The Box Office Report – September 7-9

Last week, in Box Office…

Fuck you, America.

The Possession? Really?

And people wonder why I have no respect for Americans.

It made $17.7 million over the weekend and $21.1 million over the four-day weekend. Jesus.

Lawless finished second with $10 million over the weekend and $12.9 million including Monday. Seriously, what the fuck, America?

The Expendables 2 made $9 over the weekend in third and $11.5 million Friday-Monday and only about $70 million total off a $100 million budget. Not great.

The Bourne Legacy made $7.2 million in fourth place over the weekend and $9.3 million over the four days. $100 million for them so far. Too bad the budget was $125 million.

ParaNorman finished fifth with $6.6 million over the weekend and $8.8 million Friday-Monday. $40 million for them so far, which, even without having seen it, is not what it deserves.

Fuck, do I really have to go through all of this? Speed round, since I don’t give a fuck and neither do you —

6th — The Odd Life of Timothy Green — $6.3 million/$8.6 million (weekend/Friday-Monday)
7th — The Dark Knight Rises — $6.1 million/$8 million
8th — The Campaign — $5.7 million/$7.2 million
9th —2016 Obama’s America — $5.6 million/$7.5 million
10th — Hope Springs — $4.7 million/$6.1 million
11th — Premium Rush — $4 million/$5.2 million

It’s the dead zone. It’s all shit and nothing makes money.

New releases…

The big film opening this week (if you can call it that) is The Cold Light of Day. I saw it a few months ago — it’s not good. Let’s not waste time — it’s gonna be lucky to come close to $5 million. Otherwise, let’s just forget about it and never mention it again past next week, m’kay?

The other film opening is The Words — it doesn’t look too good. Apparently it’s going to make around $7-8 million. This seems high. I feel $5-6 million feels more like it. But whatever. No one’s at the movies this weekend anyway, so who cares?


Shitty horror movies never hold well. The Possession will be lucky to make $7 million.

Lawless will probably hold all right, it being the only thing of quality out there. Call it $5-6 million

Expendables 2 — do I really care? No, no I do not. Maybe $5 million, if they’re really lucky.

Fuck everything else, I don’t care. When the film that wins the box office will be at $8 million, things are bad.

And all I can say — you brought this on yourselves.

I’ll leave it to you to figure out who I’m talking about.

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