B+ Movie Blog: Year Two

Another year is in the books here at B+ Movie Blog. Hasn’t felt like one, yet I know it’s been one, because of the sheer amount of stuff I’ve written over the course of it. And my, what a year it’s been.

Last year, at this time, I posted what was my 800th post. This will be my 1,703rd post. So last year, I posted 800 times, this year I posted 903 times.

Last year, I had about 33,000 total blog views by the end of the year. This year, I’m at 225,000. Last year, I had 38 people following the blog. Now, I have 154. I averaged 150 views per day last December. I averaged about 1,185 this month. I got more views (separately) last month and this month than I did all of last year.

It’s insane to me how many people are stumbling upon this blog in a given day, week and month. And how many people (for whatever reason) keep coming back to it.

Last year was mostly the foundational year for the blog. I wrote some articles that I wanted to write at the beginning, and then I started writing up my Oscar Quest. That carried over into this year. Though, this year, I finished writing up that Quest. The last Oscar Quest article officially went up on July 4th. Since then, I wrote a bunch of other articles, about Disney, about Bond, about music, and about the Oscars. I continued a bunch of traditions I started in year one and started some more traditions that’ll likely continue being upheld for as long as this blog continues running.

I also watched a shit ton of movies this year. I don’t know how many in all, but I do know that I’ve watched close to 2,500 movies in the past two and a half years, which is insane on its own. I wrote another script this year, too.

I don’t really have a plan for 2013. Mostly, right now, all I have planned are my usual January and February articles, building up to the Oscars. But after that — I don’t really have too much planned. I guess it’s gonna come down to ho much free time I have. I’ve had two straight years with something being posted on this blog every day. I doubt that’ll continue for a third year, but you never know.

Right now, I’m just glad to be coming off the high of all those great movies on my top ten list for the year, and going into another year of previewing stuff and following the Oscars, which I love so much. That’s really all I need. Everything else… I’ll take as it comes.


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