Mike’s Top Ten of 2012 (REMIX)

I had the idea to do this for last year’s top ten, and then that branched out to doing last year, this year, and the year before last — because that’s what happens with me.

I came up with the list three months ago, so there aren’t too many changes — but I have certainly updated my feelings about the films. I definitely have a better handle on stuff right now, and I have to say — sometimes I worry that I do a bad job of picking my list and that some films are gonna fall off. One, maybe two is acceptable over time. Three or more is not. And now, three months after I came up with the list — if I’m changing my top ten around, that’s not good.

So my hope in doing this was that I still felt the same way about all of the films, and that was my reason for doing this — making sure I’m still making my top ten lists the right way, which is with an eye for the long run, and not putting stuff on there because it’s trendy but rather because I think I’ll still love it as a favorite film of the year in five or ten years.

That in mind, here’s my (REMIXED) Top Ten list of 2012:

(I always say that I don’t rank my Top Ten after the immediate list. The first list is just for entertainment purposes, but after that, it reverts to a simple alphabetical order. The problem is — we’re pretty close to the actual list. So I’m gonna hold that for a while longer. We’ll keep the 1-10 thing. I’ll allow the calendar year for maintaining the specific rankings.)

1. Django Unchained

    • Watched it twice more since the list went up. Still my #1 for the year. Never coming off this list.

2. Les Misérables

    • Watched it once since the list went up, listened to the soundtrack over a dozen times. This is one I’m glad the rankings will go away for soon, since I feel like I’ll end up watching Skyfall more than this, but this is one I do love dearly, so I’m glad I can just leave it on the top ten list and not have to rank it. Still though — #2. I love this movie.

3. Skyfall

    • This is another one — it’ll never come off this list. It’s always gonna be top three for the year for me, rankings or not.

4. Moonrise Kingdom

    • Haven’t watched it since the list went up, but I’ve seen it twice now and still love every minute of it. I have a hard time thinking this’ll ever fall off the list.

5. Looper

    • This will never fall off the list either. This is this year’s Drive for me. A solid top tenner for years to come.

6. Silver Linings Playbook

    • Bumped it up from #10. Originally it wasn’t even on the list, but the more I watch it, the more I’m impressed with everything about it and the more I love watching it because it’s so easy to watch. It’s one of those things where the people just feel so real that you don’t mind hanging out with them. So this jumped up for me, since only my top five was really ever solid. The back half is usually pretty tenuous, rankings-wise. Still, this’ll stay here in the future for sure.

7. The Impossible

    • Haven’t rewatched this yet, but I’m excited to. I’ll leave it holding at #7 because I haven’t seen it again. But I have a hard time thinking it’ll fall out of top ten status for me, which is all that really matters anyway.

8. The Dark Knight Rises

    • This fell because I haven’t seen it since the watch right before the list went up, which bumped it from #10 to #6. I bet if I had watched this again, it would have stayed at #6, but I felt I’d give Silver Linings its due. Plus the ranking on this doesn’t matter. It’s just in the top ten, and that’s all it needs to be, since we all get it. So this’ll stay here, because I love this trilogy.

9. Killing Them Softly

    • Haven’t seen this since the watch that catapulted it onto the list, but there’s no way I see this falling off, given how well I think of it and how positive the connotations this movie has with me are. I think nothing but good thoughts when I think about this movie, which is really the key to staying on this list.

10. Argo

    • Converse to what I said for #9, this is one where, in between watches, I don’t think about this as strongly. I really like this movie. I’ve seen it three times now, and I really like it. But — I just don’t have that rush of positive energy about this as I do about the other ones. Which is why I dropped it to #10. I don’t see it falling out of the top ten, but I just don’t get that rush of excitement about it. It’s just a movie I like a lot that’s really great. I felt that way about it most of the way. Like when it won Screenplay. I thought, “Well, the script is good, but it doesn’t pop. It just gets the job done. Whereas Django — it pops. So that’s what dropped this to #10 for me. Still love it, though, and it belongs here. I think I did a great job with my top ten for the year, and I think it’ll stay as these ten for a long time. And once the year is up, these numbers won’t matter anymore and it’ll just be the ten. And the longer these ten stay here, the more it says about me and my ability to know what I like and not bullshit myself or others about it.

– – – – –

And now for how my 11-20 changed. Unlike the top ten, this has both order changes and has films dropping off and coming on. Mostly brought about from my Oscar preparation rewatching frenzy:

11. Lincoln

    • I said when the list went up that this was always my #11. I just bumped it to 12 to give Cloud Atlas some love. But I always loved this one as #11. So I’ll put it back where it always was.

12. Cloud Atlas

    • Haven’t seen the movie past the initial watch. Not sure how much I’ll love it the second time, but I wager it’ll stay in the top 20. It’s too interesting a film to not leave here. I’m always gonna be more interested in this than some of the tier two films.

13. The Master

    • Still haven’t watched it again, but I doubt it’ll drop out of the top 20 for me.

14. Seven Psychopaths

    • Only saw it the once, so no movement for it.

15. Anna Karenina

    • Planning on watching it again real soon. This is another one that’s gonna stay here.

16. Beasts of the Southern Wild

    • I saw it again and loved it. This jumps from tier two into the top 20.

17. Bachelorette

    • Still love it. Moved it around a bit, but it’s still gonna stay top 20.

18. Wreck-It Ralph

    • Still love it.

19. Life of Pi

    • Saw it again and liked it a lot more. It bumps up from tier two.

20. Promised Land

    • Haven’t seen it past the first watch, not sure how I’ll respond to it the second time. I didn’t want to drop it down without the benefit of a second watch. I had it so high up there that it felt wrong. Something that was 19 or 20 can get bumped off (as one did, which I’ll explain in a second), but I had this at like, 13 or something. So I’ll leave this as 20 for now until I see it again.

And then, Tier Two and Tier Three are the same, since I didn’t think that much about the rest of the films, outside of the two changes from up there — Beasts and Life of Pi are in the top 20, and Quartet and Zero Dark Thirty fell into Tier Two. Quartet was an easy fall-off, and Zero Dark Thirty I was never quite in love with. It’s a very solid movie, but at best it’s only like #21 for me. Maybe over time it’ll creep back into the top 20 (since I have to see how I feel about Promised Land the second time), but right now — nah.

I also updated the top 20 in the article with the two new entires, but left the rankings the same, since — whatever.

– – – – – – – – – –

So that’s my (REMIXED) Top Ten of 2012. Mostly the same, but two films jumped up due to rewatches, which goes to prove what I said at the end of the list — watch movies more than once. You get a whole new perspective on them and may end up loving them more than you did the first time.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a (REMIXED) Top Ten of 2011, which is the one I’m most excited for, since that was the hard list to come up with. I was worried that half the back end of my top ten was gonna fall off the list.

We’ll see how it turned out tomorrow.


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