The Box Office Report – September 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Are they still putting out movies? I totally tuned out. I have no idea what even came out last week. I hope it was good.

The Possession (fuck!) wins the weekend with $9.3 million. This actually won the box office three weeks in a row. One: fuck you, America. Two: if we have to deal with more of these god-awful shitty exorcism whatever the fuck movies, I’m blaming all you motherfuckers.

Lawless made $6 million in second place, one again proving my point that America is fucking stupid.

Expendables 2 made $5 million and nothing else did. So on the one hand, good. On the other hand, your tastes suck, America.

This week — Resident Evil: Retribution is coming out (they’re gonna run out of subtitles eventually). People are expecting a low 20s opening, like the rest of the franchise, and I expect no different. So, like, $22-23 million.

Apparently Finding Nemo is opening in 3D. Why? Oh, I know why — because they’re EXPECTING IT TO MAKE $30 MILLION! What the fuck, America? Really? You’re gonna go out to see a movie YOU ALL OWN ON BLU-RAY? I refuse to believe this makes more than like $25 million. Refuse.

I don’t have time for this bullshit. Holdovers…

Fuck everything else. How’s that?

Thank God The Master is coming out this weekend. Finally, I have something good to look forward to.

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