The Box Office Report – November 23-25

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 made a shit ton of money, to nobody’s surprise. $141.1 million. Right in line with expectations. Moving on.

Skyfall fell 53.5%, which is pretty good, to second place. It made another $41.1 million. Of a $200 million budget, they’ve made $160 million domestically and about $500 million more worldwide. I think they’re doing pretty well here.

Lincoln, in expanding to about 1,800 theaters, made — holy shit — $21.1 million. All right. Go Spielberg. Good for you. I didn’t think America would give a shit about this, but I was wrong. And for that, I’m happy.

Wreck-It Ralph fell about 44% and made $18.6 million in third place. This has made $120 million after three weeks, domestically. Good for them. I’m excited to see it.

Flight fell to fourth place and $8.8 million. Which is right around where it was expected to fall. They’ve made double their budget on this one, so that’s good.

Nothing else made above $4 million.

New releases…

It’s Thanksgiving, so stuff has been out from Wednesday. I hate these holiday weekend things.

There are three movies coming out this week. The big one is Life of Pi. For me, anyway. It’s probably not gonna do crazy business. I assume mid-teens for the weekend and low 20s for the Wednesday to Sunday period. It made about $8 million Wednesday-Thursday, and I figure it’ll make another $15 million or so over the weekend.

The other film opening is Rise of the Guardians. It made $8.6 million Wednesday and Thursday. I’d assume this is going to have a good $40 million weekend, so it’ll do around $50 million for the five days, is my guess.

The third film opening is Red Dawn. Finally. It actually did pretty well over Wednesday and Thursday — $7.4 million. I wouldn’t have imagined this would do well over the weekend, maybe like $12 million. So I’ll figure it’ll do around $20 million total for the five days.

Silver Linings Playbook is getting some theaters, as is Hitchcock, but they won’t make money this week.


Breaking Dawn will win the weekend. This is expected. It’ll win next weekend too. It made $20 million Wednesday and Thursday, and I figure it’ll probably make about $40 million on top of that for the weekend.

Skyfall should pull in around $20 million, on top of the $15 million it made on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lincoln — probably looking at high teens, plus the $9 million it made on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wreck-It Ralph will probably, with Wednesday-Thursday, make around $13-15 million.

And then Flight — probably around $8 million with Wednesday-Thursday.

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