The Box Office Report – June 8-10

Last week, in Box Office…

Snow White and the Huntsman wins the weekend with a ridiculously higher than expected $56.2 million. The estimates were around $40 million and the studio claimed they were expecting something in the 30s, so all around, this was much higher than expected. The film was good. I mean, I didn’t really care, but it looked good, so that’s nice. I can’t believe they spent $170 million to make it, but whatever.

Men in Black III fell a standard 50% to $28.1 million. Which is pretty good. It’s made $111.1 million after two weeks. That’s about half its budget. Really the problem with it is they spent all that money on it. They’ll probably make it back overseas, but if they controlled the spending in the first place, they’d have been in profit on this by now.

The Avengers made another $20.5 million. After 5 weeks, it’s made $553 million, domestically.

Battleship made another $5.1 million. It has made $55.4 million after three weeks, and is probably going to end up being the biggest bomb this year. Not surprisingly. I bet we all could have called this back in December. (It was really between this and Total Recall.)

Nothing else made $5 million, although The Dictator came close. They’ve hit $50 million on that, which is solid.

That’s pretty much it. It’s the summer. Only the top four films make money.

New releases…

Only two releases this week, but they’re big.

First is Prometheus, which is honestly one of the films I was most excited for all year. I can’t wait to see this one. I’m also really hoping it succeeds. Estimates have it around $50 million, which — I hope so. I really hope so. I hope for as much as possible for this movie.

The other film is Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. As far as I can tell (because I’ve never seen any of these movies), they’re harmless kids movies, so I don’t mind these so much. They made a shitload of money off of them. Case and point: they’re also estimating around $50 million for this. I’d be amazed to see the two top movies both hit $50 million. Very curious to see how this one turns out.


Snow White and the Huntsman will probably fall around 50%, make around $25 or so million. I wouldn’t expect it to hit 30, so don’t go higher than like, $27 million here.

Men in Black III has some tough competition, but I’ll figure a smooth 50% drop. Somewhere around $14-15 million makes sense. $13-15 million almost exclusively.

And The Avengers is probably going to continue to hold, because that’s just what it does. Let’s call it $11-12 million. Maybe even 13, but I feel like the competition has so piled on that there’s no way this drops less than 45%.

Oh, and nothing else will come close to $5 million.

This week will be interesting, but not as interesting as next week. I’m fascinated by what’s going to happen next week.

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