The Box Office Report – August 31-September 2

Last week, in Box Office…

Man, did that weekend suck.

The Expendables 2 wins the weekend (I hate that sequels don’t use Roman numerals anymore. It just reminds me of how dumb society has gotten) after dropping more than 50% to $13.4 million. They’ve made $50 million after two weekends with this, off a $100 million budget. Doesn’t look they’re gonna make that back domestically. And I saw the film. Meh. They’ll make it back internationally.

The Bourne Legacyin its third weekend, makes $9.3 million. They’re up to $85 million off a $125 million budget. I do not feel bad about this.

ParaNorman held well in its second weekend. $8.6 million. Though they’ve only made $28 million here, which is a shame, since I heard they spent around $80 million to make this. It seems too good, craft-wise, to have only made such a little amount.

The Campaign made another $7.4 million. They’ve made $64.6 million here. Whatever.

The Dark Knight Rises made another $7.2 million. $422 million for them so far. Cha. Ching.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green made $7.1 million. They’ve made $27 million with this.

What the fuck is this? 2016: Obama’s America, a documentary, opened to $6.5 million. I’ve never heard of this, so this must be an attack film designed for middle America. Has to be. Not that I’ll ever find out. I don’t care. Moving on…

Premium Rush only opened to $6 million. Shame. But I’m excited to see it anyway.

Hope Springs made $5.7 million. $44.8 million for them.

Hit and Run only opened to $4.5 million. Not surprised.

Oh, and The Apparition only opened to $2.8 million. Ha ha.

New releases…

The big release is Lawless. I’m excited to see this. It’s like a safety raft amongst a see of shit. I’m assuming this won’t be Oscar caliber, based solely on the release date, but I’m figuring for a good, three and a half to four star movie, based solely on the talent involved. We’ll see.

Anyway, they’re not figuring this will do that well this weekend. It made $1.1 million thereabouts on Wednesday, and most estimates for the weekend have this around $12-13 million. Labor Day is also on Monday (and so is my birthday, coincidentally. Kind of fitting), so they’re doing that four-day weekend bullshit. Either way, they’re not expecting more than mid teens for all the films. So lets hope this does the most business of everything. Because…

The other big opening is The Possession. And this looks like a shitty horror movie, and I would feel so bad if, at the end of the year, when I write down which films won which weekends, I had to put this down for this weekend instead of Lawless. I really would. Estimates here are neck and neck with Lawless, but I can’t tell if that’s just because people assume this will open well or not. I can’t see how this does more than like, $10-11 million at best. Either way, this is looking for either first or second based purely on the dead zone that is this weekend, so let’s hope it’s second.

Something called The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is also opening. I have no fucking idea what this movie is. Let’s just assume it won’t even make $5 million, because if I’ve never heard of it, it  won’t make money.


The Expendables 2 will be lucky to pull in $9 million for the weekend, though most people are estimating around $11 million for it from Friday-Monday, which would actually be a solid total for them, all things considered.

Then uhh.. Bourne — They’re figuring that’ll do $8 million Friday-Monday, which puts it at about $7 million for the weekend, which is a great hold from last weekend. Are they sure all these things will hold? Do they really figure people will just go to the movies because?

ParaNorman — I could actually believe this will make $8-9 million Friday-Monday.

Dark Knight Rises — uhh… $8 million, Friday-Monday? No idea. Honestly I don’t even care. As long as Lawless wins, I could give less than a fuck what everything else does this weekend.

Other movies making money — Odd Life of Timothy Green and Hope Springs and The Campaign. Everything else — maybe Premium Rush.

Honestly, we’re all staying out of the movies until October anyway (except for me, since I have The Master and Looper and Trouble with the Curve, at the very least, to see. And I can guarantee you I’ll be in the theater for at least one of those (the first one)).

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