B+ Movie Blog Update

I went for an official title. Normally I’m just like, “Blog Update,” or whatever. This one’s official.

Yesterday was the final day of the Oscar Quest. That’s a huge deal for this blog. Because the Quest was the reason all this exists. Just a quick recap, for those who came in late (rest of the class, please stare at them as they sit down, and make them feel even more uncomfortable) —

After I graduated college in 2010, I started The Oscar Quest. And not long after, I said, “What’s the point of watching all these movies if I can’t document that I did this?” (I’m a writer. There’s ego involved.) I also wanted a place to put my opinions out there, since a lot of people I know are always asking me for recommendations (and also just in case people would stumble upon it and, through me find goof shit to watch. I hate when people have terrible taste in movies, especially since there are so many good ones out there). So that’s how the blog came about. The Quest lasted from about May 27th or something of 2010 until about July 31st of 2011. (It’s not officially finished yet, there are still seven movies left, but it’s all written up, so I’m counting it.) And the blog’s been going from 1/1/11.

I never really had a plan for this. The general idea was to write up the Quest, the actual Oscar season (which I’ve done twice now and have so much fun doing) and some other stuff I thought would be fun. That led to one of my favorite things I do on the blog, which are the Top Tens of the Decade lists (which have become their own separate Quest, and can be found here), among many other things, like the Pic of the Day, the Box Office Report, and all those other odds and ends and lists I make. This blog is actually responsible for getting me to see so many movies. More than I probably would have watched during the past two years without it. (I should really explain just how many at some point. You’d be shocked.)

But now it’s over. The Quest, not the blog. The blog ain’t going anywhere.

Now that the Quest is over, I figured I’d put up something talking about the new direction this blog is going to go in. I have to tell you — it was tough having to go back to scheduling stuff. I haven’t had to actually do anything schedule-wise on this blog since like, September. Not only that — I haven’t had to write anything for the blog since very early April. Which was actually really great. That allowed me to bang out the Top Tens of the 50s and write a script. (Most of a script. It’s still in the process of being finished. As of almost June 27th, I have 110 pages of what I’m hoping will be around 150.) Now, I have (had, since, let’s not pretend like it isn’t done already) to figure out what to do to get something up every day (since I’m very proud that something has gone up every day on this blog since its inception). So here’s what I’ve come up with:

Starting today, for the next two weeks, I’m going to go through the entire Best Original Song category, five years at a time, and treat it just like the Oscar Quest. The benefit of this category is that you can actually listen to all the songs right there (since I’ll be linking to every song that I can find that’s online, which is literally almost all of them. I’d guess that less than six are not available) and make your own decisions as well. It’s a category we can all instantly complete and have opinions on. Plus, I love original songs in movies. So it’s a win-win for me.

After that, I’m going to do something that I’ve had planned since I had the idea to start the blog, which is the Ranking Disney articles. (They used to be “Ranking Disney, 1-50,” but Disney went and released #51. So no rhyme. Oh well. Damn shame what they did to that dog.) I’ll probably write up an introductory article as we get closer, but for now — essentially, I watched all 51 animated Disney movies (the ones they count as part of the canon), and I ranked them in the order that I like them. From #51 all the way to #1. And they’re going to go up in that order, starting as soon as the Best Original Song articles are done, and will continue all the way into September.

Then after that, I figured I’d go and rank the Disney songs as well. Since that’s always fun. And then there might be a few more Disney-related articles after that, but, I haven’t fully decided yet. I’m leaving some room for flexibility, depending on where my fancy is caught.

Then, after the Disney stuff is over, I’m going to post more lists. Because lists are good. They’re fun to make, and, more importantly, they give you as specific an idea of my film tastes as humanly possible. So you know exactly what kinds of movies I like (so you know how much you want to listen to my recommendations, depending on where your tastes overlap (or don’t) with my own), and you get a shitload of movies recommended to you. The idea being — “Watch them. They’re good.”

These lists are going to be genre lists. Westerns, Musicals, Horror, Noir, Sports Movies, Trial Movies — as many genres as I could think of that I felt warranted an article (or could sustain one). Just one a day. By the time I’m done, you’ll be able to know exactly which movies I really like (and by elimination, which ones I don’t), and also get so many recommendations you won’t even know where to begin (though, I’d imagine, if you cross-listed those genre lists with the Top Ten lists and stuff, you’d probably have a pretty good idea). Plus, everyone has a favorite genre, so if you love Westerns, you can look at my Westerns list and go, “I don’t know what that is, but he ranked it above The Magnificent Seven. Maybe I should check it out.” That’s my goal here, to show you movies.

Then, once those genre lists are done (or rather, when I stop posting them, since there will always be more genres), the other thing I’ve always wanted to do was rank all the Bond movies. I figured — Skyfall is coming out in November (and I’m insanely excited for it), so why not lead up to it by watching and ranking my favorite Bond movies? (And, naturally, Bond songs as well.) So in the 22 days before Skyfall, I’ll be ranking all the Bond movies the same way I ranked the Disney movies. (Nothing like an excuse to watch Bond and Disney movies.)

And then — let’s just break and reconvene after that. Since I basically just gave you enough to cover four months’ worth of articles. And let’s face it — you won’t remember this anyway. You’re all just shitfaced right now. You drunks.

But that’s what’s going on with the blog now that the Oscar Quest is over. See that? I do have shit outside the Quest. Who knew?


One response

  1. BlueFox94

    You are an inspiration. For that (and 3 years of movie whoring and blogging), I thank you. Many blessings! ^_^

    July 5, 2012 at 8:58 pm

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