The Box Office Report – December 7-9

Last week, in Box Office…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 won the weekend again, not surprisingly, with $17.4 million. 60% drop. Not surprising. Standard business for this franchise.

Skyfall finished second with $16.6 million. At this rate, this will probably make more money than Twilight this weekend. (Also, here’s something fun: Even though they’ve had an extra week, Skyfall has only made $10 million less than Twilight. Which is fucking crazy. I’m so happy for this movie.)

Rise of the Guardians finished third and made $13.4 million. That’s a 44% drop, and is all right. Problem is, the movie hasn’t made as much money as they wanted it too. Oh well.

Lincoln finished fourth and made $13.4 million. Good for them. $84 million here, so far.

Life of Pi finished fifth, with $12.2 million. They’re not gonna make their budget back, but the class factor counts for a lot.

Wreck-It Ralph finished sixth, with $6.9 million. They’ll make their budget back here, domestically. Good for them.

Killing Them Softly opened to a soft seventh, and $6.8 million. Sad, but not surprising. Loved this movie.

Red Dawn made $6.5 million in eighth place, and $6.5 million. They’ve long since written this off.

Nothing else made $5 million. (P.S. The Collection was tenth, and only made $3.1 million. And Flight, just to round out the top ten, was ninth, with $4.5 million.)

New releases…

The big film opening this weekend — and the only film, at that — is Playing for Keeps. Reviews are terrible so far. I don’t expect this to do well at all. $6 million would be a solid weekend for this. I doubt this’ll open higher than fifth.


Twilight is looking at a $9 million weekend, as is Skyfall. One or the other will win. Gonna be interesting to see a film win the weekend with under $10 million.

Rise of the Guardians will make $6-7 million. Lincoln will make $6-7 million. Life of Pi will make $6 million. These might skew a bit higher because of the low expected totals. That tends to happen on weekends like this.

Either way — it’s gonna be a pretty ho-hum weekend, leading up to The Hobbit next weekend.

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