Pic of the Day Update

I can’t resist these theme months. Especially in September. Actually, last September was when I started doing them originally.

Anyway, we just got done with the Disney/Animated movie theme months. Now onto the next set of theme months. Here’s what I thought up:

September is gonna be Musicals month. Every Pic of the Day is gonna be a scene from a film that is set to song. I might fudge a Pic or two if the scene with the song isn’t visually interesting (or, in tomorrow’s case — well, you’ll see. It’ll all make perfect sense, every one of them). But for the most part, every picture will be a song from the film performed by the characters. That’s the caveat — the song has to be performed by the characters. So stuff like Bond songs or credit songs are out. (Specifically the former. Just because — well, you’ll see.) So that’s September. Thirty of my favorite musicals/important musical moments in film. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Then October — since I did one of my favorite genres in September, I figured I might as well do the other one as well — is gonna be Westerns month. All the Pics of the Day will be from Westerns. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Musicals and Westerns are easily my favorite two genres. So these two months are like heaven for me.

Oh, but don’t worry, we’re not done there.

When I was thinking of what musicals I was gonna do — since the idea behind September was, “Well, last September, I did a list of films that were very ‘me,’ so what will I do now?” And then I thought, “Musicals.” But when compiling the lists, I kept coming back to Bond songs, since the idea was just songs and song lyrics. And I didn’t want to have like five Bond songs take up space, so I said, “Hell, let’s just do all the Bond movies one month.” So —

November is going to be Bond month. Skyfall is coming out then, so it felt appropriate. Two things about that, though. First — it will be Bond movies, not Bond songs. I want to keep the two separate, and I felt I should save the Bond title songs for another time. Now it’ll just be clips from the films, and then some time in the future, I’ll do Pics from the opening sequences (fairly soon, too, because I really wanna do that). The other thing I want to mention about that is — since there are, currently, only 22 Bond movies I can use screenshots from, that leaves 8 days left in the months without Pics. So what I did was think, “Well, what’s another franchise that has eight movies in it that I can plug in there?” And naturally, the first one that came up was Harry Potter. So I’ll end the month with pictures from the Potter movies.

Then December I’ll do the Christmas thing as usual. I was going to not do that, but honestly, I love Christmas. So I have to. Though this year’s gonna be a little different. Since last year I did it all of December, segueing into New Year’s stuff at the end of the month. I’m not doing that this year. This year, I’m gonna end the Christmas Pics of the Day on Christmas, and starting the day after Christmas, I’m gonna start what I did last year, because I had a lot of fun with that, which is the Oscar Pics of the Day. All the Pics of the Day will be from films that won Oscars in the major six categories, going in order of one category a day. I figured out that I can start the day after Christmas and run through all the categories and end right on Oscar Sunday. Which is on February 24th. Or maybe the day before it. I forget. I think it’s the day before. There’s no leap year this year (or rather, next year), so stuff doesn’t come out evenly. I’m a day short. The current plan is, since I’m five days short of Pics, I might try to plug in shots from the nominees, if I can get them. Maybe the ones that are gonna win or something. I don’t know. There’s still a lot of time before we get there. We’ll figure it out.

But that’s what I have scheduled for the Pic of the Day from now until March. It’s very exciting. And, like all things on this blog, was figured out and done way too far in advance.

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