My Favorite Disney Songs: #50-46

Our top 50 begins with stuff that I consider top 50, but also stuff that’s clearly not of the caliber of everything before it (or maybe after it, depending on your perspective). Once you put it in that tax bracket, it clearly falls to the back of it, is what I’m saying. (You can see what just missed out on the top 50 here.)

I’d say that most people would probably swap off two of these five songs if they were to make their lists (replacing them — generally, not in the exact location, number-wise — with, most likely, “It’s a Small World” and “One Jump Ahead.” That would be my guess). But, this being my list — I can do what I want. And I love these songs, so, I’m leaving them right where they are.

The songs on this list include two classics that don’t need any explanation, one song that nobody remembers that I love, a song that I was only introduced from another animated non-Disney film, and a song that somehow spawned a multi-billion dollar franchise that nobody can figure out how it happened.

It’s exciting. Here’s the top 50:

50. “The Ballad of Davy Crockett,” from Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier

I’ll admit, I knew nothing about this film until I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. This song is the one that opens the film. Actually opens the film. It plays over the studio logs and over the first image of the film. If not for that film, I’d know nothing about this song.

And most likely my ranking has to do with my love of that film, but honestly — I already said that “It’s a Small World” belongs here in the top 50 and I just refused to, so if you swap this for that, it all evens out.

Still, though, this is a pretty badass song. I’m willing to admit I might be putting it a bit higher than it should be, but hey, it’s my list. And I love this song. So deal with it.

49. “Yo Ho, a Pirate’s Life for Me”

I’m amazed by this song. First, on its own — it’s terrific. It clearly belongs here.

But then you factor in that this song was written for a ride, and then that ride was turned into what is now the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. That’s — amazing.

What more is there to say about this song? It’s catchy as hell, a legit classic (not even just for Disney, just for life), and it spawned a franchise that’s made more money than almost any other franchise ever made, and it’s based on a ride.

#49 might be too low, but on the other hand — the top 50 is pretty stacked.

48. “Following the Leader,” from Peter Pan

This is probably not a top 50 song in terms of how much I enjoy it, but there’s no denying that this is one of the more classic Disney songs of all time. You have to show it respect. It’s so catchy. I had this song in my head from age 3. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see Peter Pan (at least to the point where I could remember it) until I was much older. So that says a lot about this song.

While there are some other songs (mostly in that 50-60 range) that I’d listen to before this, I feel this is a top 50 song.

47. “Whistle While You Work,” from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

This makes it into the top 50 based solely on how classic it is. Just the title — “Whistle While You Work” — automatic. Everything about this song is perfect.

The only reason I put it so low in the top 50 is simply because I don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy the stuff I put higher. After all, this is my list. It’s not an objective list. It’s just how I like the stuff. Let’s agree that it should be in the top 50. After that, it’s all just placement.

I get that some people would put this top 25. And maybe I should have put this higher. But I didn’t. Something to consider when (if) you make your list of the top Disney songs.

Me? I like it here. I respect it, but I don’t love it any higher than this..

46. “The Headless Horseman,” from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

I have to defend this choice. And the way I’m choosing to defend it — you don’t know what this song is.

My one reason for putting this so high is because no one knows about it. But listen to it. It’s a great song. It’s got a great melody, it’s catchy, it’s sung by Bing Crosby, and that Ichabod short is one of the best things Disney’s ever done. So put that all together, and I felt I needed to show this some respect.

Is this song as classic as some of the ones I put below it? No. Should it be higher? Maybe not. Is it a great song? Yes it is. Focus on that.

– – – – – – – – – –

Next, when we finish the 41-50 section, we toss on some recent songs, which I love, but feel I can’t rank any higher than the bottom portion of the top 50 simply because they’re less than five years old. And then there’s also two really famous songs on there as well. (Like, really famous. There’s gonna be a lot of really famous songs coming up, so I’ll find a way to get more creative with my teases. This is really the last time I’m gonna be able to specify “really” famous, so I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.)

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