Oscars 2013: VES Awards

Appropriately, the Visual Effects Society Awards were announced last night.

And just in case there was any doubt — Gravity cleaned up. Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature, Outstanding Created Environment in a Live-Action Feature, Outstanding Virtual Cinematography in a Live-Action, Outstanding Models in a Feature (for the ISS Exterior), Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation (for the Parachute and ISS Destruction), and Outstanding Composting in a Feature.

The only categories it didn’t win were Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Feature, which went to The Lone Ranger (which it couldn’t win) and Outstanding Animated Character in a Live-Action Feature, which The Hobbit won for Smaug. Mostly because Sandra Bullock wasn’t an animated character in that movie, no matter what they want to tell us. So that makes sense.

Oh, and Frozen cleaned up in the Animated categories. It won Outstanding Animation in an Animated Feature, Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Feature (Elsa), Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature (Elsa’s Ice Palace) and Outstanding FX and Simulation Animation in an Animated Feature (Elsa’s Blizzard).

That’s it. All but two of the awards went to either Frozen or Gravity. And one of them, neither of them could have won. So that’s pretty much a goddamn sweep. In case you thought anything else was winning either the Visual Effects or Animated Feature category.


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