The Box Office Report – June 1-3

Last week, in Box Office…

Men in Black III — which surprised the hell out of me. I thought it was actually decently entertaining and pretty touching, when all was said and done — wins the weekend with $54.6 million over Friday-Sunday, and $69.3 million including Monday. They needed that to make up for the ridiculous budget they had on this.

The Avengers drops to second, pulling in another $36.7 million, Friday-Sunday, and $47.2 million including Monday. That puts them at $523 million. Jesus.

Battleship made $11.1 million over three days and $13.9 million over four. Two weeks and they still haven’t crossed $50 million. Their budget was $210 million (+ marketing). Ouch.

The Dictator — which I saw, and actually really enjoyed (it wasn’t a particularly good movie, but I did find myself chuckling more often than I thought I would, even despite myself) — pulled in $9.3 million over the weekend and $11.5 million including Monday. They’re at $43 million after two weeks. The budget says it was $65 million, so I guess they’re doing okay here, but probably not as great as they’d hoped. Then again, this feels like a movie that will do better on DVD than it will in theaters.

Chernobyl Diaries opened to fourth — make that fifth — and $8 million (plus an extra 1.3 on Monday). Meh.

Dark Shadows pulled in an extra $9.4 million as of Monday (it actually did less than Chernobyl for the weekend, but more if you include Monday). They’re at about $65 million now, which is about $85 million less than just the budget. Yeesh.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting did almost $9 million including Monday. About $24 million here total after two weeks. I heard the budget here was $50 million, but they haven’t reported one yet, so why am I thinking it’s significantly higher than that? (Diaz and Lopez must account for at least $20 million by themselves.)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel did $8.4 million Friday-Monday. Interesting. Older people went to the movies. It was okay. Good for them, though. They’re about to hit $20 million, which is more than a film like this can expect to make in theaters.

And nothing else was close to $5 million. I’m guessing the holiday weekend bumped up some of these totals.

New releases…

Snow White and the Huntsman is the only film opening this week. (There’s also a Spanish film opening in like, 700 theaters, but don’t worry, that won’ make any money.) This actually looked better than Mirror Mirror, based on the trailers back in January. But now I’m thinking this might go back to being the less interesting of the two. But we’ll see. They must really be expecting this to make a lot of money. Kind of weird that nobody challenged it, which must mean that they know Universal is gonna market the shit out of it (didn’t they sink all their money into Battleship already?).

(P.S. you know you loved that pun.)

Anyway, estimates here are in the $40 million range. They’re assuming this does 40. So, it seems to be coming down to whether it does low 40s or high 40s. Do I care? Not at all.

Oh, also, the Weinsteins are releasing Piranha 3DD in like, 75 theaters. Which is weird. Are they just dumping it because they know it won’t make money and are just waiting for DVD? That seems weird. I’ll keep my eye on that over the next few weeks. (P.S. Found out they’re doing the VOD thing with this. Sounds like it could work.)


Men in Black III should probably do somewhere between $25-30 million. That makes sense. Maybe it holds better if Snow White does lesser than expected.

The Avengers seems like it’ll do around $21-23 million. Give or take.

Battleship will be lucky to hit $7 million. I expect 6 and change.

The Dictator — $6 million? Maybe 5 and change?

Chernobyl Diaries — $5 million. And maybe a bit more.

What to Expect maybe does $5 million. Maybe not.

And that’s about it. Maybe you see Marigold sneak in close to 5, but otherwise, those are your movies.

One week to Prometheus. This is giving me hope until Dark Knight comes out.

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