Best Original Song: A Categorical History (1941-1945)

This is a lot of fun for me. I’m not even going to waste time with an introduction. Today we do Best Original Song from 1941-1945.


“Baby Mine,” from Dumbo

“Be Honest With Me,” from Ridin’ on a Rainbow

“Blues in the Night,” from Blues in the Night

“Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B,” from Buck Privates

“Chattanooga Choo Choo,” from Sun Valley Serenade

“Dolores,” from Las Vegas Nights

“Out of the Silence,” from All-American Co-Ed

“Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye,” from You’ll Never Get Rich

Analysis: Tough category to pick. My two favorites were “Baby Mine” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.” I guess “Baby Mine” is a bit more universal, so I’m leaning toward voting for that. But those two are my two favorites. “The Last Time I Saw Paris” is a standard, so that makes sense. Oh, and “Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye” is awesome as well.

My Vote: “Baby Mine”


9. “Be Honest with Me”

8. “Out of the Silence”

7. “Blues in the Night”

6. “Dolores”

5. “Chattanooga Choo Choo”

4. “Since I Kissed My Baby Goodbye”

3. “The Last Time I Saw Paris”

2. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B”

1. “Baby Mine”


“Always in My Heart,” from Always in My Heart

“Dearly Beloved,” from You Were Never Lovlier

“How About You?,” from Babes on Broadway

It’s on TCM

“I’ve Heard That Song Before,” from Youth on Parade

“I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo,” from Orchestra Wives

“Love is a Song,” from Bambi

“Pennies for Peppino,” from Flying with Music

(Could not find this song at all.)

“Pig Foot Pete,” from Hellzapoppin’

“There’s A Breeze on Lake Louise,” from The Mayor of 44th Street

Analysis: There are a lot of fun songs in this category, but “White Christmas” is too timeless to not be the vote. “Love is a Song” is pretty timeless, but not as much as “White Christmas.”

Also, “Pig Foot Pete” and “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo” are a lot of fun and “There’s a Breeze on Lake Louise” is also pretty great.

My Vote: “White Christmas”


10. “Pennies for Peppino” (Couldn’t find it. Can’t rank it.)

9. “Dearly Beloved”

8. “Always in My Heart”

7. “I’ve Heard That Song Before”

6. “How About You?”

5. “I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo”

4. “There’s a Breeze on Lake Louise”

3. “Pig Foot Pete”

2. “Love is a Song”

1. “White Christmas”


“Change of Heart,” from Hit Parade of 1943

“Happiness is a Thing Called Joe,” from Cabin in the Sky

“My Shining Hour,” from The Sky’s the Limit

“Saludos Amigos,” from Saludos Amigos

“Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There,” from Hers to Hold

“That Old Black Magic,” from Star Spangled Rhythm

“They’re Either Too Young or Too Old,” from Thank Your Lucky Stars

“We Mustn’t Say Good Bye,” from Stage Door Canteen

“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To,” from Something to Shout About

(Note: Not original version. But this was the version that was a hit on the radio the year the film came out, so it’s the next best thing to a film clip.)

Analysis: Another great decision by them. “You’ll Never Know” is the best song in the category.

“We Mustn’t Say Goodbye” is another great song. Definitely pretty timeless. That was my runner up.

Others I enjoyed were “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To,” “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe” and “That Old Black Magic.” And I guess “My Shining Hour” is pretty good too.

My Vote: “You’ll Never Know”


10. “Change of Heart”

9. “Saludos Amigos”

8. “They’re Either Too Young or Too Old”

7. “Say a Prayer for the Boys Over There”

6. “My Shining Hour”

5. “That Old Black Magic”

4. “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To”

3. “Happiness is a Thing Called Joe”

2. “We Mustn’t Say Goodbye”

1. “You’ll Never Know”


“I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night,” from Higher and Higher

“I’ll Walk Alone,” from Follow the Boys

“I’m Making Believe,” from Sweet and Low-Down

“Long Ago (and Far Away),” from Cover Girl

“Now I Know,” from Up in Arms

“Remember Me to Carolina,” from Minstrel Man

“Rio de Janeiro,” from Brazil

Also, just to point out — he’s the dude who wrote this song.

“Silver Shadows and Golden Dreams,” from Lady, Let’s Dance

(Could not find this at all.)

“Too Much in Love,” from Song of the Open Road

“The Trolley Song, from Meet Me in St. Louis

Analysis: How was “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” not nominated? That absolutely destroys this entire category if it’s here. Even so — “The Trolley Song” comes damn close on its own. There’s your winner. They just voted for “Swinging on a Star” because Going My Way won Best Picture. Nuh uh, son. That trolley’s got this one.

This is also a pretty bad category. I only really like those first two songs. And “Rio de Janeiro.” But I like “Acqueiro do Brasil” so much more. Too bad that was never nominated.

My Vote: “The Trolley Song”


11. “Silver Shadows and Golden Dreams” (Couldn’t find it. Can’t rank it.)

10. “Remember Me to Carolina” (Blackface is just never okay.)

9. “I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night”

8. “Now I Know”

7. “Long Ago (and Far Away)”

6. “Too Much in Love”

5. “I’m Making Believe”

4. “I’ll Walk Alone”

3. “Rio de Janeiro”

2. “Swinging on a Star”

1. “The Trolley Song”


“Accentuate the Positive,” from Here Come the Waves

“Anywhere,” from Tonight and Every Night

“Aren’t You Glad You’re You,” from The Bells of St. Mary’s

“The Cat and the Canary,” from Why Girls Leave Home

(Couldn’t find it.)

“Endlessly,” from Earl Carroll Vanities

(Also couldn’t find it.)

“I Fall in Love Too Easily,” from Anchors Aweigh

“I’ll Buy That Dream,” from Sing Your Way Home

“Linda,” from The Story of G.I. Joe

“Love Letters,” from Love Letters 

“More and More,” from Can’t Help Singing

“Sleighride in July,” from Belle of the Yukon

“So in Love,” from Wonder Man

“Some Sunday Morning,” from San Antonio

Analysis: This was a pretty bad choice, this one. It’s good, “It Might as Well Be Spring,” but it’s like fourth choice at best. The real best songs here are “Accentuate the Positive” and “Some Sunday Morning.” It’s pretty much a toss up between those two. I go with “Accentuate the Positive,” just because it’s so much fun.

Other good ones — “Aren’t You Glad You’re You” and “I Fall in Love Too Easily”

My Vote: “Accentuate the Positive”


14. “The Cat and the Canary” (Couldn’t find it. Can’t rank it.)

13. “Endlessly” (Couldn’t find it. Can’t rank it.)

12. “Anywhere”

11. “More and More”

10. “Sleigh Ride in July”

9. “I’ll Buy That Dream”

8. “Love Letters”

7. “Linda”

6. “It Might as Well Be Spring”

5. “So In Love”

4. “I Fall in Love Too Easily”

3. “Aren’t You Glad You’re You”

2. “Some Sunday Morning”

1. “Accentuate the Positive”

– – – – – – – – –

Tomorrow’s 1946-1950.

3 responses

  1. Michael

    I totally agree with your choices. I love Swinging on a Star, but Te Trolley Song is undeniably better. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Going My Way should’ve been nominated as well. I have some more alternates written down I think but I have to get ahold of my computer so that I can find them so I’ll post them by year a bit later.

    July 7, 2012 at 2:31 pm

  2. Michael

    As I said, I’m back to finish my post. I have many fewer alternate nominees than last time, but I don’t know whether that speaks more to how well the Academy nominated or to the quality of the choices that the Academy had to choose from. Either way, my alternate songs are:
    1941: none
    1942: “(We’re Off on the) Road to Morocco” from “Road to Morocco” sung by Crosby and Hope
    1943: none
    1944: “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” from “Meet Me in St. Louis” sung by Garland and “Going My Way” from “Going My Way” sung by Crosby
    1945: none

    July 7, 2012 at 10:20 pm

  3. BlueFox94

    What’s your take on how “The Last atime I Saw Paris” winning resulted in the rule that nominated songs must be written specifically for their films? Do you think that the rule is fair?

    July 8, 2012 at 1:21 pm

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