The Box Office Report – October 5-7

Last week, in Box Office…

Hotel Transylvania was expected to make around $23 million. It made $42.5 million. (Kids.)

Looper opened pretty strong in second place with $20.8 million. This makes the previous sentence okay.

End of Watch finished third with $7.8 million, Trouble with the Curve was fourth with $7.3 million, House at the End of the Street was fifth with $7.1 million, and Pitch Perfect was sixth with $5.1 million. Looper did better than expected and Transylvania broke some records, because kids movies always make money.

New releases…

Taken 2. This film is going to be a perfect example of a sequel. Like Hangover 2. It won’t be anywhere near as good as the first one (and the first one here wasn’t particularly good anyway), yet it’ll make ridiculous amounts of money. Estimates on this for the weekend are in the upper $30 million range. that’s ridiculous.

Frankenweenie is also opening and will be lucky to make $16 million.

Holdovers… Hotel Transylvania will finish second and will probably make what people figured it would make last week… around $25 million. Pitch Perfect is expanding, and most people figure it’ll get low to mid teens. (Pun.) Like $13-14 million. Looper‘s looking at $12-13 million. Everything else will be lucky to hit $5 million.

Guess who really doesn’t care about the Box Office at all right now and only cares about when the good Oscar-quality movies are coming out?

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