The Box Office Report – December 28-30

Last week, in Box Office…

While we don’t have complete totals (some studios aren’t announcing what the films actually made until just into the new year), we know that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was the one that scorched the sky. Or something like that. it made $36.9 million and has made $150 million after two weekends domestically. God only knows what the budget on that was.

Jack Reacher opened to $15.6 million. Which makes sense. I bet they were hoping for more. But that’s what was expected.

This Is 40 opened to $11.6 million and third place. Meh.

Rise of the Guardians was fourth, with $5.9 million. Lincoln was fifth, with $5.5 million. The Guilt Trip was sixth with $5.4 million. Monsters, Inc. opened to seventh and $4.8 million. Oh, and Skyfall made $4.7 million in eighth place. It’s really close to overtaking Twilight‘s domestic total.

Just rapid-fired that stuff, because who cares, really? This week is more interesting.

Three movies opened on Tuesday.

The first is Les Misérables. Which I’ll be seeing tomorrow. It made $30.3 million on Tuesday and Wednesday, which is fucking incredible. I’m expecting it to do around $30 million for the weekend and, with yesterday’s money, have about $70 million from Tuesday-Sunday. Which is awesome.

The second is Django Unchained. Which I have seen. It has $25 million over Tuesday and Wednesday, and will probably finish the five day period with around $60 million, which will put it in line for a $25-30 million weekend.

The third is Parental Guidance. Which… yeah. It made $10.7 million on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I have to figure it’ll do about $30 million total for the five days, which is about a $15 million weekend.

So that’s the new shit this week. Great week for movies. Promised Land is also opening as well. It was terrific. People should seek that one out.


The Hobbit is figuring to do about $30 million for the weekend, and may or may not win the weekend again. I’m hoping it won’t, just to see Les Mis win one, but we’ll see what happens. It’ll have $200 million domestically after the weekend.

Jack Reacher is gonna finish fourth, maybe third, depending on how Parental Guidance does. It’ll make mid-teens again. $12-15 million.

This Is 40… fifth, and uh… $10 million. Ish.

And then there’s The Guilt Trip and Lincoln and Monsters Inc. 3D and Rise of the Guardians and Skyfall and they’ll make probably $5-10 million. Or not. I honestly don’t care. I really only care about that top three. The rest is filler.

And that’s the end of the box office year.

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