The Box Office Report – January 4-6

Last week, in Box Office…

It was a tight one. It was very exciting. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey won the weekend with $31.9 million. Which is not surprising. They’ve made $221 million domestically after three weeks. But…

Django Unchained was right on its heels, with a $30 million opening. Fucking right, it was. They’ve made $63 million here from Christmas through Sunday. That’s more than half its budget. Damn.

Les Misérables opened to third place and a really solid $27.3 million opening. It has made $66.7 million from Christmas to Sunday, which is more than its budget. So I’m so fucking happy about that. I loved both of these movies.

Parental Guidance, meanwhile, opened to $14.6 million. Which — whatever. They’ve made $30 million from Christmas through Sunday, which is more than its budget. Good for them.

Then Jack Reacher made $13.6 million in fifth place. It has made $44.2 million after two weeks. The budget was only $60 million, so they’re looking good here.

This Is 40 made $12.5 million in sixth place, and has made its budget back. Solid.

Lincoln made another $7.3 million and has doubled its budget. Damn.

The Guilt Trip made $6.5 million and has barely made half its budget back after two weeks. (Only $40 million, though, so it’s not so bad.) And Monsters Inc. 3D made $6.4 million.

A couple other ones were around $5 million, but under. Rise of the Guardians, Silver Linings Playbook and Skyfall. But anyway…

New releases…

The only movie being released this week is Texas Chainsaw 3D. Basically they’re sacrificing it to the lambs, knowing it has a niche audience anyway. Smart move. Either way, it’s only gonna make like $15-17 million this weekend. You know.

But it’s pretty clear that the holiday holdovers are gonna get all the money this weekend. Which brings us to…


The Hobbit will probably win the weekend with about $19-21 million. Probably.

Django will be second, maybe even first, with about $17-19 million.

Les Mis will be right there too, with about $16-18 million.

And then, Parental Guidance will be lucky to hit $10 million. $7-8 million feels more likely.

Jack Reacher might pull about $8-9 million.

This Is 40 — uhh — $7 million?

Lincoln might hold over $5 million again. A bunch might. Let them. I’m indifferent now. Now I’m in Oscar mode, and trying not to think about the box office at all, because it’s gonna be pretty bad for the next few months.

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