The Box Office Report – October 12-14

Last week, in Box Office…

Taken 2 wins the weekend with $49.5 million, to absolutely no one’s surprise. Honestly, even though I’m certain the film isn’t very good, I’m glad for them. At least they’re trying.

Hotel Transylvania only dropped 36%, which is slightly better than a standard kids movie dropped, and made $27.1 million in second place. Whatever.

Pitch Perfect made $14.8 million in third place, after expanding into a wide release. This feels like a movie that people are going to love obscenely and overrate the fuck out of, and I’m going to come out of it going, “Well that was pretty average,” and then have to dislike because people are stupid.

Looper held really well, making me very happy, and made $12.1 million in fourth place. They’ve made $40 million here after two weeks, and I can only hope it makes more.

Frankenweenie opened to $11.4 million. I am not surprised at all about this.

Nothing else made more than $4 million.

New releases…

The big film opening this weekend is Argo, which I’m insanely excited for. I hope this is a top ten movie for me. I was ready to see this from the moment they announced it. Though… knowing America, I doubt this will do all that well. I see a pretty big range for this one, as low as $15-16 million, and as high as like, $23-24 million. And, knowing this country, I’m going to hope for the best and expect the worst and leave it at that.

Here Comes the Boom is also opening. Kevin James. MMA. Did you say Unforgivable? Because I think you’d be correct. Fortunately everyone’s saying it’s only gonna make $13 million for the weekend, so I can only hope they’re right.

Also opening is Sinister, what will probably be another shitty horror movie. With these, I’ve been conditioned to expect that America will go to see them on the opening weekend and not after. However, this has major competition, and I’m sure a new Paranormal is coming out soon, so I doubt this will get that much traction. I have to figure that $15 million is a strong opening weekend for this. If it does over 20, I’m going to be upset with this country. (Unless Argo does 20 too, in which case, more power to you.)

Seven Psychopaths is also opening in about 1,500 theaters. I can only hope this does $7-8 million. I would be very happy if it made close to $10 million. This and Argo are two movies that I cannot wait to see. I may actually double feature it, because I’m that excited for them.

Oh, and apparently Atlas Shrugged Part II is opening. I never even saw the first one (and neither did America). Apparently it was laughably bad. I expect no one to really give a shit about this and for it to barely make like $2 million. It’s only in 1,000 theaters. I’m only mentioning it because I remember the whole saga about the first one.


Taken 2 will probably win the weekend with about $23-24 million. A 50% drop is high $24 million. There’s no way this doesn’t drop at least 50%. A 60% drop is $20 million, so I expect it to be around 55% and like $22-23 million. Give or take a little bit. A 53% drop is $23.3 million. That feels about right.

Hotel Transylvania will probably hold well again. A 40% drop puts it at $16 million, so let’s just call it $16-17 million.

Pitch Perfect will probably make around $7-8 million.

Looper will probably be in the $7 million range.

And Frankenweenie will probably be in the $6-7 million range.

And that’s it.

My plea to the filmgoers out there — if you’re gonna see something this weekend, make it Argo or Seven Psychopaths. (Or Looper. Go see Looper. Even if you’ve seen it already. Rian Johnson released a free in-theater commentary that won’t be on the DVD or anything and is just for people in the theater. I hear tell it’s really terrific. So go see it and listen to that.)

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