Mike’s Top Ten of 2011 (REMIX)

I’m in the middle of revisiting the last few years of top ten lists.

I won’t do all of them, don’t you worry. I’m just doing the ones that I made since the blog started.

Well — technically I made all of them since the blog started. But I’m talking about the top ten lists I made for specific years and not for decades. The ones where I ranked stuff specifically and did it with less than a few weeks of time to think about it. Which are 2010, 2011 and 2012. Everything else I’ve had lots of time to sit with and decide my opinion on. So those I don’t need to update. These — these will be interesting.

So yesterday I updated my 2012 list, which is just about three months old now. Today I’m doing last year’s list, and tomorrow I’ll do 2010’s list. Each will be interesting for their own reasons. This one because 2011 was a hard year to create a top ten list for (and I still think I’ll need some more time to fully create one), and 2010 because I didn’t really list all the films I list now, so there’s a whole different set of work to do there.

That said, here is my (REMIXED) Top Ten list for 2011:

(Note: These ARE NOT RANKED. They’re in alphabetical order. I’ll mention a general order, but there is no more order for this year anymore. I told you I don’t rank specifically after the initial list/after a calendar year has passed. It reverts to alphabetical order after that and it’s about the list and not the rankings.)

1. The Adjustment Bureau

    • Not only does this remain on my top ten list, were there rankings, I’d bump this up a couple of spots. Still wouldn’t make the top five (were there official rankings), since those were pretty set, but I had this as #10 when I made the list, and now, I’d probably have it at 7 or 8. But I haven’t thought too hard about that. I just know that I love this film and shouldn’t have been as hesitant about including it as I was.

2. The Artist

    • This will never fall off my top ten list. I’m glad there aren’t rankings anymore, since I don’t want to have to deal with leaving this at #1 or not leaving it at #1. I can just enjoy it as one of my ten favorite films from 2011, which it’s always gonna be.

3. The Descendants

    • This is a new addition. I had a feeling it might make it on. Here’s the thing, though — in a year/after time to actually sit down and watch a handful of certain films again — this might not stay here. I kept it here because there was one film (Another Earth, which I can say because it’s alphabetical order now and we’re already up to D) — I loved it, and I watched it again and I still love it, but it’s just not a film I’ll rewatch a bunch. And that’s what was the difference between these two. I put this on again and I found it so easy to watch. So I switched them. Plus I feel like I knowingly put Another Earth on there to give it some press because I couldn’t find a tenth film. The #10 on this one seems like it’ll always be an issue. Problem with this choice, though, is — I have problems with this one and don’t love it unconditionally. The whole premise of the film is ridiculous (it’s about a dude deciding whether or not to sell a bunch of land for a lot of money. Complete rich people problems), the voiceover annoys the shit out of me, and there are other little things I don’t like that come down to — Alexander Payne’s writing style. But, I love the performances, I love watching him and the daughters, I can watch it easily. So that’s what makes me put it here. But, over time, I bet something else is more likely to find a way on here. I didn’t get a chance to rewatch too many of the films on this list (not that I needed to for a great deal of them, but there were some I’d have liked to get around to) due to something I’ll explain in a while. But I feel like when I do — this might change. But for now, it’s here.

4. Drive

    • This is always gonna stay here. Top 6 for the year. There are six of these ten movies that are my top tier top ten lists, even if there aren’t rankings, and this is in that grouping. This’ll always be here.

5. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    • I had this at #3 on my list. Right now… maybe it drops to four if I rank again. Either way — love this, it’ll always be here, and this movie is fucking terrific.

6. Hanna

    • Love this movie. I haven’t seen it in a while, but since I watched it a bunch before the list went up, I still feel like this is gonna stay here for a while. If I ranked officially — it was #8, and now, it would probably be either that or drop to 9. Either way — still there.

7. Hugo

    • In that top six grouping. It was always this and The Artist battling for #1. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that anymore. This will always be on my top ten list for 2011. It’s beautiful.

8. Moneyball

    • This shocked me. I had it at #9 on my top ten list, and in the article I said I almost didn’t have it there at all! And now, I’ve watched this movie a bunch of times, and this is easily in that top six grouping. If I ranked specifically, it would be neck and neck with Drive for either 5 or 6. Either way, this will never fall off this top ten list. I’m glad I had it on there originally. Otherwise that would have been a shocking exclusion and would have gone against everything I try to do with my top ten lists. So glad I didn’t fuck up.

9. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    • I think I like this better than Girl with the Dragon Tattoo now. Not that it matters. They’re both in that top six grouping. This will always be on my top ten list for 2011. It’s one of my absolute favorite films of the year.

10. War Horse

    • Still love this movie. Don’t care what everyone else thinks, this is right outside that top six tier but also right near it. So almost definitely a #7 if I ranked them. Either way, a definite top tenner for me.

– – – – – – – – – –

11. Another Earth

    • Just dropped out of the top ten, but still right there. I loved this.

12. 50/50

    • Haven’t seen this since the initial watch, so I kept it here on that alone. I did really like it, but I can’t do much with it without having seen it again.

13. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

    • This jumped up into the top 20. Of course it did. I almost deliberately left it off the first time, but either way — this belongs here. Not sure about top ten, but top 20 for sure. So this is on now.

14. The Help

    • This is on too. This made it on pretty quickly after the list went up, when I rewatched all the Best Pictures. This was last year’s Beasts of the Southern Wild for me — the movie I didn’t like initially, because the hype made me antagonistic toward it, but then I watched it completely free of anything else and liked it a lot more. So this is on now.

15. The Ides of March

    • Great movie. This’ll stay here. No change, which is a good thing.

16. Like Crazy

    • Watched this again. Still love this movie. Top 20 easily. Fucking great stuff here.

17. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol

    • This jumped up into here too. I’m kind of surprised it wasn’t initially. This is fantastic. So this is now in my top 20. I’m glad that was remedied.

18. Shame

    • This was there before, this is still here now, and this’ll stay here forever. It’s great and I love it.

19. Super

    • I fucking love this movie. This’ll always be top 20 for me.

20. The Tree of Life

    • This movie is what the top 20 is all about. I still don’t love it enough to make it top ten, though maybe over time, it might end up there. But either way — this will never fall below the top 20.

– – – – – – – – – –

The changes there — Potter, Ghost Protocol and The Help are on the top 20, and The Muppets, Young Adult and Midnight in Paris fell off into Tier Two. Young Adult I didn’t get to see again, so that was an unfortunate casualty. Midnight in Paris I never loved loved. I just liked it relative to his other movies. So that made sense as one to fall back into tier two. And then The Muppets — I feel really bad about that. If I got to sit and watch all these again, it’ll probably find a way back on. But it was just a number casualty. I still love it as a top 20.

So that’s the top ten of 2011 (REMIX).

Tomorrow is the top ten of 2010 (REMIX). It’s the last one, I promise.


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