a huge piece of shit. Have fun at this one, tween girls!

Estimates are, like all these types of movies, mid-teens. $15-17 million. Some are saying it’ll hit 20, but whatever. The less, probably the better. Not that I give a fuck in the least. These movies will always get made. I bet they do crazy numbers on home video.

Think Like a Man is getting a medium release. 2000 theaters. I can’t imagine it makes anything more than $15-17 million off of that. It would have to do crazy business for that to happen. I just can’t see it happening. So I’d figure it for $15 million and maybe second place, depending on what Hunger Games does. (Some people say $20 million here. That seems crazy to me. How is this a guaranteed $20 million opening at 2,000 theaters? I feel like people are going by what Tyler Perry does in this month and not how these movies do most of the time.)

Chimpanzee is also opening. Disney, nature documentary. Annual thing by now. These things generally always do $6-7 million. Always. So pencil this in for that.


The Hunger Games will probably dip to around $13 million. Might get second place, might not. Either way — damn, did they make some money here. Twilight ain’t got shit on this franchise. That didn’t even break $200 million domestically (the first one). It’s because this one has wider appeal, and has bitches killin’ each other as opposed to sparkling, gay vampires.

The Three Stooges will probably do all right. It’s the only “comedy” out. So — $10 million? Sure, why not? I don’t give a fuck.

The Cabin in the Woods — meh, $8 million. Slightly better than 50% hold.

Titanic — probably $7 million and change. Seems standard.

American Reunion — $6 million. Also pretty standard.

Everything else will have to hold really well to hit $5 million, but, considering there were four movies in the $6-7 million range, I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of them hit low $5 million. I honestly don’t care if they do or they don’t, so — I’m done.

P.S. 2012 sucks so far.

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