The Box Office Report – December 14-16

Last week, in Box Office…

Skyfall, through sheer great holds, won the weekend in its fifth weekend, despite not winning it weekends 2, 3 and 4. It made $10.8 million and actually has made $7 million less than Twilight in its domestic run and more money internationally. I’m so proud of this film. They deserve every single bit of acclaim they’re getting.

Rise of the Guardians finished second. $10.4 million. That surprised me a little bit, but not really. What surprises me about this film is how they’ve only made $60 million so far. Strange.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 made $9.2 million in third place. One more weekend and we’re done with this franchise forever. (Forever in Hollywood means up to five years.)

Lincoln finished fourth with $8.9 million. They’re about to hit $100 million. I’m so fucking happy for them. Who thought this would actually happen? I knew this would make money, but $100 million is terrific.

Life of Pi made $8.3 million in fifth place. They’re slowly chugging along here.

Playing for Keeps opened to sixth place — ha ha — and $5.8 million. I already used my second sentence in the first one.

Wreck-It Ralph also finished around $4.9 million. They’ve hit their budget domestically, which means this is a nice-sized hit for them. Good for them.

So that’s last week. Now, the big stuff. New releases…

One. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. And we know it’s guaranteed to make like $80 million as a base figure for the weekend. At that point, it’s not even worth guessing. Let’s just see how much it makes. You know it’ll be a fuck lot*. (* Official definition.)


Second place is probably gonna be Rise of the Guardians. The way it’s holding — I expect around $7 million.

Skyfall seems like third place and $6 million.

Twilight is $5 million max.

Lincoln is between $5-6 million.

Life of Pi is around $5 million.

That’s it. It’s an easy weekend. Why waste time?


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