The Box Office Report – August 10-12

Last week, in Box Office…

The Dark Knight Rises, in its third weekend, wins again. Not surprising. It only dropped 42%, and made another $35.7 million. As of Monday, it was at $354 million domestically. I’m guessing it’ll finish at around $400 million and change when all is said and done.

Total Recall opened to a disappointing (for the studio. I think it’s pretty good, all things considered) $25.6 million. They needed more, since they spent $125 million to make the film, and lord knows how much to market it. But I saw this coming from January. There was really no other way this was gonna go, except worse. So I think they did all right.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days opened to $14.6 million, which — I wonder if it’s because of the summer, or because kids have stopped caring about this franchise. The last two opened in February/March and did $20 million openings. I guess it’s because it’s the summer? Still, they don’t spend much on these, so it’s all great for them.

Ice Age: Continental Drift made $8.6 million in fourth. They’ve made $132 million domestically here so far, and I’m guessing that’s close to what their budget was. So they’re doing all right.

The Watch dropped about 50% and made $6.5 million. They’ve made $25.5 million after two weeks, and — yeah. I’ll save my thoughts on this for January (and after I see it, of course).

Ted dropped only 23% again, and made $5.6 million. A $200 million movie, this is.

Step Up Revolution made $5.3 million, and has made $23 million after two weekends, which is pretty close to their budget, and should let this end up being somewhat profitable once the DVDs come out.

That’s it for last week. Pretty ho hum. No one really gave a shit.

This week, though… the New Releases…

The Bourne Legacy is the big film. I’ve been excited for this since it was announced, but I’ve also kept it at arm’s length the whole time. I was worried they’d screw it up, so I didn’t watch too closely and was just gonna see the film and let it be good (hopefully). So I’m hoping it’s not shitty. The August date scared me a little bit, but I think this will probably end up being pretty good. So I’m hopeful.

Estimates on it are actually really good. They’re figuring at least $30 million. I’d have said the over/under here is $30 million. They’re estimating between $30-35 million. I’d say, if they hit 30, they’re good. If it’s soft, and it’s $28 million, that’s bad. They’re gonna make money, but the real question is whether it’ll hold well over the coming weeks. That’s what I’m most curious about.

Also opening is The Campaign. Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis — I’d say this has a really good shot at Unforgivable. I’m really not wishing this well until it proves to not be shitty. Estimates are mid 20s. Around $25 million. God, I fucking hope not.

Hope Springs is also opening. Actually it has opened already. Opened on Wednesday. They’re trying to make this the new Eat Pray Love or The Help, it seems. The movie middle-aged women go to see and tell all their other middle-aged women friends about and help it slowly make money throughout August. Like I said — they’re trying to make this that. I don’t know if it will become that, but they’re trying. So, we’ll just see, won’t we?

Estimates on it are around $15-16 million for the full period. It made like $2.3 million on Wednesday, which is pretty soft. So I think it’s like, low teens for the weekend and high teens for the five days. Doesn’t look like it’ll pop, but who knows, with the people in this fucking country.

Honestly, I really just hope The Campaign doesn’t make any money.

Oh, and I see that 2 Days in New York is opening in two theaters. I saw this. It’s good. I liked 2 Days in Paris, and actually thought this one was better. The first one was kind of cynical (since Adam Goldberg’s character is pretty much that), and this one’s more hopeful. So I liked it better. It’s pretty good. You should check it out.


Dark Knight Rises will probably dip to around $20-21 million. That’s a pretty standard drop for a film like this. That’ll put them closer to $400 million, if not totally over.

Total Recall is not looking good. At best it’s gonna make $13-14 million. More likely — $11-12 million. More than 50% drop. Ouch.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is probably looking at around $7-8 million. Maybe closer to $9 million

Ice Age — $5 million, maybe 6. So, $5-6 million. Pretty standard.

The Watch — doubtful it hits $5 million. Probably the same for Ted.

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