The Box Office Report – July 13-15

Last week, in Box Office…

The Amazing Spider-Man, to absolutely nobody’s surprise, wins the weekend with $62 million. It made $137 million over the Tuesday through Sunday period, and most estimates were at $65 million for the weekend and $140 million for that period, so I’d say it was pretty expected. It was a good movie, too. I expected just ‘superhero movie good’ (that type of good that’s like, “Oh yeah, that was fun,” once you get out of it, but then in a month you can’t even remember what happened in it), but actually, I’m very pleased with how they set up the franchise. It feels much more sustainable than the previous one. Or maybe I’m wrong and in six months I’ll go back to being like, “What happened in it again?” Only time will tell.

Ted held well in its second weekend. Only a 40% drop for it, pulling in $32.2 million for the weekend (I’m not bothering with the five-day crap). Its total was at $120 million as of Monday. They only spent $50 million to make it, so they’re extremely happy. I heard an interview with Alec Sulkin, one of the writers, and he said they’re probably going to start talking about a sequel soon, because, “That’s the payday. It’ll make twice as much and be half as good, but whatever.” That kind of honesty makes me somewhat excited at the prospect of a sequel. I can’t feel bad when I know we all understand what it is.

Brave held about right for a third weekend. It fell only 42% and made $19.6 million for the weekend. After three weeks, they’re about $10 million below their budget, so they’re doing just fine here. (I also saw this — it was good, just not as good as the standards Pixar has established for themselves.

Savages actually opened pretty strongly. $16 million for just Friday to Sunday. To me, that’s really good, considering the competition and considering Oliver Stone’s movies typically don’t open very well. Sure, it was fourth, but I can’t imagine people expected this to do more than low teens. So I think, all things considered, this was a successful debut.

Magic Mike dropped a cool 60%, making $15.6 million, Friday-Sunday. No surprise there. But it doesn’t really matter, since they’ve made $73 million off a $7 million budget in two weeks. They’re doing really well with this (to offset some of that Rock of Ages money).

Madea’s Witness Protection — I’m sorry, Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (how about we try for three possessives next time, Tyler?) — dropped 60% to $10.2 million. The film has made $45.8 million so far, and I’m curious to see where it ends up, as per my Tyler Perry’s Tyler Perry Box Office Theory (which states that pretty much all Tyler Perry films only end up grossing double their opening weekend gross at the box office, with Madea movies skewing slightly higher, but not much).

Seventh was Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, which made $7.5 million. They’ve probably crossed $200 million domestically already, so they’re fine. That was its fifth weekend. It’s doing well.

Katy Perry’s concert movie opened to eighth place and a paltry $7.1 million. Ha ha. They’ve made $10 million on it from Wednesday and they only spent $12 million on it. The box office doesn’t matter.

Moonrise Kingdom was ninth with $4.5 million. This film is continuing to pull in money. I’m very happy. I still need to see this.

I’m late on this. I forgot to write this. So this will be quick.

New releases…

Ice Age: Continental Drift — the fourth entry in a series that you’d think would have been extinct (oh yeah, I made that pun) but judging by how much money they continue to make, you can’t blame them. (Creatively, though, I can.) — is opening. The only film opening. Most people expect this to pull in mid-$50 million. Okay. I’d probably have guessed $45 million at the lowest. It’s a kids movie. They earn.

Spider-Man is going to be the other film pulling in money this weekend. Most people figure this to do around $30-35 million. That sounds about right. $40 million for this is a very, very good weekend.

Then — Ted — it might only drop 40% again. Word of mouth seems strong here. So, 40% is about $19-20 million. 50% is about $16-17 million. They’re already way into profit on this, so it’s all just icing on the cake.

Brave — Let’s assume around $10-11 million here. That seems pretty standard.

Savages — $8-9 million is a strong hold, and $7-8 million is a standard hold. So, expect somewhere in the high $6 million to low $9 million range, almost for certain.

Magic Mike will probably end up around $6-7 million.

Madea will probably made $5 million and change.

Everything else should be under $5 million. Ice Age should definitely keep Madagascar from holding well.

And that’s it. Simple week. Next week is Batman, and that’s all we really care about anyway.

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  1. Michael

    Have you seen Beasts of the Southern Wild yet?

    July 13, 2012 at 10:16 am

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