Pic of the Day Update

All right, it’s that time again…

I’ve decided to do something themed with the Pic of the Day.

It’s generally a half-year thing with me. I like to random it up for a while, and then I go, “Man, I should do theme months,” and then I do that for a while and then go back. Ebb and flow, baby.

(Somebody have a douchebag in a movie name his biceps that.)

So, back in February, when the Oscar Pics of the Day ended, I had a great idea that I wanted to do, which coincided with a series of articles I wanted to write as well. So I figured I’d set it for July since I knew this was when I’d be done with the Oscar Quest (which — very exciting. The final articles go up on Wednesday. Then Thursday, nothing will be posted on this blog aside from the Pic of the Day (nothing content-wise, anyway), which will be a first in the history of this blog. Then Friday it’s back to (mostly) business as usual).

The idea I had, back from the start of this blog (this goes back to January of 2011, that magical time when we thought we’d only be plagued with one Grown Ups movie) was to write an article that was called “Ranking Disney, 1-50.” I was going to rank all 50 of Disney’s films. That’s how long ago it was. Winnie the Pooh hadn’t even yet come out, and we all still assumed John Travolta was gay. The idea was to watch all 50 of the Disney films (since I haven’t — or, hadn’t — seen more than like, 20-25 of them), write up articles on all of them and then rank them in the order that I liked them.

So that was the idea. I penciled it in after the Oscar Quest was over. And then, when I was coming up with things to do for Pic of the Day (since I end up doing it way in advance, because that’s just what I do. To the point where, as of January, when I was doing all the Oscar stuff, I scheduled every Pic of the Day all the way to December. And as I’m writing up this article — it’s April, by the way. April 2nd. Actually, now 3rd. It’s 12:10 — I have every Pic of the Day scheduled until Oscar night. That should tell you how on top of my shit I am with this blog), I said, “Hey, why not do Disney movies?”

(Note: It’s now four days before this goes up. I now have all the Pics of the Day scheduled from now until Oscar night, and the entire month of April. Plus a smattering in March. But I’m leaving that mostly open for now. Oh, and I’ve also scheduled articles to go up every day between now and like, January 8th or something. Because I’m crazy like that.)

So that’s what the Pics of the Day are gonna be for July and August — all the Disney movies. As of right now, Disney has released 51 animated movies. (Wreck-It-Ralph is #52 and comes out in November.) So I’m gonna post a Pic of the Day from all of them. In order. 1-51. (There will be a post about the articles and things of that nature going up after the Oscar Quest articles are done.) However, that only takes us about ten or eleven days short of the end of August. (62 days in the two months, 51 Disney movies. Math.) So I have to fill in those days with non-Disney movies. And originally I was just gonna do the Pixar movies there. But unfortunately (for the Pics of the Day, not for life), Pixar has now released (not even including Brave) one more film than the number of days I had left in the month. And I didn’t want to let it bleed over into September. That’s just sloppy. And I didn’t want to cut off one film, either. That’s mean. So, instead of Pixar for the final eleven days, I’m just doing screenshots from animated movies that I love a lot. Don’t worry, it’ll be awesome. And if you’re my age, you’ll remember almost all of them from your childhood. I promise you none of them will be bad films, and all of them, if you’re between the ages of 17 and 25 (ish), you should have seen all of them as a kid (or… recently, because some of them are recent).

So that’ll be the Pics of the Day for July and August. And then in September I have another surprise scheduled. Multiple surprises, even. Since, like I said, I have all the Pics of the Day scheduled from now until Oscar night. But we’ll get to those when we get to them. For now — let’s finish up this Quest. That’s a huge deal, so let’s give it its days in the sun.

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